Saturday, July 23, 2005


14 homeless die...

The Story-of-1

Thursday morning, as city police worked to identify the latest homeless to die on their streets, Duncan was buried at the county cemetery west of town. A nun and a few volunteers from a homeless shelter whispered prayers. Then a prison chain gang, which digs the graves, broke into "Amazing Grace" as his casket was lowered.

Duncan was a HU-mYn why did this happen to him?

...and....the prison chain gang ... why did this happen to them?

WHY? Do try to answer that Q-quest-one

23 July 2005

Huge windstorms massive rains, thunder, lightning.
The Tipi is blown 20 feet away.
Laying on the ground, flat as a pancake, perfect condition.

Odd sight, a flat tipi. brought to mind the mind storms that happened within, POP! goes the wheazel whallllzzaaallll.

its so easy to real eyes the flow around here, this living reality puffing land of ours is such a Hir-Ramic thaungKieu. blissdeath :))))))))))))))))))))))

Hugging the Leaping-Heat:

Hir-Heat is gone in flashes of lightening pouring cats and dogs, buckets upon buckets of water mixed with hail the size of peas. Then comes the flooding waters down the large wash next to us. We now have a running stream by our home, with toads jumping about eating beetles, I am always in wait for this tyme. monsoon change over in july, happens every year. Making Dixie Dean Beans. just another day in paradise.



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