Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bless you with Sacred Knowledge

I&I had discovered, early in my researches, that the doctrine
was no mere chemical fantasy, but a philosophy
they applied to the world, to the elements,and
to Humyn Hir-Self.


And I dear Sister, Bless you with Sacred Knowledge,
With Sacred Wisdoms, For Your Soulular Journey.

For I&I&I are One,
Yet Three For Thee,
To See,

Honor Hir-Soul,
Soulular guided,
Morphed down through the Aeons.



There do exist Nurturing, inquiring minds,
Hir longs for the truth of Hir-Soul,
Seeking Hir,
Strive to solve the problems set by Hir-life,

OH Humanity

Try to penetrate to the essence of things and phenomena
And to penetrate into Hir-Selves.
ALL Are One,
If Hir reasons, thinks and Intuits soundly,
No matter which path Hir-Soul follows in solving these problems,
Hir must inevitably arrive back at Hir-Self,
And begin with the solution of the problem of what Hir is hir-Self,
And what hir place is in the world around Hir-Soul.
--- Grokking Real Eyes

Honor NOW

The New Earth Path: Walking the Grokking Real Eyes Soulular Journey.

Humanity hungers and thirsts for truth.
If they examine the problems of life and are sincere with themselves, they soon become convinced that it is not possible to live as they have lived and to be what they have been until now; that a way out of this situation is essential and that they, Humanity, can develop Hir hidden capacities and powers only by cleaning hir machine of the dirt that has clogged it in the course of hir life.

But in order to undertake this cleaning in a rational way, Hir has to see what needs to be cleaned, where and how; but to see this for hirself is almost impossible.

In order to see anything of this one has to look from the outside, and for this mutual help is necessary.

Individuals are blind when they identify with their moods, feelings and thoughts. But is our dependence on things only limited to what can be observed at first glance?

Honor a person who gets to know Hir-Self,
Hir continually finds new areas of hir mechanicalness—let us call it automatism—domains where hir will, hir “I wish,” has no power, areas not subject to hir, so confused and subtle that it is impossible to find hir way about in them without the help and the "Real Eyes" guidance of Hir-someone who Groks the Now.

This briefly is the state of things in the realm of self-knowledge: in order to do you must know; but to know you must find out how to know. We are "connectes", a global Tribe of Cosmic Entities, we cannot find this out by ourselves, for Humanity is the Organ Of consciousness.

Besides self-knowledge, there is another aspect of the search—Honor self-development.

Is It clear to you that an individual, left to hir own devices cannot wring out of hir little finger the knowledge of how to develop and, still less, exactly what to develop in hirself.

Gradually, by meeting people who are searching, by talking to them and by reading relevant books, one becomes drawn into the sphere of questions concerning self-development.
But what may hir meet here?
First of all an abyss of the most unpardonable charlatanism, based entirely on the greed for making money, or enhancing one's social status, by hoaxing gullible people who are seeking a way out of their spiritual impotence.

But before an individual learns to divide the wheat from the tares, a long time must elapse and perhaps the urge itself to find the truth will flicker and go out in hir, or will become morbidly perverted and hir blunted flair may lead hir into such a labyrinth that the path out of it, figuratively speaking, will lead straight to Hagged Consciousness.

If one succeeds in getting out of this first swamp, hir may fall into a new quagmire of pseudo-knowledge.… The more one studies the obstacles and deceptions which lie in wait for hir at every step in this realm, the more convinced hir becomes that it is impossible to travel the path of self-development on the chance instructions of chance people, or the kind of information culled from reading and casual talk.

At the same time hir gradually sees more clearly—first a feeble glimmer, then the clear light of truth which has illumined Humanity throughout the ages.

The beginnings of initiation are lost in the darkness of time, where the long chain of epochs unfolds. Great cultures and civilizations loom up, dimly arising from cults and mysteries, ever changing, disappearing and reappearing.

Honor The Great Knowledge,
as it is handed down in succession from age to age, from people to people, from race to race. The great centers of initiation in India, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, illumine the world with a bright light. The revered names of the great initiates, the living bearers of the truth, are handed on reverently from generation to generation.

Truth is fixed by means of symbolical writings and legends and is transmitted to the mass of people for preservation in the form of customs and ceremonies, in oral traditions, in memorials, in sacred art through the invisible quality in dance, music, sculpture and various rituals.

It is communicated openly after a definite trial to those who seek it and is preserved by oral transmission in the chain of those who know.

After a certain time has elapsed, the centers of initiation die out one after another, and the ancient knowledge departs through underground channels into the deep, hiding from the eyes of the seekers.

The bearers of this knowledge also hide, becoming unknown to those around them, but they do not cease to exist.

From time to time separate streams break through to the surface, showing that somewhere deep down in the interior, even in our day, there flows the powerful ancient stream of true knowledge of being.

To break through to this stream,
to find it—this is the task and the aim of the search; for, having found it, one can entrust hir-self boldly to the way by which hir intends to go; then there only remains “to know” in order “to be” and “to do.”

On this way one will not be entirely alone; at difficult moments, if hir Soul Kieu (Cosmic-Quality) hir will receive support and guidance, for all who follow this way are connected by an uninterrupted chain.

Perhaps the only positive result of all wanderings in the winding paths and tracks of occult research will be that, if one preserves the capacity for Kieu judgment, grokking intuitive insight and Kieu-thought, hir will evolve that special faculty of discrimination which can be called Real Eyes Zight.

Hir Real Eyes will discard the ways of psychopathological dramas and will persistently search for true ways. And here, as in self-knowledge, the principle which I have already quoted holds good:

“In order to do, it is necessary to know; but in order to know, it is necessary to find out how to know.”

To one who is searching with all hir being, with all hir inner self, comes the unfailing conviction that to find out how to know in order to do is possible only by finding a Gorkking Mystic guide with experience and knowledge, who will take on hir spiritual guidance and become his Kieu-teacher.

And it is here that a one's Real Eyes is more important than anywhere else.

Hir chooses a guide for hirself.
It is of course an indispensable condition that hir choose as a guide one who knows, or else all meaning of choice is lost. Who can tell where a guide who does not know may lead Hir-Self?

Every seeker dreams of a guide who knows, dreams about hir but seldom asks hirself objectively and sincerely—is hir worthy of being guided?
Is hir ready to follow the way?
Go out one clear starlit night to some open space and look up at the sky, at those millions of worlds over your head. Remember that perhaps on each of them swarm billions of beings, similar to you or perhaps superior to you in their organization.
Look at the Milky Way.
The earth cannot even be called a grain of sand in this infinity.
It dissolves and vanishes, and with it, you. Where are you?

Before all these worlds ask yourself what are your aims and hopes, your intentions and means of fulfilling them, the demands that may be made upon you and your preparedness to meet them.
A long and difficult journey is before you; you are preparing for a strange and unknown land. The way is infinitely long.
You do not know if rest will be possible on the way nor where it will be possible.
You should be prepared for the worst.

Take all the necessities for the journey with you. Honor your NOW!
NOW is vertical to ordinary time, but not even in any way like it.

If we speak of the Present Moment, we must recognize that it is not the so-called moment of passing time, but the Now of something immeasurably greater than any passing moment could ever be because passing moment is in imagination…

Honor I-Maji-Nation,
The "Work N School" Path can create new possibilities for all of us if we make true efforts, and if we can be present in the Now.
Now contains all the time for us.

It is, of course, impossible to convey in written form the experience of direct presentation, at the proper moment, by a Grokking-teacher.

Time, is meted out for us all. And it is so doled out that we have only limited amounts.

Yet we act as if this were not so… Our attitude about Time does not reflect any of "its" real meaning and Real Eyes Cosmic intentions…

Time is a very important thing for us to understand in this Grokking Work N School , and especially the idea that it is doled out; and that it is connected with the operation of the universe as we conceive it from our standpoint.

Also, since Time is meted out to us, and since there is a limit to it, and since we are in the Grokking Real Eyes Work, we must never, never miss the opportunity of taking advantage of what is before us at any moment …

Because it may never come back again in that way, and you may never have the opportunity to experience it, and, once having lost it, you will not be able to get it back…

Our Real Eyes Quest of making Consequences Conscious: Realizing that invention is the mother of necessity instead of the other way around. Mystery School traditions have always sought deeper meanings to the great questions and have energized people to tap into resources they never knew they had, both internally as well as in the network of outer allies.

These resources include the willingness to seek out and embody all aspects of ourselves; the engendering of a passion for the possible in our human and social development, while discovering what the “possible” is.

In so doing, we discover ways of transcending and transforming the local self so that extraordinary life can arise.

It is an extraordinary life that has the vision and the capacity to engage the world and make a difference.

Beneath the surface crust of your consciousness there is a new nature waiting to bud when the old nature has withered.

This Kieu-Nature lies within us all and is open to the path that leads from chaos to creation.

Humanity has a natural light, but also a light outside the light of nature by which hir can seek out supernatural things... Let's all Honor the Light and Guide those that are sincere and who reach out in an indefatigable manner and affinitize our soulular journey towards Real Eyes Zight.

Honor NOW,
To act in the right Time,
In the right Manner,
With The right Measure.


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