Monday, July 11, 2005

Church of Latter Day Reptiles

Church of Latter Day Reptiles

A regular source of information about Reptilian activities and rituals are those who have been involved in 'religious' organisations, not least the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (LDS), better known as the Mormons.

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Both were formed by members of the Merovingian bloodline like the Mormons, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and Charles Taze Russell of the Watchtower Society. These 'Churches' have been controlled ever since by the Merovingian Reptilian shape-shifters.

A lady called Diana Huston told me of her experiences with the Jehovah's Witness mind-control sect, officially titled the Watchtower Bible and Tract SocietyY She joined them in 1969 because, after going through the Vietnam War with her husband, she was attracted by the message of paradise on Earth. She was OK for a few years, but then they became more demanding and controlling.

In 1987 she said that subliminal drawings began to appear in the artwork of their books and magazines depicting bizarre faces and strange messages. Some of these are detailed in the Symbolism Archives on my website ( At a small convention in September 1988, she spoke privately to one of the governing body 'elect'.

At that time she thought they were the 'good guys'.

The man was about five-foot-ten with dark hair and was powerfully built. She said that she looked into his eyes and was startled and terrified to see a thin membrane drop over his human eyes. She didn't know if the membrane came from the bottom of his eyelid or the top. "1' d never heard of lizard beings, but I remember thinking how much his eyes looked like those of a lizard", she recalled. The membrane dropped over his eyes when he looked at her and he seemed to recognise her, although at the time she couldn't imagine why.

The sense of terrible danger that she felt, and the need to get away fromthim, was overwhelming. She went on:

"Eventually I came to understand that the leaders are not fully human, but are the offspring of something alien to this Earth. They are too cunning, lethal, and intelligent to have originated from here, and there has to be an over-race of beings guiding them from some dimension. They are here for one reason only.

They look at humans as a source of enslavement for their enjoyment to torment and abuse, to misuse power and to cruelly punish and kill."

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