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The "DARK" Shadow of the Dalai Lama

The "DARK" Shadow of the Dalai Lama

hummmm??? Hir-Women HumYn realEyes is "The Buddha Sucks!
-- The deeper the grok the nastier buddha becomes.... --

Part I - Ritual as Politics

1 - Buddhism and Misogyny (historical overview)
The "sacrifice" of Maya: the Buddha legend
The meditative dismemberment of women: Hinayana Buddhism
The transformation of women into men: Mahayana Buddhism

2 - Tantric Buddhism
The explosion of sexus: Vairayana Buddhism
Mystic sexual love between the sexes and cosmogonical eros
The guru as manipulator of the divine
The appropriation of gynergy and androcentric power strategies
The absolute power of the "grand sorcerer" (Maha Siddha)

hummmmm??? But the actual meaning probably lies in the following: in Vajrayana the feminine itself is “sealed”, that is, spellbound via a magic act, so that it is available to the tantric master in its entirety..... hummmmm????

3 - The ("DARK Buddha">: “Tantric Female Sacrifice"
The karma mudra: the real woman
The inana mudra: the woman of imagination
Karma mudra vs. inana mudra
The maha mudra: the inner woman
The "Tantric female sacrifice"

4 - The Law of Inversion
The twilight language
Sexual desire
The incest taboo
Eating and drinking impure substances
Ritual murder
Symbol and reality
Concurrence with the demonic
The aggression of the divine couple
Western criticism

5 - Pure Shaktism and Tantric Feminism, and Alchemy
The gynocentric male sacrifice
The vajra and the double-headed ax
The dakini
Kali as conquered time goddess
The "alchemic female sacrifice"

6 - Kalachakra: The Public and the Secret Initiations
The seven lower public initiations and their symbolic significance
The self-sacrifice of the pupil
The lineage tree
The divine time machine
The four higher "secret" initiations
Sperm and menstruation blood as magic substances
The “Ganachakra" and the four "highest" initiations

7 - Kalachakra: The Inner Processes
The candali: the fire woman
The “drop theory” as an expression of androgyny
Excursus: The mystic female body
The method or the manipulation of the divine

8 - The ADI Buddha: His Mystic Body and his Astral Aspects
The “Power of Ten”: The mystic body of the ADI BUDDHA

The astral-temporal aspects of the ADI BUDDHA

Rahu—the swallower of sun and moon

Kalagni and the doomsday mare
The myth of eternal recurrence

9 - The ADI Buddha: The Mandala Principle and the World Ruler
The Buddhist mandala cosmos
The mandala principle
The Kalachakra sand mandala
The world ruler: The sociopolitical exercise of power by the ADI Buddha
Profane and spiritual power

10 - The Aggressive Myth of Shambhala
Geography of the kingdom of Shambhala
The kings and administration of Shambhala
The “raging wheel turner”: The martial ideology of Shambhala
Lethal war machines
The "final battle"
Buddha versus Allah
The non-Buddhist origins of the Shambhala myth
Evaluation of the Shambhala myth
"Inner" and "outer" Shambhala

11 - The Manipulator of Erotic Love

12 - Epilogue to Part I

Part II - Politics as Ritual

Introduction: Politics as Ritual..............


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