Saturday, July 09, 2005

High Kieu Nuggets

High kieu nuggets being -becoming coherence

Using The pure principle of Alphabet tool.
Here is the shamynic time Lord's entry portal:

The pure principle of Alphabet.
The shamynic time Lord's entry portal: page 56 Alchemy page 25
Alchemy is HIR-NOW

***THE ultimate 3D Playing and Learning Tool***

For Teaching the pure principle of Alphabet.

Four white Crow-arrows plus three Black-crowed ones' pure math/elemental easily maps the
Alphabet creating symmetry views / spin oriëntations of waves-wings creating all you know.

DO note to FIRST!
Eliminate perspective with CTRL + drag UP the picture*HIR-Story,
(otherwise you can't get square...).

HIDE symmetry arrows and Tetra by ALT + drag (mouse right) DOWN,
to show the beauty of the pure 3D alphabet-story as your reality story unfolds before thy real eyes..

Cup-let SHOWs the actual spinning and accurate spin center with SHIFT + drag
from Hir-wallow to Hiz-wallow, balance forces causing affinities, set the seed..

Play with the SCALE the scope of Realities grokking Now in Hir-Fullness.
With SHIFT from xenophobic fear flight emotional pulsars, emit coherence + drag up/down.
july 9th hold that thought what the bleep do i do now??
HOLD THAT THOUGHT she says as she goes off getting her banana.
so, i of course can not hold thought, especially the high kieu nuggets,,,

so what 2 do?



neighbour taking off in ultra-lite to scope out the fire ..becky called, sherrif says at cattle tank and esancia, looked on may...oh shit! taking video and pictures..time lapse says the fire is going up and around us...we may be ok, it will be a close call...

2 hours later: the fire missed us by a mile half...and my frozen yogurt is finished,,,

the land vib is identical to all other such vortex flux, HIR loves to send people to mt lemmon
waiting..tracking fire...Go figure.. scratch my head over that stories..

just another day in paradise.
Now making a custard vanilla half and half banana pineapple icecream...



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