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LEAPING creates time dilation

LEAPING creates time dilation, leverage on the future.

This is a top down view of DNA. This is what the magnetism of human emotion sees on its way into the future, though the recursive braid geometry of genes making a soul..

The Andromedans and other spiritual advisors of Earth humans, have repeatedly suggested we would do well to understand more powerfully the role which intent plays in creation.

For a bit of background, various extraterrestrial civilizations have suggested that our genepool has a certain usefulness to the galaxy in the potential high leverage our emotions have. They are suggesting, very consistent with our work on the geometry of coherent emotion, that indeed, the choice we make in how to emote, magnetically, gives us a stellar role to play in creation mechanics.

At first this seems merely romantic, until we consider the role human choice plays in deciding how human glands bend magnetism and if you prefer, "bend the flux lines of spirit". Essentially, we are considering the power and leverage a human nervous system has to shape the magnetic form of galaxies. To understand the role of humans in the galactic scheme, we ultimately come to the question of the learned choice about how to create magnetic shape using emotion as a cookie cutter.

This has long been the theme of most of our work on sacred geometry and coherent emotion. The ìSenticî musical wave geometry of emotion points to a geometric kind a cookie cutter of ratios acheived by the skill of learning to emote coherently.. The bending of electric and magnetic fields by human glands, is literally a kind of universal language. It permits human electricity to create, braid, and fabricate ecosystems.

Now with the Andromedanís et al, confirming that the nature of intent is critical to the human emotional choice, we may learn a new key piece of the emotional geometric puzzle. We have said that emotionís ability to fabricate ecosystems lies in glandular effects which are like lenses making pictures out of magnetism. Now we must ask what is it that the princinple of emotional INTENT does to direct and steer this glandular ecosystem-bending wave guide mechanic.

You waltz into a life changing situation, and you realize that an intent you stated to your inner self years ago, has ultimately steered the evolution of the situationís braid into the now. So indeed and of course, what really started the crystallization of this now, was the shape of intent many years ago.

This could be a kind of scenario for the constellation of intent and the steerage for waves which created the present situation, out of a myriad of possibilities. Somehow, and quite physically, intent steered those waves which made the present possible, just as dialing an aperture of direction into a submarine, steered the rudder of that ship. The waves of light which descended more than helter skelter into this present, did in fact quite apparently consult with the lords of intent, before choosing their steerage direction into the now.

OUR HORIZON OF INTENTION IS how great a distance in time thru which we could conceive light having come.. the most distance from which we could conceive of light of having come, we suddenly have a language to understand how intent steers those wave into the fractal compression of the present.

In a way, most literally if we regard seriously our idea that fractal recursion of waves creates the gravity of attraction we call phi-cycle mass, then indeed, we must ask: how could intent steer waves already most bound and determined to sail for the center of the nearest and best fractal. (Because this is the greatest and only true principle of attraction for waves... the g ray of vita, gravity of el eye phi, life.)

THERE YOU WERE LAUNCHING THE SHIP, and someone said, have you set by intent the direction of your sail. What is it specifically in the quality of intent itself, which is and gives direction? What is it about intent which gives the most long range quality for determining direction?

We considered the way in which recursion provided the only and necessary launch to photon harmonics giving them the heterodyne add and multiply (Phi-bonnacci), which provided the only aperture through the speed of light barrier. When a black hole absorbs all light in its vicinity, it does so by providing the most fractal implosive attractor to the photon spin. In a sense, all perspective is consumed by the regionís most fractal attractor.

The case of intent being the director for these approaching threads of spin, is the gordian knot needing unraveling here. The key to understanding intentís ability to shape the waves converging to make the future is understanding wherein the door through the time barrier is accessed.

Remember that time is a measure of relative spin both in the sense of duration and velocity. Once we have conceived of the spin of say our planet being the choreography of wave fronts who by their agreement on velocity, remain converged to make the present. When the wave fronts can also propagate in an orderly way, through the barrier speed limit of the speed of light, then they are free to dance into the harmonic convergence of say orbits of the Earthís spin in itís future revolution.

The key is to understand that time itself is sheparded into discipline by the very barrier that the speed of light provides. Harmonics above the speed of light, become literally harmonic wave fronts through time.

And as we have suggested elsewhere (Physics of Phiî article), the pentagonal symmetry upone which all life is based, permits recursion based on Phi. In this geometry, the interference of the light wave fronts adds AND multiplies so well, that entirely constructive IMPLOSION of pressures becomes possible.

The problem for Einstein to understand time distortion at a black hole, was the problem of modeling infinite compression. The PHI (GOLDE MEAN) interference ìheterodyneî of wave fronts solves this problem. We call this recursion or self re-entry, the onset of self awareness in wave systems.

We are now close to looking at the relationship of intent to this onset of recursion/self-awareness, and thus to being able to steer light into the future. When someone is so self-aware, so implosively recursive in the density of the magnetism exuded from their glands, it is as if their are empowered to grab the delicate threads of light moving through the light speed and time barrier.

This is because, only in the condition of near perfect embeddedness or recursion, do these velocity modes of light become accessible. Think of a seamstress being suddenly gifted with fine enough fingers to touch the very most gossamer threads of the weft and woof of creation. When intent becomes pure of self aware or self-embedded, the magnetic implosion in the glands, perceived as the psychokinetic rush at the moment of revelation, the density and velocity threads of light pushing through the light and time barrier, are given over to the bending and shaping of their trajectories.

Essentially, all of the light bending from the line of energy to the circles we call matter, comes under the control of those whose inner magnetism or spirit has become the most attractive or fractal. Intent has become our name for the shaping which becomes possible when this inner rush of spin, allows us to lean into the flow of time itself.

PURE intent, then becomes a name for the most distributable of wave patterns, made possible by the implosion of recursion/self-awareness. The reason this gives us leverage on time itself, is because the very self-similarity or fractality which implodes to make waves self-aware, is the implosive connector itself to light wave fronts moving through the non-linear accelerator tornados which result when waves are invited to that much centering.

Mind inhabits flame, where there is flame, waves have agreed..

Intent reaches our wishes magnetically into the threads of the future, by inviting the present pressures to thrust themselves with perfectly shareable or self reentrant symmetry through the wave convergence of multiplied velocities we call the event horizon. To change the future or past sustainably, requires feeling for itís most shareable or distributable destinies. Time measures relative spin, when the time spiral is recursive makes time itself as a continuum for the shaping of spin, potentially self-aware! This means entering the time continuum requires honoring that it too has will.

To shamYnically persuade the time lords or logoi to do YOUR will, like persuading the elementals, requires first that your love or feeling for their feeling, be as great as their own. Then they give over the threads of their spin centers to you for steerage.

The door out of our time bottle, requires love, bliss intention, monadal shared attention, Grokking the one's of first thought.

The activity of choosing love (lo-phi), is a conscious choice to embed the fields of feeling of others recursively from other into self.

Tracking time properly requires understanding the velocity bandwidths which the time lords (angelic logoi) regulate. Timeís spin domains become self-aware and viral similar to spatial spin domains, when they are recursive. An example of non-recursive tracking of time which prevents self-empowering birth of awareness, by preventing proper magnetic embeddedness in galactic spin, is the papal western calender we use.

An example of a more embedded and spiral spin tracking of time which helps launch awareness to escape velocity is the Mayan Calender. (Based on the DNA Codon symmetries embedded in the Solar periodicities.)

The Ophanim angelic logoi and the Michaelic schools through the templar/ grail agenda work to maintain the recursive coherence of the time rifts. They do this among other reasons, so that the morphic magnetic spirit input of the angelic ìbird tribeî domains can continue to massage the wave envelope of our genepool.

We point to the dove anthropomorphos shape of the pent gothic cathedral layout on the European continent as a whole. The pointer is to Orion, through a pent matrix of cathedrals, creating recursion into a black hole. This creates magnetic escape velocity for souls through a star gate.

The Ophanim Enochian keys are the symmetry operations to operate these star gates.

To inherit the Aku angelic logoi destiny of our genepool to operate star body creations, we use magnetism of glands fractal to the scale of galaxies, the symmetry of time domains...


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Leaping creates time dilation,leverage on the "Future."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is quite simple, yet the tiny pin prick of ability widens with the opening of conscious connection to all things. Did you write this for Dan Winter or did he take it from you?

I had a revalation about a year and a half back. I was reading Dan's work and this came to me in the shower:

"fractally particulated quotient of any point in time is subjective by thought"

I muddled over this for a long time, in fact I did not even understand the wording for a while.

This past summer, more came thru:

"thought via spirit stream anticipated via body mass density strings into change thereby enhancing manifestation of future potentiality or coming density inherently present inside modeled creation. When we allow truth to unfold --> it does so instantly; all potential has available manifesting quality. We must be a participant - engage fully."

More than anything, I have come to understand the importance of listening with our 2nd ear, for me it comes via poetry mostly. I also know with all of my being that unless intent is pure/for the good of all, not much will happen.

Links that show your trail, allow others to find the path. Credit goes where it is due - for all:)

3:09 AM, September 12, 2006  
Blogger HU-MYN said...

Birds of the feather

9:50 PM, September 18, 2006  

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