Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pre-Coging Grokking Trust

Pre-Coging Grokking Trust


My FIRST realeyes of trust wuz when the film Trust began to show on TV.

Strange how "events" playout...and there it is again. don'sha-know, don'sha-know

ilovechickenmole' YUM! HIC!

Stretching Trust 3:03pm 16 July 2005

When we suffer any betrayal, personal or political, it often evokes five common reactions:
A call for vengeance, vindication, or retribution that leads to obsession about the betrayal
Demonizing or dehumanizing the betrayer
Generalizing the negative to others through stereotyping, prejudice and bigotry
Self-betrayal--where we no longer trust ourselves or our judgement
Suspicion, fear, control, and manipulation to protect against future betrayals
Whether your lover let you down, your co-worker stabbed you in the back, or your life has been shattered from global events -- you can get past the pain and agony of betrayal and build a new life based on truth and Self-trust.

“Hedva delves into the universal human experience of betrayal. . . to bring people out of a sense of betrayal and into a 'rebirth' from which they regain their enthusiasm for life.”
— Booklist

“Full of tools to transform [readers] from a victim role back to a healing place of trust.”
— Sandra Ingerman, author of
Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self

“Written from the heart, [this book] unites spiritual with psychological insight and emotional healing.”
— Strephon Kaplan-Williams, author and creator of
Dream Cards

“It opened up so many whole new ways of looking at life . . . completely inspirational.”
— Cathy Guisewite, syndicated cartoonist,

Table of Contents

Foreword by Helen Palmer

“Betrayal is strong medicine, a real catalyst, the ultimate homeopathy.
Things get worse before they get better... It's medicine for our time...”


"Each chapter is designed to help you heal yourself, rebuild self-trust, and
free yourself form the pain of the past... Exercises and personal practices accompany each chapter to help you develop your intuitive skills and spiritual resources. This along with examples of people who have suffered the pain of betrayal and found their way to Self-trust...”

Chapter Titles

1—Journey from Betrayal to Trust: A Universal Rite of Passage
2—Betrayal of the Mother: Gateway to Self-trust and Self-knowledge
3—Betrayal of the Father: Gateway to Self-direction and Purpose in Life
4—Betrayal of the Beloved: Gateway to Wholeness—Union Between Self and self
5—Betrayal of the Body: Gateway to Surrender
6—Betrayal of Self: Gateway to Forgiveness
7—Betrayal of Society: Gateway to the Family of Humanity
8—Betrayal of the Planet: Gateway to a New World
9—Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness: From Retribution to Reconciliation
Appendix: Tips for Trainers of Betrayal-to-Trust Groups
Suggested Reading


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Integerty and Knowledge

In the Face of Redemption: Leaping EDIE
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