Sunday, July 24, 2005

WISDOM, blinding madness of chaos and Ignorance


Harmonics of the Heart: VIDEO of Dan Winter


Global Mind Control

Beneath all the blinding madness of chaos in the world is the often abused word ignorance. Misunderstanding arises in the minds of people because of a choice to not become informed about the world and cultural trends. People react negatively to events and theories for many different reasons.

Disagreements are waged at all levels of human relationships ranging from personal arguments to global wars. It is only when we understand others ways will we come to understand each other and achieve genuine wisdom. Therefore, wisdom is the catalyst that will overcome ignorance.

This is the great challenge that faces mankind in the future. No other trend will ever deliver lasting values unless ignorance is overcome. The task before us is to define this mortal wound before we run out of time personally and globally.

In order to gain a level of wisdom to understand the ways of the world is very difficult. Wisdom is gained through experiential action not just learned theories. Acquiring a balanced input from all aspects of daily life requires one to research the three-fold essence of our existence.

Human beings have a physical, mental, and spiritual reality.

This three-fold vehicle has such variations as to include billions of souls. All souls think their way is the best way. Herein lies the root source of ignorance. Naturally our soul wants to protect our philosophy of life.

Yet individual opinions and trends of the self-proclaimed individualist fall within the cultural norms of the community they live in.

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Blogger Love Bean said...

Lots to dig into here... loving it. It's taking time and pondering. Wow! on the Dan Winter video! That alone I'll want to watch a few times.

4:14 AM, July 26, 2005  

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