Monday, October 31, 2005

BOO! Scalito's skull and bones


Scalito earned a law degree from Yale University, is a perfect far right skull and bones for a perfect halloween gift to AMERIKKKA.

Women be afraid be very afraid.
This guy believes men own your body, he was the only descenting voice when a case to overturn a law demanding women inform their husbands whilst demanding an abortion was won.
Roe v Wade would be dead.
He does not believe in the seperation of state and church.
Bush is Gods representative on earth.

LAMO DUCKO is seeking "forgiveness" from the radical right that totally control their puppet president. Now Bush is doing his best Jimmy Swagart imitation with crocodile tears rolling down his cheeks. "I have sinned against the right by choosing Miers. I have seen the error of my ways. But I promise to be a good puppet.


Either you are with me or.....

Harriet Miers was yet another brilliant ploy by the gloriously Machiavellian Bush administration to strengthen their already flawless record.

History shows us that the second term of a Presidency is often fraught with controversy. Thankfully the President and his team are always at least two steps ahead of history. They knew that in order to avoid a second-term slump they needed to be proactive in their strengthening of their core support. Some of the vast political capital earned in the overwhelming election was spent on a stunning Trojan horse plan to test loyalties of all so-called conservatives. The name of that horse was Harriet Miers.

As soon as her name was announced, the President’s crack staff got busy taking down all the names of anyone who voiced dissent. Since Harriet Miers’ only qualification by her own admission was her undying loyalty to the President, George W Bush knew that anyone complaining about her was in fact, complaining about him. She played the part beautifully and once the list of all new enemies of the President was compiled, she stepped aside so that the real nominee could be presented.

History has also shown us that Presidents who retain enemy lists are the best Presidents ever. The President is going to spend a bit of his still vast political capital on retribution to all the names on that list. Quite simply, he could care less about who gets to be on the Supreme Court as long as they sign the Evangelical oath. His real goal was to find out who amongst the supposed “true conservatives” was actually his enemy. Boy, are they gonna get theirs.

Just as with all people foolish enough to oppose George W Bush on anything, these new enemies will soon rue the day they dared challenge the steel trap mind of the President. He may simply choose to ruin their political future forever. He may run ads in their state accusing them of hiring known gay male prostitutes from the President’s own press corps to further the homosexual agenda. Or worse of all, when a natural disaster hits their state, instead of the President flying overhead in Air Force One, he may just send his mother to visit.

The bottom line is this: you have a better chance of finding a true conservative with a criminal record than you do of opposing the President on any issue.


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