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Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours

For my soul sister Wiyoheyapa Win

"The World of Illumination will bring a millennia of perfect peace for those who have come to know and use thier talents to aid all of the Planetary Family. The Two-leggeds will be called the Rainbow Tribe, for they are the product of hundreds of thousands of years of melding among the five original races. These Children of Earth have been called together to open their hearts and to move beyond the barriers of disconnection. The Medicine they carry is the Whirling Rainbow of Peace, which will mark the union of the five races as one. "

"The Stone Tribe has watched these Rainbow Warriors of the Two-legged Clan throughtout time, and we have found them among the faithful. These Warriors of the Rainbow are both male and female and are from every walk of life.

They will live in every location on the Earth Mother and they have one common characteristic: their ability to live in peace with who they are, with each other, and with All Our Relations. They are not Wanna-be Chiefs.

These Children of Earth do not want to leave the Earth for another home.

They are here to dance the Sacred Dance of Life on their Mother Planet, so they do not run from themselves or their chosen paths." Sheena smiled to herself , recalling the faithful human friends she had known, and then continued.

" At the end of the Fourth World, many Sky People of the Two-legged Earth Tribe will leave the Mother Planet when the Great Medicine Wheel turns, bringing the rebirth of Earth. The Sky People who will choose to leave our Planetary Family have not yet mastered the limitation of being physical.

They miss the abilities of limitless creation they once carried in their previous non physical forms and want to return to the Great Star Nation.

Others in the Earth Tribe will perish in the planetary changes that will occur at the end of the Fourth World of Seperation, as they have done in every preceding purification between worlds. Those who will perish have not honored the planet, her people, her creatures, or themsleves.

" The Earth Mother's new form will be the realized visions of the artists and Dreamers who have nutured the dream into being. The Faithful who will remain to create the Fifth World, here on Earth, will be rewarded with new abilities based in strong Medicine that will be used for the good of all." Our wise leader had become excited as she read the previous statements.

Then, as she read further, her voice took on the timber of a mountain brook, bubbling with happy harmonies.

"The community of the Fifth World will include All Our Relations in the Planetary Family.

"These ancient varieties of plant life have many healing qualities and will support a more natural way of life for the Rainbow Tribe."

Let Love Rule

A quote from the book
"Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours" by Jamie Sams(granddaughter) and Twylah Nitsch, Seneca Elder of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge(grandmother).


My Answer to Sister-HIR-Brother; Atta Boy N Atta Grrl

Bushit thought has won thought-power, but, it cannot penetrate into the Realm of Imageless Consciousness.

I-maji-Nation - WaveLand

So, Now, once it is realized how much has been accomplished in this direction in the field of higher compassion, it is easy to see what a powerful instrument in the practice of Hir-Dhyana y'all have forged. **Three thumbs up***

In my own experience, thought on the level of Imageless Consciousness was possible by employing the intellectual capacities unfolded during the years of mathematical discipline. The Real Eyes of number, the super formula, the quantum fractal, the gamma ray Lives!

The demand made upon the imagination was a close replica of that required in the study of the higher analysis and the non-Euclidian systems of geometry/high energy astrophysics.

I believe that the purified western intellect at its highest state of development can carry thought further into the Realm of Profundity than has been possible up to this time.

Feeling no longer has the "edge" upon thought.

I angry, I hate, I force.

What I have said so far applies to but one wing of Enlightenment.

Full Enlightenment requires the development of Eros as well as Logos.
It is just in the dimension of Eros that the West is peculiarly weak.
The strong emphasis of Love in the Christian discipline is psychological proof of this.

It is only a people weak in love who have to give the Eros-principle strong emphasis. Grok?

Speaking to eachother

In this we have the compensating action of the psycho­logic unconscious.
Our love is weak and, when developed, often only sentimental.
Otherwise the development of our intellect would not have been so destructive, a characteristic well illustrated by the world-situa­tion since 1914. As a result of our weakness in the dimension of Eros, practical Hir-Dhyana will have to stress the appropriate compensating discipline. For the one-sided Enlightenment through the understanding is weak in Compassion, and thus falls short of the highest possibility. How­ever, it is possible from the perspective of the one-sided Enlightenment to arouse the complementary phase through the action of the will upon the latent seed-Hir of Love.

Seed-Hir of Love

Leaping The culture of the Higher Love is difficult.

For it is much harder for feeling to win detachment from the object than it is for thought.

It is a lofty achievement to be able to radiate Compassion without thought of return AND! with FULL willingness to grant complete freedom to the object.

Yet until Love has reached this height, it remains sentimental.
And to the merely sentimental lover, Compassion may seem cold, though in reality It is the warmth of the Real-SUN.


Just because thought is the highest cultured occidental function, I believe that the intellect must lead in western Dhyana.
But it must be trained not to abandon the weaker Eros.

Here is where the West faces its greatest trial. For a race-horse and a donkey do not make a good team.

In such a set-up there is bound to be much conflict, with the race­horse trying to get away and the donkey becoming stubborn.

Yes, right here is where the West will have its troubles.

I perceive that this conflict is just the place where the Analytic Psychologists will render us the greatest help, provided they are sufficiently spiritualized themselves. However, presently, The bushit donkey suffers from Barbara bushitis. :>)

Grokking RealEyes

To the devoted followers of traditional realeyes disciplines, it may appear pre­sumptuous that I should question old techniques and substitute a new symbolic interpretation.

But in answer to any who feel this way, I need only quote the words of acknowledged Sages.
All clinging to traditional method and interpretation is but a subtle form of attachment and, therefore, a barrier to Enlightenment.

Any method that works is pragmatically justified, and no method as such is a sacred object.
Then with respect to interpretation, I need but recall the fact that there is no such thing as an exclusively true symbolic representation of an unthinkable Reality.

The Superformula evolves infinite symbols

All too easily a valid symbol may through the power of attachment acquire the force of an heretical dogma.
Further, the validity of a symbol is a relative matter.

Though the unthinkable Reality is eternal, yet every symbol is a HIR-time-existence and subject to the process of aging.

Hir-Content within knowingness

The power of every symbol is relative to the peculiar psychical complex of an age and a people. Grok?

Just that symbol is most effective which serves as the best corrective of the psychical complex of the given situation.
Symbols are not designed for the benefit of Those who have Awakened WITHIN hir, but for those others who are in need of a corrective Guid-Dance of their present states of psi-consciousness.

But while there are many valid symbols having quite different appearance in form, yet all these have certain features in common.

The most important common feature can be given very easily in abstract terms.

For this purpose I call attention to a simple logical principle.

Everything that can be experienced or thought exists through contrast with its contradictory, otherwise no particular element of consciousness can be isolated from the totality of all consciousness.

The whole universe of all possible experience or thought can be divided into any particular object, state, or function, and its contradictory.
Let the letter "A" stand for any such object, state, or function, then the whole universe of possible experience or thought is either "A" or "Not-A."

But the ultimate Reality of Hir Enlightened Consciousness lies in neither of these compartments, and thus we say that IT is neither "A" nor "not-A."

A whole life-time could be devoted to listing all possible values of "A" and applying the principle in each individual case, yet all the meaning that would be conveyed by such laborious effort would be contained in the preceding two sentences.

Such is the power of abstract thought.

As one reads the more philosophic Buddhist Sutras, hir finds large numbers of pages devoted to the detailed application of the above principle with almost endless repetition. Undoubtedly the repetition builds a psychological effect that is potent, but the essence of all this can be given logically in a sentence or two.

Now, just what is THAT which is neither "A" nor "not-A," when "A" is given any thinkable or experienceable value?

To the pure thinker IT seems like nothing at all. Thus IT is called "Voidness," for thus IT appears to the consciousness bound to relativity. But through the Door of Hir-Dhyana, IT is found to be substantial Fullness, quite beyond the comprehension of all possible experience or thought.

Modern sub-atomic physics affords us an illustration which is as beautiful as any that I grok.

When two material entities of which the one is just the negation of the other,- such as a positron and an electron, are brought into conjunction, the result is mutual destruction.

Annihilation, which gives birth to a gamma ray

In their place is a flash of radiation that spreads indefinitely throughout all space.

If, now, our capacity for physical observation were limited to the field of the electron and the positron, we might conclude that the result of the conjunction was absolute annihilation.

But we are now able to see that this is not so, but rather that the destruction of matter in one state has resulted in its continuation in a
totally different state. Grok?

Ah so! Follow the Gamma Ray

So, also, is the effect of the mutual cancellation of all dichotomies of experience and thought.

The flash of radiation that spreads indefinitely throughout all space is the symbol of the Enlightened Hir-Consciousness.

By keeping in mind what has been said in the last two paragraphs, the rationale of the various methods of practicing Hir-Dhyana, as well as the basis of the various symbols for Noble Wisdom, become clear.
But while the rationale is simple, the practice is generally very difficult.

Follow your dream

To achieve the mutual cancellation practically is to effect the mystic Death, and this always requires faith and courage.

It is also possible that success will result in individual unconsciousness.
Hence, the actual practice of Hir-Dhyana is to be recommended only for those who are prepared.

Chance favors the prepared mind

The essence of the preparation is the building of the capacity to maintain Hir-consciousness apart from all objects.

This kind of HU-myn Consciousness is present all the time surrounding the functioning of the relative consciousness.

It can be isolated through Hir-Self-analysis while observing the phantasmagoria of the appearing and disappearing of the objects in the stream of time.


It is THAT which remains unaltered through all change.

When awareness has learned to turn Hir-focus upon this ever-present Matrix of Consciousness so that Consciousness becomes HIR own object, the power to remain lividually conscious through the mutual cancellation has been achieved.

Then the time has come for the Transition from the embodied to the Radiant State.

There is nothing simpler than all this, and yet there is nothing more difficult.
And, Yes! children, confusing as hell. :>)


The SuperFormula

"This equation will unveil new aspects of nature and will lead to a large number of new technological applications."

The superformula expresses the determination of form.

My friend , Johan Gielis, who discovered this formula asked me what was missing.
I replied that "content" was the missing piece.
What I real eyes is that form has knowingness.
Knowingness is the content in form.
When I pick up a sea shell and look upon the form, I&I attempt to grok Hir-knowingness.
But if I&I really grok the knowingness of this shell I would have to be that shell Hir-Self.
But I am that I am, and I am the shell THAT IS part of me THAT IS THAT!

So, I always in all ways know the knowingness of the shell, I simply do not have the tuned kieu of mind to "allow" me the I&I&I to Know-to-Grok! Ah So!
In the peaceful gaze of fluttering sunset light one finds THAT!


PS: Time storms are like woodpeckers pecking at ripe fruit till hir drops from the tree.

grokking this.......till the morrow...



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