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"The ability of form to be active is the most characteristic feature of mind, and we have something that is mindlike already with the electron." Thus, matter does not exist independently from so-called empty space; matter and space are each part of the wholeness.

This flow is called the holomovement.

The component terms holo and movement refer to two fundamental features of reality. The movement portion refers to the fact that reality is in a constant state of change and flux as mentioned above.

The holo portion signifies that reality is structured in a manner that can be likened to holography. As is well known, holography is a relatively new type of photography, in which the photographic record is not an image of the object (as in normal photography) but rather a set of interference patterns made by splitting a laser beam, and then reflecting one component of the beam off the object before reuniting the two component beams at the photographic plate.

When laser light is shined on the hologram, a full three-dimensional image of the object appears, as opposed to the usual two-dimensional photograph. What is especially remarkable about a hologram is that if laser light is shined on just a small part of it, the entire image still appears, although in less refinement and detail. Thus, each small portion of the hologram contains information about the entire image, whereas in a normal photograph, each small portion of film contains a correspondingly small part of the image.

As laser light is shined on successively smaller portions of the hologram, the entire image is still preserved, but it becomes progressively more "fuzzy."

HUMYN Soulular Journey through the multiverse

This civilization is built upon money, religion, and politics.
How do we deliver the wisdom necessary to build a new existence based on unequivocal truth and justice and founded on wisdom about the true nature of this reality and our Creative quantum minds?

This new peaceful global existence cannot occur in the presence of money, religion, and politics, so these things must now end, or this civilization will be destroyed shortly by its own accumulated folly and misdeeds.

At this late stage of the game, there are only two paths to choose from.

The wise path is to follow the Doctrine of Leaping REAL Eyes and quickly end money, religion, and politics.

As more and more individuals, groups and communities turn away from vain and harmful pursuits they soon REAL EYES they can prevent the destruction of most of this civilization.

On the other hand, if the zombie politicians and greedy money corps continue with the great folly of the past/present and humanity’s accumulated collective karma runs its course over the next several months this civilization and most of its people will continue to be purged from the Earth in a series of great disasters and debacles. 2012 will begin the opening up of the ancient global “DARK-RETURN”

These events need not continue occurring!

Our fates are in our own hands, and you now have access to the necessary wisdom to quickly turn away from past ignorance and folly, and create a true paradise based on verifiable wisdom and free from ignorance.

Each part of physical reality contains information about the whole. Thus in some sense, every part of the universe "contains" the entire universe; a very remarkable claim that at first seems, perhaps, implausible. Yet we have all experienced a glimmer of this in the following commonplace example. Imagine yourself gazing upward at the night sky on a clear night, and consider what is actually taking place.

You are able to discern structures and perceive events that span vast stretches of space and time, all of which are, in some sense, contained in the movements of the light in the tiny space encompassed by your eyeball.

The photons entering your pupil come from stars that are millions of light-years apart, and some of these photons embarked on their journey billions of years ago to reach their final destination, your retina. In some sense, then, your eyeball contains the entire cosmos, including its enormous expanse of space and immensity in time--although, of course, the details are not highly refined.

Optical and radio telescopes have much larger apertures, or "holographic plates," and consequently they are able to glean much greater detail and precision than the unaided eye. But the principle is clear, and it is extraordinary to contemplate.

Evidence for this kind of holographic structure in nature has emerged recently in the burgeoning field of chaos theory and its close cousin, fractal geometry. The term chaos theory is somewhat of a misnomer because the new discoveries are more about order than chaos. It has been found that most nonlinear systems embody a multitude of self-similar structures that are nested within one another at different scales.

A well-known example is the Mandelbrot set, which is a fractal that appears in computer representations much like a black bug, with an infinity of similar "bugs" embedded at innumerable smaller scales. Each of these "bugs" replicates the whole, in a sense, and contains information about the entire nonlinear process.

The holomovement consists of two fundamental aspects: the explicate order and the implicate order. A hidden order may be present in what appears to be simply chance or randomness

We live in an Electron based mind-techno reality

An ELECTRON is understood to be a set of enfolded ensembles, which are generally not localized in space. At any given moment, one of these ensembles may be unfolded and localized, and the next moment, this one enfolds and is replaced by another that unfolds. If this process continues in a rapid and regular fashion in which each unfoldment is localized adjacent to the previous one, it gives the appearance of continuous motion of a particle, to which we humans have given the name electron.Yet there is no isolated particle, and its apparent continuous motion is an illusion generated by the rapid and regular sequence of unfoldings.

Western minds have been steeped in the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of classical physics that still dominates contemporary science.

The implicate order is the fundamental and primary reality, albeit invisible. Meanwhile, the explicate order--the vast physical universe we experience--is but a set of "ripples" on the surface of the implicate order.

The manifest objects that we regard as comprising ordinary reality are only the unfolded projections of the much deeper, higher dimensional implicate order, which is the fundamental reality.

The implicate and explicate orders are interpenetrating in all regions of space-time, and each region enfolds all of existence, that is, everything is enfolded into everything.

Thus, wholeness permeates all that is

So..What is IS?

Truth is beyond reality; it comprehends reality, but not vice versa.

Reality is everything; truth is no-thingness.

We need to REAL EYES truth, but our minds are occupied with reality.

We seek security in reality, but authentic security comes only in complete nothingness, that is, only in REAL EYES truth.

The Seed-HIR of truth is a mystery that thought cannot encompass; it is beyond reality.

Beyond the concept of god, beyond the beyond.

If you really wish to make a difference in your lives, if you really wish to change the horrific events that are upon us, then my dear HU-myns become shamyns of leaping real eyes…..

HOW??? You ask…..your will know how when you place your wish upon your soulular path and tread upon Hir.

Hir will work N school your Quantum Mind

2005 - 2012


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can not replace human emotional responses with scientific observation. Most will not understand your point. This brings zero change. You can not even have these kinds of discussion and discovery without Politics, religion and all the other bull that has developed in the world for the last 10,000 years. But---thanks for your insight. Very interesting. Keep your foot in the framework in order to receive understanding.

9:30 AM, November 20, 2005  
Blogger Star Light said...

Dear Hu-Myn:

This is such a profound article in all-ways.

May I blog some part of this article for

"The photons entering your pupil come from stars that are millions of light-years apart ..."

My eyes are in ecstasy!

Star Light

9:04 PM, November 28, 2005  

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