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Just give me a mindless cookbook - The Bible

Question: Could you please answer exactly what
does happened to our soul/spirit when grid re-engineering takes place.
Are we able to also re-engineer our Soul/Spirit/Body interface/program.


Religion was a name for turning yourself into star waves for the mindless.
(Un-principled HU-mans say ... I dont want to know WHY it works, that would be empowering... just give me a mindless cookbook).

BUT, HU-myn Immortality is merely an anthropomorphic way of saying, get into a wave that is distributable and therefore sustainable.

The Adapa (Adam) ritual that kept Enlil alive inside his temple (Edin & Sol O mon ) was a mechanical way of aligning that gene splicing vampire into PLANET AND STAR ALIGNMENTS CAPACITIVELY!

(Became the Hebrew name for inner sanctum and Barrakah).

Herein lies a clue.
Get yourself well embedded inside a charge wave, and by golly if that is not a LAUNCH PAD.
(see the dodec in the movie CONTACT.)

Gilgamesh was pissed that the Annunaki would not let him be immortal, so he wrote.. "turn left at Orion" steer yourself into the stars.. that's how!

The Annunaki star map on Giza ( orion) was a pent phi spiral pointing to Star embedding.

The ceiling at Dendara was a shamanic map to star embedding.

"Jitterbug Perfume" was a map to biological immortality (once you understood that the beet squeezins with the hydrotherapy, deep breathing and tantra.. were heart squeezins.)

The book "The Eight" was a chess board map to biological immortality.. (Get the right gene-fires/extended family in the right symmetry chess board to implode sustainably.) (Not unlike getting the right extended family combination of bacteria in a cows stomach or a compost pile... A sustainable fire is the definition of the sacred).

The how to die manual for the cathars (Voynich), was a star map. Liken unto the Tibetan book of the dead as road turns for bardo (death spire) navigation.

Now somewhere in all this Yalweh meets X files drama between the Gold Eating and the getting yourself INTO the star map stuff, lies a PRINCIPLE TO BIOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY.

Let us line up our clues:

1. Gold Powder presents a pent implosive valence symmetry to blood solubility. At gold see also for the valence picture map: critmass.html .

Ormes Golde Powder CAN exist in the totally "self contained" mono-atomic state precisely because THE NUCLEAR FIELD BECOMES IN-PHI-KNITLY DISTRIBUTABLE.. Makes a killer nozzle for DNA squirt guns.
ref water/nozzle.html

2. All the effective star maps were PHI / Golden Mean based PENT that is idealized into recursion/embedding symmetry. (many examples at ../eclipse )

3. The key portion of the INTENT field which made true ALCHEMY work to MAKE GOLD, was a PHI HARMONIC SERIES AROUND THE EKG.

4. Your DNA rings up alive, with PHI harmonics in your EKG ( heartlink as the ultimate lie detector ), whenever your focus settles on something shareable (distributable). See the technical use of the term "hot blooded" in most issues of PLAYBOY magazine. The same tantric (sustained) DNA excitation was the verified trigger to time travel at Montauk and Incunabula. What is the connection between the word EROTIC versus the word ELECTRICALLY DISTRIBUTABLE?

(The glue to hold the travel worms together superluminally (see the Dodecahedron in "Contact").. enables coherent wave fronts to return from the superluminal, UNscrambled. (MEMORY../information.. see INCUNABULA time travel..) Incunabula, Tantric wormholes and the bardo bridge, the antenna cocoon for human eros to produce shaamanic time tunnels)

Clearly, at the core of DNA seen vertically down the tube, we do see the same PENT symmetry as all the star maps, and in the outer valence of GOLD. (animations at ../superDNA ) Somehow the ability of wave fronts to add recursively their velocity thru light speed, creates a worm which 'hauls ass'. We get erotically exited when the DNA legitimately senses a prospect for sustaining itself. This is exquisitely appropriate survival "instinct" (more REAL knowing) for DNA. (which REALLY KNOWS!)

There is a relationship between EROTIC excitation and PHI harmonics in the EKG (learning to implode/braid DNA by phonon pony tail field entrainment). We measured this recently very successfully in LA with a male executive stuck in your head type repeatedly unable to get any interval between EKG harmonics other than 1.0 hz (Emotional Index on the Heart Monitor). Stuck there (in his head/membrane making but no membrane bridging emotions), he begged his lady friend who then passionately KISSED him. Whereupon his EKG interharmonic interval (E.I. Emotional Index on the HeartLink ) moved DRAMATICALLY toward the more sustainable .62 (Golden Ratio Embedable). This was by no means an isolated occurence. We also see this in tantric couples.

Essentially during the REAL FEELING OF REACHING OUT TO TOUCH (as opposed to holding in to CONTAIN), the fields around the heart re-create donuts that can implode/embed by PHI instead of OCTAVE or cubic ratios in their toroid voltage diameters. This creates a situation where more (charge) wave fronts can share pressures in PHASE to ONE crest, non-destructively OR as we say a distributable or SHAREABLE emotion.

So the same impulse toward a distributable EKG charge field which occurs in a little boy DREAMING OF GETTING A PUPPY, happens during EFFECTIVE KISSING. This IS NOT A BIOLOGICAL ACCIDENT.


This principle we need to understand, since presumeably it is literally at the "Heart" of the mechanism to biological immortality. In as sense, the psychological language for this road map to the stars, would be HOW TO ACCESS THE PASSION IN YOUR OWN GENES.

"Have you harvested any genetic memories for the galactic core today?" You can tell if you felt your blood rush: the tingle in your DNA. That genetic wisdom IS NO LONGER A COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.. it NOW HAS A VOICE.. (I am feeling right now as I write THIS sentence, such a tremendous tingling all over my body, that I must ask you if you are in here with me RINGING? ) It has become self-aware, and is thus (correction to Jung here) now a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS.

It could SELF-STEER. That SURVIVAL is, like our republic, if we take self-responsibility FOR and.. INHABIT/EMBED AND FEEL FOR... THE WHOLE. This is not the same as: 'how comfortable it is to let 'God' (the borg) (something OUTSIDE me) do all the steering!

The use of the term GOD here is tricky, because on the one hand it's current useage AS A WAY TO MAKE PEOPLE GIVE UP DISCOVERING WHAT STEERS US INTO STARS FOR OURSELVES, is clearly a travesty of enslavement used by the Reptilian priest/kings heritage to CONTROL.
(Don't FIGURE OUT FOR YOURSELF THE PURPOSE OF YOUR EXISTENCE, your GOD/master/enslaver will do that for you). This is very much confused BY THE PRIESTS WITH ALCHOHOL ON THEIR BREATH, with making GodLessness the same as having no respect for the Collective Intuitive Awareness (the REAL CIA).

Respect for (becoming embedded in) the wave of ecstatic electricity growing inside our VERY SHARED DNA WAVE, IS INDEED THE MOST HIGH POSSIBLE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. The shameful pathetic agony of eating a little host (communion), meant originally to be white gold powder cake, absolutely PALES IN COMPARISON TO A MOMENT OF TRUE ECSTATIC COMMUNION and sustainable kundalini/tantra.

(ref: ../kundalini for psychophysiology of environmental effects of..)

Yet you will never find a priest teaching true ecstatic movement BECAUSE THAT WOULD END THE NEED FOR PRIESTS.


1. The experience of PASSION is related to getting into the geometry of embedding . Sex is better in a pent circle of old druid Oak trees for a REASON.
Tantra is more effective when in embedable accord to TIMING (which also needs to be fractal) star maps.
REAL Astrology is actually measureable as capacitors change charge levels effected only by major star alignments. Ref: the Greg Hodowanec work.
Gravity is a name for capacitance gone fractally implosive as a charge wave.
Ref: predictions

2. Getting DNA braided into sustainable implosion - WHICH IS BIOLOGIC IMMORTALITY- is exactly the same as getting it's wave structure into PHI harmonics.

( superDNA ) DNA comes from our parents with whole lots of PHI ratios in its natural MICRO structure.

HOWEVER, increasingly braiding the LONGER WAVE (EKG PHONON & LONG WAVE piezoelectric "singing") MACRO STRUCTURE into genes, requires the investment of coherent emotion along with the disciplines of principled hygiene.

(Eat hacked up gene foods and sleep in a metal magnetic jungle city, and your heart dies..)

There is no specifically esoteric secret about what will get your blood boiling.

You already know.
You have just been ignoring it.
So here was a little pent/phi recursion symmetry physics to nudge you to decide to listen.

Go where your DNA sings and you will inhabit stars.

Choose convenient assimilation, and you will join your borg ancestors in the only hell there is: the destructive unembedable wave interference called "heat" where the uncompressible (waves/people/DNA) are sorted from the shareable.

A Star Map for StarLight


And to this day, [those] who...know the self as I am Brahman [IS-ness], become all this universe.
Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self.
...if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he does not know.
He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away!
Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are IS-ness].


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