Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shaman Precognition 001

Shaman Precognition 001: Your Question is a Kieu

Your question is a KIEU-est, a Quest-of-Quality, of Kieu eyezed consciousness..

A PRECOGNITIVE SHAMAN: One gets to “see” the question as embedded in the whole of what is. To drink it, to grok the quest!

The question is the answer, and the answer is the question. Sounds like quantum new age mumbo gumbo, and in a way it is.

The KIEU-estion comes to me in an “awakened” state. This is my favorite Mode of consciousness, and I’m a bit blessed to be able to “attain” that state any time “I” choose.

***Its all about choice***

Much of the normal mind function is spent in the “stumbles” state. This stumble state is like a drunk stumbling around oblivious of the “finer” state of the nowness that is being experienced. The drunken mind stumbles around in a self induced “happy” “I’m just fine” state of awareness….but below that, I.E. the denial subconscious, lays the judgements, the atrocities self inflicted, or onto others, as guilt, whatever. The whole huge baggage of denial mindloops…This is where xenophobia lurks.

Now in the awakened state all this is blended together, it’s not separated. So, here we have the guilt, the denial and bliss, the inner joy, the deep empathic “connection” with ALL, the totality.

Here comes the ability to choose.

But not choice as we normally have come to know choice…here in the awakened state we, the I as in individual, and the witness of the I, and Hir-Self who is dimensionally free from all the lower “realms” of energy/consciousness Body-Mind events….(Witness of the witness ) this perspective has no “reason” as one is normally accustomed…and so the choice is not from reason nor from free will, not from an emotive or intellectual mode of beingness, NO! this choice is from a new and very unfamiliar state of existence, and yet, at the very same moment, completely in the normal state of beingness. This state of “ultra-NON-drunkenness” is in HIR-Self very much all inclusive of all that is. YES! Reason is not a friendly fellow when trying to comprehend the dimensional aspects as they blend with and induce change and morph realities.

The “Normal” state is kept very busy being Normal!

Its like dimensional farming…one must always in all ways remove the weeds in order to grow the most healthiest of crops.

What about harm? Can one choose to harm another in the awakened state?
What is one to do if in the awakened state and so with full knowledge go to eat a chicken sandwich and “sees” the atrocities done to the chicken, felt the pain, fear, BECAME that pain, fear, BECAME that flesh….would one still bite into that sandwich and proclaim how delicious and tasty the “food” was….????

**Beware of Beliefs**

So what about food, breath, walking, talking, pissing, farting…Good, bad, god, Jesus, hell, no, yes, never, up, down??????

How would all that change if we made all our choices from the awakened dimensional state??


You see….maybe, normal, drunken reality is “good” for us.
Maybe, normal, drunken mindedness, self delusional in denial mind loops is really a gift from the Multiverse….just maybe, just maybe, stupid is better. Stupidity and ignorance are the best possible states of reality in this reality of infinite stuff.

But then, alas, for some of us in Isness, there is Kieu.

That is, the kieu of quality. Yes, my friend, here we have the secret that many of our dear new age shamanic “teachers” fail miserably…they save themselves by proclaiming all that is, is nothingness, all is one, so all is the all and simply is.

**That depends on what “TO KNOW” IS!**:>D

That is of course true, as truth can be anything that one chooses Hir to be.

Have you ever seen Truth with Quality?


And so we are left with the truth of nowness, the isness, and living in the quality of Hir-Self.

We make choices, we experience and build our reality from the beliefs that are created from these choices, and we think thoughts from the mind loops that our beliefs spew out to us from the cauldron of conscious choices, and bingo! we have our identity swimming around in a drunken state looking for answers under the LIGHT of self-delusion, denial and doubt!!!

Never to find, of course, that which we search for….but hell who cares, really, the searching and stumbling about is too much fun…

And so, my friend, here is the question.
How does the kieu of knowingness, the quality of reality; thusly our lives, our reality, come to be?

What do you know?

There is a well known Zen verse "Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment chop wood and carry water." Many use this as though it means something. You know, like WOW! I get it…. :>D

I’ll give you a not so well known real Eyes verse: Tune the tuner that tunes the tune.

Now that is shamanic!! :>D

Ok, so here is the Leaping RealEyes Isness quantum tuned reality.
And within this quantum tuned reality is a series of fixed tuned fields,

1. Field One: Comprising of 8 fixed fields called the "Universe"
2. Field Two: Comprising of 7 fixed fields called “Life-Forms”
3. Field Three: Comprising of 4 fixed fields called “Individual life forms”
4. Field four: Comprising of 3 fixed fields called “ After-Life”
5. Field Five: Comprising of 2 fixed fields called “ the Ret-Urn”
6. Field six: Comprising of 1 fixed field called the “ The Urn”
7. Field Seven: Comprising of Zero fixed field called “Hir-Self”
( locally known as GOD!)

Field seven is the kieu of all the others, that is, Hir-Self is the isness in all of the universe; and determines the Kieu as the fields adjust resonance. As the resonance is adjusted the coherence of each field is instantly reflected back to all other fields and the kieu is adjusted accordingly.

So living in the kieu we are “shown” natural laws like "good begets good, evil begets evil” the concept of karma, the belief that “It was ment to be.” Get it??

OK, if you want me to go on, you owe me another quarter.
Just put your coin in the slot and pull the handle.
Watch the chicken sandwich icons flip by.
Thanks!! :>DDD

WHAT??? You want to know how can there be a zero fixed field??
Comment and I will explain….

...correction and updates..and added comments...to follow...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, while "computing" my question, I was witnessing, contemplating ...isness?!?

I, witness & hir, morphing, dancing around, spinning a cosmic web...mmmm....

...more kieu-stions will, are brewing I'm afraid... :>)
...like...how do I real-eyez I'm flowing within the kieu-field....and not feeding my delusions?

4:18 PM, December 13, 2005  
Blogger HU-MYN said...


Email me directly leapingrealeyes@yahoo.com, and I will be happy to answer your questions...

10:48 AM, June 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again. You have so much here, wow.

So, I have this poem that came thru and it talks about the strings attached to me being past memories I have yet to let go. I then read and read and absorb to find more references of strings attaching us to our outer body via an asemblage point in our middle-upper back. The poem I wrote encourages taking scissors and cutting the cords to find freedom. This clearly is completely opposite to the literature which explains them as extension cords.
I have also seen references to those who no longer have angels to be their guides - they have cut the chains or surpassed the needs.

Inside says one thing and outside says another - such an ingenious plan has been de-vised!

10:49 AM, September 26, 2006  

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