Friday, January 13, 2006

America a House of Cards


By: Paula Devlin

For some inexplicable reason, the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been ignoring the fact that Iran will open an Oil Bourse in March of 2006. The new bourse will require that purchases of oil use Euros as the exchange. Iran has required that oil purchased from them be done in Euros since the spring of 2003. The shift to Euros could be a step towards requiring oil to be purchased with gold.

For all the saber-rattling about Iran’s nuclear power development, it’s the oil and corresponding shift away from complete dollar hegemony over it that are the source of the elitists’ fears. They want complete control over oil and fiat currency. Why else would all the central bankers have sold so much of their gold reserves a few years ago if not trying to convince us yahoos that it just wasn’t valuable any more? Iran’s Oil Bourse will put a stick in their spokes and they aren’t happy about it.

We are hearing louder drumbeats about what an evil country Iran is and how they must to be reined in. That means the United States must finesse an exit from Iraq, where the globalists still have barrels of oil priced in dollars, and start beating up Iran. But we cannot exit Iraq completely without facing the possibility of losing it and not having oil priced in dollars.

If oil is not priced in dollars, there will be no incentive for various nations to continue to hold them and to carry our debt. Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hovers around 50%.

Washington keeps digging us deeper into the debt hole by spending on wars, unsupportable social programs and subsidizing parasite Mexico while it is in bed with China.

The administration and the media must face the fact that China is quietly going about securing oil contracts with those who used to be our allies, particularly Canada, Venezuela and Brazil. China is building a wall around us, preparing to squeeze the life out of us by depriving us of oil, without firing a shot.

They control the Panama Canal (through Hutchinson Whampoa) and have a major shipping facility in the Bahamas (again, through Hutchinson Whampoa). They are also working closely with Iran, not only for oil, but in helping Iran develop its nuclear capacity.

An Iranian Oil Bourse means an opportunity to shift from the dollar to the Euro. Is there any reason to think that China (and everyone else) would not divest itself of dollars/Treasuries so it could do business in another, more sound, currency? Is there any question that our European alliances have grown cool in anticipation of a currency shift?

Currently, the only oil exchanges are New York’s NYNEX and London’s IPE (both owned by U.S. corporations).

Would not the oil-producing nations feel that they should play in the big leagues too and have some control over the rest of the oil-for-money game? And who would be surprised (outside the Beltway) that our enemies would not capitalize on this?

Over the past forty years, American manufacturing has been exported hither, thither and yon, wherever the Barons of Industry could make more by paying less.

At least half of our military hardware is made by foreign sources, a really smart decision by the lunatics in Washington, too busy lining their own pockets to give a rat’s rear about the future of our nation.

One can only wonder how the elites expect to sustain any kind of protracted war without the manufacturing infrastructure to support it since they sold most of it to foreign interests.

It is quite distressing for rank-and-file Americans to recognize that our government has gradually alienated most of the political world because of its belief that loyalty is purchased with dollars.

The administration harps on that Islam is a religion of peace. They would be hard-pressed to prove it from history. The religious issues are part of the disinformation campaign (but still an issue) and the globalists couldn’t care less who puts his butt is in the air or whose throat is slit for refusing to do so. As long as they have control of the globe’s credit, they have the power they seek. It appears that the more aggressive Muslims want both global financial and religious control. The elites don’t have to live with the consequences of allowing vast hordes of non-Christian immigrants into Christian countries to effect these goals.

Globalization is important to the elites because it provides the central bankers more concentrated international power. WTO, GATT, NAFTA etc., have allowed multinationals to expand all over the world and pay people with paper printed by Uncle Sam; created by Uncle Sam through increasing the indebtedness of its citizens. Again, it is the ordinary person who will suffer the consequences of this insatiable greed while the perps hide out with their peacocks on obscure Caribbean islands.

Agitating for a war with Iran is the last of the stupid banker tricks to be played on the United States. If we go forward with it, it will fail. You don’t need a think tank where everyone claims to have IQ’s of 300 to figure that out. The elites should have figured that they couldn’t rape and pillage our nation and still have it available for all its wars.

While our state militias have been deployed to protect the interests of the bankers of the City of London and their bedmates on Wall Street, our borders are left open to an invasion of unprecedented proportions. Few dare call it treason. The ordinary citizen is too busy trying to pay outrageous bills inflated by litigious lawyers and pandering politicians to have time to connect all the dots to see what a sorry state we are in.

When the foreign troops are here to enforce martial law for some stupid banker reason, Americans will realize too late that their great nation became a house of cards long before it collapsed.

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Blogger John Sobieski said...

That's a pretty good summation of the way things are. I used to be indifferent or even in favor of all these treaties here, treaties there, free trade everywhere. Not anymore. In the fine print, you can read why - 'loss of cultural identity required.'

Now there is no excuse for the ignorance about Islam, none whatsoever. Seems like there is a new book every week warning of the danger, some on the mark much more than the others, but the theme is there. They can't all be deaf, dumb and blind.

As for Mexico, it is criminal how the laws we have on the books are completely ignored. There is no respect when there is no punishment for committing crimes.

If they really wanted to deal with illegal immigation, they would do the wall and control bill first. Then wait a couple of years to deal with 'guest workers.' But these guys are bought by the big business lobbyists and won't do that.

7:34 PM, January 13, 2006  

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