Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bush-Rove the real terrorists

Behind the Vail of Media Propaganda and Ignorance

you real eyes that Bush-Rove are terrorists, the job of understanding this zombie pathology becomes much easier.

The United States faces a ruthless enemy, OUR commander in chief and an AMERIKKKAN Congress who have hidden the true nature of who created 911.

The real threat and the gravity of the moment America our republic finds hirself in is our wacko right wing rove zombie clan.


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If you want to be shocked or outraged, or just want to listen to one of the looniest rants you’ll ever hear on the radio (even if you regularly listen to Rush or O’Reilly) because you need to know that people like this are out there, give a listen to Shirley Phelps-Roper’s interview on Wisconsin Public Radio. Phelps-Roper bills herself as the attorney for the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, whose parishioners protest homosexuality by picketing at the funerals of soldiers who died in service to their country. Phelps-Rogers gets whackier as she goes along, ultimately (at about the 8 minute mark) explaining that she feels sorry for the parents of the fallen because they failed in their duty to their children and raised them for the devil by not smiting homosexuals from the Earth (or something to that effect).

Crazy lawyers who condemn the parents of dead soldiers are a disservice to the profession. She shouldn’t be licensed.

Hear More from Wisconsin Public Radio

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civilians are getting killed in markets, on the streets, etc. and they aren't all being killed by our soldiers...

The CIA, BLACKWATER, and the other MERCENARIES are tear-assing around the country setting bombs.



Only by dismantling Iraq's sovereignty can FIFTEEN permanent USPNAC airbases be retained on Iraqi soil.

This is why the USPNAC hired rightwing terrorists from around the world and deployed them (ILLEGALLY) in an occupation. One of the first mercs killed in Iraq was Francois Strydom -- a prominent deathsquad terrorist in the Apartheid struggle in South Africa.

"Francois Strydom learnt about killing in Koevoet, South Africa's apartheid-era paramilitary police unit, notorious for violence, torture and murder.

In Iraq, Strydom found his skills were in demand.

Employed by United States-based firm SAS International, Strydom was one of a number of South Africans in Iraq working as private "security experts" before a January 28 bomb outside the Shaheen hotel prematurely terminated his contract.

The aftermath of the blast sent shockwaves through South Africa's media, as Strydom's death revealed an embarrassing situation. The national media estimated 1,500 former soldiers and police officers were operating in Iraq, in defiance of stringent legislation forbidding the practice.

Googling the name of this TERRORIST is an easy way to find the several stories in the international press -- suppressed in the US 'coverage.' Such foreign terrorists have NO compunction about bombing civilian targets like bus depots. After all, they've done it before.

Bush is also harboring (in the US) the terrorist Posada Carriles, who blew up an airliner.

If you understand that Bush IS a terrorist, the job of understanding his pathology becomes much easier.

"The terrorist organizations"

nationalists involved in fighting an illegal invasion...torture, genocidal destruction of national treasures, massive bribery, massive political assassination (much of it by the invader), racism by the soldiers, and mercenaries with ZERO legal responsibilities for any of their actions.

And not just any mercenaries. Rightwing death squad TERRORISTS, driving around with US insignia on their air-conditioned Humvees.

It's so despicable that Bush should hang just for that.

....these comments from RADIO

TALK LEFT : The Politics of Crime

Neutral Monism

Spheres of Autonomy: Reforming the Content Neutrality Doctrine in First Amendment Jurisprudence

Bush isn't concerned about bin Laden because bin Laden is only useful when the Bush Cabal determines that he's useful.

You've probably heard before the theory that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, eh? And you've hinted as much in more than one of your quotes. Well, to the extent that 9/11 was an inside job, bin Laden is arguably irrelevant. Although Bush is only telling a half truth, listen to the half that's truthful will tell you what you need to know: that Bush isn't interested in bin Laden because bin Laden isn't the culprit.

And that's because there isn't a culprit.

There is only a plan, executed with military precision, a plan that was years in the making. It could have been bin Laden or a monkey's uncle. It makes no difference. Any sleight of hand would do, but one of the paths of least resistance would obviously be to focus on Islamic radicals as the enemy of choice, with so much red meat to hang on the hook.

We've been had, Kristen. The nation has been had by a band of neo-conservatives so brazen and ruthless in their designs that murdering 3000 civilians, including your husband, to establish a culture of fear in the US, was well worth the price.

And you know what? They pulled it off. They literally got away with murder. They did it to get a foothold into the middle east and central Asia. They kept us busy with Al Qaeda and Saddam while they quietly settled in and made pipeline deals and divided up the oil shares and moved in their security corporations and other multinational exploiters. And they left you and millions of others in the dust, left to wonder what really happened, left to puzzle over the illogical gaps between words and actions, always holding words in check so as not to get labeled "fringe wackos" by their coterie of PR flacks.

It's a mean game that takes no prisoners. You either play, you shut up, or you get destroyed.

And if you otherwise survive, it's because you ask the kind of questions that don't accuse, don't indict.

You ask the questions that leave many possible answers, so that you, too, have plausible deniability.

Meanwhile, the winner takes all, and leaves the rest of us in the dust, wondering about truth and justice.

Because that's all we're left to do.


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