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The Energy of Life

The Energy of Life

Bioenergy. It's the force that animates biochemical matter, surrounding every cell like a miniature wire, providing a blue-print for the physical body and serving as a medium for the flow of information through the body.

Extending outside the physical body, it creates the low frequency electromagnetic fields around us, and other subtle energy fields not yet recognized by science.

A skillful Bionergy practitioner "scans" the body to detect these fields and sense energy flows, then restores the balance between biochemical and bioenergy components, bringing these flows and fields back to normal for improved health.

In Harmony With Science

Polish energy healer Mietek Wirkus was one of the first professional Bioenergy therapists employed by a medical center to compliment the work of physicians. In Poland, healers are accepted as valid medical therapists , licensed by the government after demonstrating to a council of physicians that their treatments have been successful on a number of patients.

Mietek Wirkus now lives in the Washington, D.C. area and has been part of numerous scientific studies, including a research project at Walter Reed hospital in which he "sent" energy to cell cultures with the intent to give the cells more calcium, a measurable "result".

An unexpected turn to the experiment occurred: when Mietek treated the cultures in one room, trays of stored cultures in nearby rooms responded to the energy!

Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of The Body Electric, tells of his personal experience with Mietek in his book Cross Currents. "When I spoke with Wirkus, he assured me that he could easily determine the presence of a disease and where it was located in each patient.he sensed energy coming from the area of disease. He was also certain that when he treated a patient, some energy passed from him to the patient. He told me that it took much more energy from him to treat cancer or schizophrenia than to treat arthritis, skin conditions, insomnia, or neuroses.

The process appears simple: the fully clothed patient stands erect, and Wirkus moves about the patient, keeping his hands a few centimeters away from the body surface. He appears to be almost in a trance state; his eyes are open but appear unfocused, and he has a peculiar respiratory pattern of short, audible, regular breathing.

The process takes less than ten minutes.
I shut my eyes so I would not know where Wirkus's hands were.on several occasions I noted distinct feelings of warmth and tingling.on opening my eyes I found that the sensations were located near the position of Wirkus's hands"

Detecting The Aura

Working in tandem with his wife Margaret, Mietek conducts classes which teach students how to strengthen and clear energy fields ,enhance and open their clairvoyance and recognize and work with the human energy system using exercises and meditations drawn from Tibetan & Huna healing.

Researcher/writer Williiam Collinge, relates his personal experience at one of these Bioenergy classes in his recent book, Subtle Energy. He describes the body's biofield or aura, the inner part of which is the most "visible", extending about 2-4 inches from the skin, and goes on to reveal his first time of seeing it as "very compelling". I remember sitting in a large meeting room of a hotel in a course being led by energy healer Mietek Wirkus..the lights were dimmed and the windows heavily curtained.

As I started across the room at those on the other side, I relaxed my eyes, blinked as little as possible, and tried not to focus. Gradually, as my eyes became more and more tired, it was as if they "gave up"struggling to see anything. It was at this moment of surrender that I began to see a glowing aura extending a few inches around the other people. . The moment I tired to see it more clearly, it would disappear, but when I relaxed completely again it would reappear". The Wirkus' teach that when the eyes become fatigued they cease having control over the visual process and the 'third eye', our intuitive faculty for seeing subtle energies, opens.

Strengthen Your Energy Field

The breath is of supreme importance to our energetic self. The essence of Bioenergy training is mind and breath working together to direct vital energy through us. Here is one of the exercises taught by Mietek and Margaret Wirkus that involves visualizing and directing each breath along a circular pathway through the body, corresponding with the Taoist "microcosmic orbit."

1. Inhale a complete breath for a count of 8, while imagining you are drawing energy upward from the sacrum to the back of the head at the level of the third eye.

2. Hold the breath for a count of four and imagine the energy moving from the back of the head through he pineal gland to the third eye in the center of the forehead.

3. Exhale thoroughly while imaging the energy cascading like a waterfall down the from t of your body to the front of your root chakra.

4. Hold the lungs empty for a count of four, imagining the energy moving from the front of the root chakra to the sacrum.

The third eye is the distribution center of your energy when you exhale , and you should visualize third of your energy being directed down the front of the energy orbit, a third directed through the shoulder joints and down your arms into the palms, and a third remaining in the third eye to strengthen and it.

Do this 3 or 4 times a day, using a series of 10-15 breaths to strengthen your energy field and make it resistant to intrusion from other energy sources.

Like Medicine Used To Be

With the rising interest in alternative methods of healing, it is becoming clear that these methods are not new but old. It is also clear that these methods have one common goal: to eliminate incorrect flows of energy in the body, helping to maintain the corrrect flow of information in the living system..The language of Bioenergy calls this "unblocking the flow of information".

Esoteric wisdom from the past now has an opportunity to be supported by contemporary science.


Blogger Cavadesoi said...

Two comments follow:
First, the breathing exercise is amazingly effective. Thank you for sharing this. Second, it is unclear why the text is exclusively focused on one Polish healer, namely: Mietek Wirkus. In short, Associating Bioenergy to one practitioner Mietek Wirkus in this case, does not reflect well on the independent and unbiased nature of the information produced here.
Indeed, the text here has little to do with defining Bioenergy Therapy. Ideally, it would elaborate on the main principles of the modality, its history, and current scope of application. Instead, it says some facts about a Polish, and one among many Eastern European Bioenergy healers, Mr Mietek Wirkus -
It is a known fact that Bioenergy existed long before Mr Wirkus was born. There are (and have been) many Bioenergy practitioners. Zdenko Domancic is one famous contemporary example; another is Mikhail Fadkin. They both practice, and teach the same thing as Mr Wirkus, and Zdenko Domancic has been subjected to extensive research. This is all documented in a DVD accessible online called “Think About It.” There are many such healers/teachers in all countries of the former Soviet block, and have been over the centuries. In fact, the term bioenergy as an energy therapy modality has been used for centuries in Eastern Europe.
What has happened more recently however, id that in the early 1970s, Pr. Zdenek Rejdak of Charles University in Prague proposed a formal definition of Bioenergy therapy, namely as a "method based on transmission of energy from one organism to another in order to improve the individual's condition." This may be the reason why this site considers Bioenergy therapy as being a new method.
Another factor which could explain this inaccuracy in associating the concept of Bioenergy with Mietek Wirkus, is perhaps the fact that Mietek Wirkus is likely to have been the first to practice it in the West, in the 80s , before the Berlin wall was destroyed, i.e., at a time when East and West were separated and little was known about Eastern practices in general, let alone, energy practices.
As recognized in the section entitled ‘How Medicine Used to Be,’ there are close to 50 cultures around the world that have been identified as understanding the concept of 'life energy' in one form or another; e.g., Ki (Japanese), Chi (Chinese), Prana (Sanskrit), Neyatoneyah (Lakota Sioux), Num (Kalahari Kung), Ruach or Roohah (Hebrew), Rooh (Persian), Lung (Tibetan), and so forth. All of these cultures have their energy healing modalities. Bioenergy healing is one such modality. Bioenergy is the modality that has been practiced for centuries across all countries of Eastern Europe.
Bioenergy healing (of Eastern European origin), Chi Gong healing (of Chinese origin), Sufi healing (Middle East, North African and to some extent Asian), Prana Healing (East and South Asian), and so forth are all broadly practiced modalities. With the increased openness of the countries of the Soviet block, and with the ease of communications, Bioenergy in particular is taught by many teachers and practiced by many healers.
This text is very informative. It would appear impartial if it mentioned other past or contemporary healers and teachers of bioenergy. One case in point is Zdenko Domancic who has healed millions and taught Bioenergy to thousands. See Video at:

9:05 PM, December 27, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this must google "scrying" or "candle gazing" or "mirror gazing" these are ancient exercises practiced by practically all cutlutres (Tibetan and other)for enhancing clairvoyance.

The seminars referred to above are taught by the Margaret Wirkus exclusively and not Mietek Wirkus as one would expect. Mietek Wirkus barely says a word, even when he wants to talk/teach. But he is present in the room throughout.

While all the exercises of the workshop are availble on-line, including all the scrying exercises; the workshop pulls them all into a 2 day experience, saving the time to looking it all up and gathering the instructions online.

8:42 PM, January 18, 2009  

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