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Grokking Pure Reason

Pure Reason

The mind is capable of having the knowledge and the sensibility associated with the System of Life that expresses the essential timeless qualities of the human mind.

At this level the mind has an intellectual dimension and this state can be had only if it frees itself from the influences of the parochial time-bound perceptions.
This is because the real human qualities are not derivatives of time-bound expressions that people devise as part of their civilizations.

On the other hand, the mind loses its human identity when it gets conditioned by the products of the civilizations because the essential human qualities can be expressed only in relationship with the objects that belong to the System.

Carl Gustav Jung said: “For thousands of years rites of initiation have been teaching rebirth from the spirit, yet man has forgotten the meaning of divine initiatory procreation in our times. I simply believe that some part of the human self or soul is not subject to the laws of space and time. This forgetful-ness causes him to suffer a loss of soul, a condition that sadly is everywhere present today.” (The Collected Works of C.J.Jung, Vol.7) ‘Today’ has become everyday.

The timeless part of the mind is at its pure state and the qualities associated with it, its culture, can be had only in relationship with the intelligent System that is available to us for the intelligent and sensible management of life. Since the System of Life is the System of God, God must be identified with the System.

Conceptualizing God outside the System has been due to the influence of reasoning upon the mind, the alienation that has been responsible for the development of various parochial systems that really equips us to be violent to the very System that gave us life because this alienation of God alienates us from the System.

The alienation of God and the self from the System really corrupts the mind; the corruption becomes grave when the sensibility of the mind gets misappropriated by the factors that are alien to the System.

The projection of divinity in things that do not belong to the System of Life cannot be left to the freedom of the believers because the alienation affects the quality of life as well as that of the System.

The redemption can be had only when the mind works in tandem with the System because the human mind essentially is the product of the System - it did not come out of any of our manufacturing facilities. Though currently we are getting aligned to the manufactured products our human identity depends on the regaining of the real expression of the mind. The mind at this level becomes highly disciplined because it is guided by the love that it has for the System; the System, not the products of our reasoning, becomes sacred here.

If life must be sane we must align all the systems that we devise on the basis of our reasoning with the System to which we essentially belong because the expression of this holistic relationship alone generates love for the pulse of life that belongs to the System of Life. Though the solution is very simple the obstacles are posed by the reductionistic agencies that have assumed imperial powers over life.

When the mind aligns itself with the System of Life it becomes holistic in its perception because it is guided by Pure Reason, the expression of the soul. Though Pure Reason is the expression of the sensibility of the mind when it works on the sacred relationship with the System of Life; as a concept, just like spirituality, it remains obscure in the realm of knowledge. Pure Reason is the expression of spirituality.

Immanuel Kant (1724 -1804), the German philosopher who wrote an appreciation of it in the Critique of Pure Reason says: “…we can regard a science of the mere examination of pure reason, of its sources and limits, as the ‘propaedeutic’ (introduction to further study) to the system of pure reason.

Any knowledge is entitled pure, if it be not mixed with anything extraneous.

But knowledge is more particularly to be called absolutely pure, if no experience or sensation whatsoever be mingled with it, and if it be therefore possible completely ‘a priori’…. meaning thereby that we do not derive it immediately from experience, but from a universal rule.” The source of the universal rule is the System of Life.

This was what Sankara (India, 788 - 820) also said: “As for rituals, one is free to perform them in a given manner, to alter the manner of performance, or to abstain from performing them; but knowledge depends upon what it is in itself, and it does not depend upon human agency.” (Sarva Vedanta Siddhanta Sarasangraha) The Real World that lies outside the systems developed by us is the real source of knowledge. Kant came one thousand years after Sankara.

The Age of Ignorance must come to an end with the birth of the New Millennium for in every heart there must be the expression of Pure Reason.

The mind at this level of the sensibility of the soul is not controlled by any willful and conscious conceptual thinking because the ideology that guides the mind here is the ideology of the System of Life which works on the basis of Holistic Rationalism.

The world of Truth alone is Real because our economies and empires are subject to collapse as they are the products of reasoning. Either one can belong to the System of Life emotionally and intellectually, or can be carried away by any fad that is a time-based product. Remember what Zarathushtra said:

“As you realize not the eternal truths,
and recognize not the better life,
I come to you all to guide you in the right selection
between the two sides
That we may thence live in accordance with Truth and Right.
Then let none give ear to the words of the evil liar,
The liar bringing woe and destruction to house and clan, to the province and the land.
Resist him, then, with force.”(Ahunavaiti Gatha)

The Bhagavad Gita (India) also speaks the same:

“When goodness grows weak,
When evil increases,
I make myself a body,
In every age I come back
To deliver the holy,
To destroy the sin of the sinner
To establish righteousness.”

The intelligence that is required for the fulfillment of life is written in the System of Life that has been responsible for our being. This knowledge is not subject to human reasoning as it is outside the purview of our parochial perceptions. That means the knowledge that belongs to this System does not vary with our perceptions.

The mind that takes cognizance of the Holistic nature of life is guided by the inherent sensibilities of the mind; the mind at this level is not carried away by the trinkets of pa-rochialism because the mind here derives its Laws from the Sys-tem of Life.

The true human identity is attained at the level of Enlightenment and it can be achieved only by regaining the pure state of the mind. At the level of Enlightenment one is outside the influences of the parochial expressions that societies devise because the System of Life is not the product of our reasoning. All that we can do for this is to establish laws and regulations for the enforcement of this sacred relationship with the System of Life, then the universal Laws become our Laws.

Human mind must be liberated from the influences of the alien systems to have the best expression of life, and this can-not be done without drying up the forces of evil to extinction. For this all religions must be Natural in their expression, natural means based upon the relationship with the Reality. Arnold Toynbee (British historian, 1889 -1975) says in An Historian’s Approach to Religion: “In the life of all higher religions, the task of winnowing is a perennial one, because their historical harvest is not pure grain. In the heritage of each of the higher religions, we are aware of the presence of two kinds of ingredients. There are essential counsels and truths, and there are non-essential practices and propositions.” To live with the non-essential propositions is to falsify life. This is what happens to religions today due to their preoccupation with their faiths. The expression of Pure Reason should help everyone to separate the essential counsels and truths from the non-essential practices for realizing culture and spirituality that nobody can create.

Pure Reason expresses the sensibility of the mind when it works in harmony with the Holistic System of Life that man-ages life.

It is the expression of wisdom as wisdom is written in the very System of Life, so it is pure philosophy that is free from the contaminations caused by the fevers of reasoning.

As the human mind essentially belongs to the System of Life, the relationship with the System and the guidance that it gives in life is very much essential for the happiness and well-being of the mind.

All other beings do not suffer from the vagaries of reason as they instinctively express the perennial wisdom that is rooted in the System of Life, their actions do not supplant the System of Life as they have not been contaminated by any alien factors.

As a concept Pure Reason expresses the embodiment of wisdom and peace whose laws are in the Laws of the System of Life.

At the level of the Enlightened state the mind is content with the wholeness and beauty of all that has been created by God. Though the Prophets expressed the sensibility of the mind that is attached to the timeless System of Life religions have again fallen into the sludge of faiths that cause death and destruction everywhere. Falsification of life takes place when faith-religions persecute and kill innocent people who fall outside their faiths. All religious regulations must be based on the System of Life and not on the fancy of any faith; only then religions can become the expression of spirituality, be true to the Prophets, and serve their followers and the rest of humanity.

On the other hand, when religions base themselves on faiths they bring troubles to everyone and to every being because faith has no validity in the System of Life.

All man-made troubles happen in this world due to the alienation of human consciousness from the System worked by the faith-religions.

This is the real gift of the religious faiths to the mankind because religious faiths only falsify life.


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