Saturday, January 21, 2006

Osama funded by the CIA

This is our country and our lives people. Please pay attention!

Don't forget that Osama was funded by the CIA to thwart the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Do you really think that he is the enemy now?

He is the paid boogie man that the administration and neocons need to keep us all in line.

How do you explain that WTC collapsed vertically on its footprint?
Why the WTC 7 collapsed also on its footprint although it wasn't hit at all?
Why is that one of the hijacker's passport conveniently found 'intact' at the site that led to positive ID of hijackers but the blackbox destroyed in the explosion?
Why was it possible to make cellphone call on the plane during the 911 although the technology has only recently been trialed?

Why the passenger list doesn't contain any Arabic names?
Why some of the alleged hijackers remained alive until today?
Who are the real hijackers then?

Why was it tthat WTC buildings the 1st in the world to collapse 'officially' due to fire although other buildings had fire raging for longer period (24 hours) but remain intact?

Why did the 5 Israeli undercover agents videotaping the event laugh and jump for glee?
Why the Israeli connection to 911 remains a classified information?

did you know that Vanity Fair wrote an article last year highlighting former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds? While translating for the FBI post-9/11, she alleges to have interpreted wiretaps involving foreign officials discussing their political campaign contributions --to a U.S. politician. Whose name came up, you might ask?

Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, that's who.

This is our country and our lives people. Please pay attention!

Maybe, President Bush insisted on breaking the law with his recently revealed secret NSA surveillance program so that he could both, listen in on those calls from al-Qaeda operatives to the U.S. and protect his political cronies, like Denny Boy, from further scrutiny.
In any criminal investigation, you have to ask yourself who really benefit from such a crime. The 911 has allowed Bush to consolidate his power by rallying American behind him when the country was divided, justified the use of Patriot Act, created environment of fear (so many red alert) during election and use it to win election, went to war on false premises against UN (UN chief stated that Iraq invasion was illegal). Now that 911 was behind us, we have the hindsight to know who really benefit from the event. IMHO, the one benefit the most are the neo-con who happened to publish their stated policy a few years before Bush came to power and it is eerily similar to what had happened since they came to power. Reichtag fire, Gulf of Tonkin were some of the events that turned out to be artificially created by ruling power themselves but blamed on 'convenient' enemy.

The financial ties of the Bin Laden family and the Bush family go back decades.

Wake up America!
The Bush Dynasty took two presidential elections - and others, by fraud.

I am most remarkably defiant regarding the obvious demolition of World Trade Building 7 at 5:30 p.m. as well as the earlier demolitions. They are to a reasonable and detached mind logically irrefutable demolitions. In my opinion this required insiders .

The Bin Ladens and the Bushes both provably making fortunes on their investments in the same armament companys during this war.

We have already lost our democracy. Impeach then NOW or we loose the soul of our country as well.

It's been too clear for too long what is going on. We are now complicit by not stopping it.

Our allowing this will be one of the most horrific slices of history - and we continue to allow it.

There are so many strange things unanswered and not yet asked of what's going on in America. Rigged Diebold voting machines in Ohio, paid propaganda journalism to the extent of Gannon/Guckart of "Talon News', diversion from Afghanistan to a not complicit Iraq, illegal wire tapping that the FBI chief said waisted time and produced nothing and now the same with the internet, not to mention the stories changing like children playing a guessing game and the list goes on and on and on.

I found a interesting piece of info on the net called "The Project for a New American Century". It goes back to Bush 1 and was composed by Cheney, Perle, Wolfiwitz, Rumpsfield, and Many, Many of W's cabal.


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