Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pan Roasting Coffee

Pan Roasting Coffee
You can admit it here, we won’t laugh.
You want to roast your own beans.
There now, doesn’t that feel better?
Its not a crazy idea.

Green beans are far less expensive than those roasted ahead of time and can be safely stored for up to two years without loss of flavor.

By roasting your own you also know you’re getting the freshest possible cup of coffee.

As far as the flavor of your coffee, well that depends a lot on you. If you favor the light roasts you will find it very difficult to approximate their flavors using the pan method. If you favor the darker styles, you stand a good chance of success simply by using a common skillet.

MY Coffee roasted in a Dutch Oven pot.

Want to get started?

You are now ready to have a wonderful life time of drinking an exotic delicious medicinal brew of hot coffee.
Beyond unbelievable delicious!!
Okay, start by selecting Sweet Marias: Best Internet website to buy your green coffee beans. Good Folk!
Hundreds of green beans are available at Sweet Marias. I strongly suggest that you start with a dry-processed fair trade and Organic Certified Green coffee bean. Look at the CoE ( Cup of Excellence) rating.
I LOVE the Ethiopia FTO Harar -Oromia Coop Green Coffee beans. AND! The super-intense Sumatra Aged Mandheling fr,

I Love them the best so far….

So To begin, order both these beans and continue to learn my Dutch oven pot roasting technique.

It’s easy, and, an amazingly realeyezed roasting experience.

You are in for a FUN grokking java time!!! … NO DOUBT! A CONNECTED RELATIONSHIP!

OK: The best way to "Teach" this hand roasting technique is by a " free stream consciousness" flow of thought…so here goes a grokking tutorial experience……

YOU: If you can faithfully follow my instructions I guarantee that your life will become one with the morning bliss of sunset coffee
DO: Then take a common 5 quart Dutch Oven pot and place it on a gas burner set to medium high.

Grokking the seed of JAVA. Gas flames set to medium will fill the bottom of the pot just at the maximum flame point. Then back off just a tad. That where you want to start heating the Dutch oven pot. The heavy cast iron metal will become very hot and stay that way perfectly ( my wyrd :>D) for the actual roasting of the green beans…..

You need a temperature of approximately 500F to roast coffee.
The gas flames will soon (about two min ) heat the pot sufficiently, pour the beans in and begin to whisk with your metal whisk..

THIS: This is the first key – NEVER let the beans come to rest on the pot hot surface.

If you do they will burn. make ezpresssssssoooooo :>D

This is the best time, I love to whisk the beans.

Start whisking the beans. At first (two min) nothing happens, but keep whisking, not fast, not slow, medium speed, whisking from around the rim then into the center spiral like and then back out to the rim and stir the beans around the rim couple of times and then spiral back to the center the get those beans moving……

The Jave bean dance is now jumping.

So far so good….But now the real fun starts.
You will notice the beans turning a pale brown…they are beginning to roast.
As you whisk you will begin to notice the beans changing color, from an olive green to a yellow-green hue, to brown with darker spots.

The second key is your whisking technique: you will have to keep the beans moving in the bottom of the Dutch oven for at least six, up to approximately nine minutes, and perhaps much longer (depending on the roast style you prefer).

Keep the bean whisking going, at the 5 - 6 minute mark(Why 5 to 6 min? Because longer your too warm, and shorter you're to hot..Grok?) you will hear the beans begin to pop. This is what the roasters call "First Crack". And you begin to get real excited and SEE and SMELL the first crack! It’s a Fantastic Java grokking experience.
Once this crackling stops the beans should have turned a light, golden brown. Ane the Aroma...The Aroma....OH!

I call this point a New England Roast. But not really what I like.

So continue to whisk, The beans will be getting darker and darker and at some point you will hear the "Second Crack".

Get ready now, when the crackling stops ( It all depends on what I mean by STOPS ) this time you will be at what is called "Full City Roast".

It takes me about 7 to 8 minutes of whisking to get to this point.

Now you watch a second hand on a clock….whisk for one minute, 60 seconds….watch the color, listen closely, smell, watch for smoke, grok the moment fully…..now here is where it gets tricky….continue to roast the hot burning beans….whisking perfectly, there is that moment when they are just right….look at the photo of my roasted beans carefully. The right half of the photo shows a full sun view and you can see the finer roast points…the right side of the photo shows the true color distribution of the perfect roast point for me….it’s an amazing experience, Truly in the matrix…. like making ice cream custard.

There are darker roasts, including the level of roast used for creating beans for Espresso, but you may not want to go there yet. Then again, coffee lovers seem to have a sense of adventure. Roast on! And burn, baby burn !!:>D

OK, At this point, quickly remove the hot beans and pour into a deep stainless bowl, this will quickly cool the beans and, once cooled you need to blow away the chad….I simply agitate the beans and gently blow away the chad.. best done outside and wear swimming goggles to protect your eyes from the chad particles.

OK, now you have your fresh roasted beans and you protect these little morsels of delight by putting them into a vacuum bag that you have also ordered from Sweet Marias.
There you are now ready for the final step. And where most people fail.

Do not ever use a drip coffee maker… NEVER!
You must use a French Press. Please Use a French Press.
Let me explain. This is an elixir.. All elixirs are carriers of the highest quality of medicinal value and this is where your coffee is medicinal and not deadly like "Normal" coffee.

OK, lets now make the perfect Java elixir.
Measure out the correct amount of water for your size of French press, I have a 5 cup.
Fill your 5cup French press with 4 heaping table spoons of your ground coffee. ( I like a 20 SEC grind. )
Boil the water,
Shut off the boiling water, wait a few seconds, and the pour into the French press and wait about 3 sec. Then stir your hot water coffee grounds mixture slowly about 7 times.
Now allow to rest for 5 minutes, exactly.

Press out the grounds and quickly pour the top foamy coffee into a cup.
Sip the foam, then the coffee.

You are now Grokking Java. *!:>D
BUT! pan roasted coffee is the very best!
Please, Please ........ no applause


Blogger To All Souls said...

That pic looks like frying livers!

There is nothing better Harar roasted 62 hours ago and brewed in a fancy-dancy stainless steel french press... with your pizelles... the ultimate luxury!

Thanks for the post.
Will you be posting anything on baking bread? Corpalese? Danielle Forestier?

Let that steam around yr mind for a while.

5:06 PM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger To All Souls said...

Oh! and... i don't like no hanging chads in my brew too, yo!

5:55 PM, January 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely write-up...
currently hunting down some good deals on green organic beans... but not easy to find in europe... shipping is astronomic from the us...

4:15 PM, January 13, 2006  

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