Saturday, February 11, 2006

OSAMA Bushit

George Bush Recorded Latest Bin Laden Tape Himself
Says Abramoff
Written by Felix
Bush records latest Bin Laden tape
President George Bush himself made the latest threatening audiotape allegedly made by Osama Bin Laden, with the help of Karl Rove and the CIA, indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff has stated to federal prosecutors as part of his plea bargaining. “I was there in the secret White House recording studio when the tape was made,” he added. “Karl Rove and a bunch of crooked CIA agents helped Bush make it.

Bush got dressed up to look like Bin Laden too, but we decided not to use those photos. I snapped a photo myself.”
Abramoff went on to point out that Bush’s popularity ratings have always risen in the public opinion polls when such tapes are released, which is the whole reason for engineering the fabricated tapes.

“These tapes are a tool of fear and control by the White House neo-conservatives,” said the disgraced lobbyist. “Bin Laden is a figure like George Orwell's Emmanuel Goldstein, whom the American people have been trained to hate.

Ever since I helped fund and stage 911, Bin Laden has been used to prop up Bush’s failing popularity and to rationalize his wars to grab foreign oil and defend the US dollar in oil sales.”

He went on to elaborate how Bush has also been under intense pressure in recent months with the revelations that he has destroyed civil liberties and violated the American Constitution in pursuit of suspects in his fraudulent ‘war on terror’ which is being orchestrated by Exxon Mobil and Mossad.

The ‘war on terror’ relies on the massive amount of fabricated evidence such as led to the war on Iraq, and which is leading up to a war against Iran too.

Abramoff noted that just like the phony tapes, Bin Laden himself was created and funded by US intelligence agencies to originally fight against the USSR. The last time Bin Laden surfaced was just a few days before the last presidential election in November 2004. Even Walter Cronkite has suggested that the whole thing was manufactured to secure the election for Bush.

“So Bush himself got dressed up in a turban and robes this time to make a tape,” continued Abramoff. “It really turned him on to be dressed up like that, and Rove and those queer CIA guys also became really excited.

But I’m really sorry I ever took part in those propaganda orgies at the White House. So can I go home now?”

Scooter Libby corroborated Abramoff’s allegations in a written statement.


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