Monday, April 17, 2006

INTENSE Opposition to Bush

Intense And Widespread Opposition To President Bush

George W. Bush is the antithesis of everything I could admire and respect in a leader. He is ignorant, arrogant, inarticulate, self-righteous, jingoistic, and incapable of appreciating complexity in any issue or solution. He is a pathological liar lacking any sense of humility or retrospection. I do not just dislike or disagree with this man; I loathe him and what his actions have done to our country.

I'm glad the rest of the country is finally waking up to the fact that this man has been screwing them for six years. It's about time. I hope it's not too late.

Perhaps we are all upset because:

1. Memogate: The Senate Computer Theft
2. Doctor Detroit: The DOJ's Bungled Terrorism Case
3. Dark Matter: The Energy Task Force
4. The Indian Gaming Scandal
5. Halliburton's No-Bid Bonanza
6. Halliburton: Pumping Up Prices - The scandal:
In 2003, Halliburton overcharged the army for fuel in Iraq.
7. Halliburton's Vanishing Iraq Money
8. The Halliburton Bribe-apalooza - Halliburton, is
alleged to have paid more than $100 million in bribes to
Nigerian officials, from 1995 to 2002,
9. Halliburton: One Fine Company - The scandal: In 1998 and
1999, Halliburton counted money recovered from project overruns
as revenue, before settling the charges with clients.
10. Halliburton's Iran End Run - The scandal: Halliburton may
have been doing business with Iran while Cheney was CEO.
11. Money Order: Afghanistan's Missing $700 Million Turns Up in Iraq
12. Iraq: More Loose Change - The scandal: July 2004 finding
that a significant portion of CPA assets had gone missing --
34 percent of the materiel controlled by Kellogg, Brown & Root --
13. The Pentagon-Israel Spy Case
14. Gone to Taiwan - The scandal: A high-ranking State
Department official, Donald Keyser, was arrested and
charged in September with making a secret trip to
Taiwan and was observed by the FBI passing documents to
Taiwanese intelligence agents in Washington-area meetings.
15. Wiretapping the United Nations
16. The Boeing Scandal: In 2003, the Air Force contracted
with Boeing to lease a fleet of refueling tanker planes at
an inflated price: $23 billion.
17. The Medicare Bribe Scandal
18. Tom DeLay's PAC Problems
19. Tom DeLay's FAA: Following Americans Anywhere
20. In the Rough: Tom DeLay's Golf Fundraiser
21. Busy, Busy, Busy in New Hampshire - The scandal:
an Election Day scheme meant to depress Democratic
turnout by "jamming" the Democratic Party phone bank with
continuous calls for 90 minutes.
22. The Medicare Money Scandal
23. The Bogus Medicare "Video News Release"
24. Pundits on the Payroll: The Armstrong Williams Case
25. Ground Zero's Unsafe Air
26. John Ashcroft's Illegal Campaign Contributions
27. Intel Inside ... The White House
28. Duck! Antonin Scalia's Legal Conflicts
29. AWOL - The scandal: George W. Bush, self-described "war president,"
did not fulfill his National Guard duty.
30. Iraq: The Case for War
31. Niger Forgeries: Whodunit?
32. In PlameGate
33. Abu Ghraib
34. Guantánamo Bay Torture?
35. Scooter Libby Indicted
36. Yellow Cake
37. Tom DeLay's Indictment
38. Conviction of republican representative "Duke" Cunningham
39. Terry Schiavo
40. Tax Cuts DURING war
41. U.S. MILITARY ** DEATHS** IN IRAQ: 2,376
42. U.S. MILITARY **WOUNDED** & **MAIMED** IN IRAQ: 50,000
43.IRAQI **CIVILIAN** men, women and
30,000 (says dubya 12-12-05)
44.Please feel free to ADD to this list! (not you DUBYA)
45. Haliburton NO-BID contracts (HQ now off-shore, NO TAXES that way)
46. Abramoff scandal
47. Hurrican Katrina relief(?) still waiting
48. Outing a CIA agent (Plame)
49. Michael (Brownie) Brown, FEMA "head" and cronie
51. Blatant Disregard for the Constitution of the USA Willful Violation of the Fourth Amendment
52. Blatant failures of the "entitlement organization" the DHS
53. Bin Ladin SITLL at large!
55. SPYING ON AMERICANS (NO WARRANT) Now refereed to as "Terrorists Surveillance Program"
61. The DUBYA administration's proposal to sell up to 200,000 acres of national forest land.
62. Little Tommy Dale DeLay seated on the DOJ subcommittee to oversee the Abramoff SCANDAL
63. "dr" Billy (quack, quack) Frist and House Speaker Dennis (the bastard) Hastert
engineered a backroom legislative maneuver to protect pharmaceutical companies from
lawsuits, tucked into a Defense Department appropriations bill at the last minute without
the approval of members of a House-Senate conference committee
64. DUBYA'S campaign promise to remove mercury from all vaccines (Oct.2004)
65. Bill Frist, Dennis Hassert and Roy Blunt slipping in legislation into the Defense Bill to
admonish vaccine makers from lawsuits (Dec 2005).
66. Republican controlled house leaders slipping in legislation to
protect Eli Lily from lawsuits in PA1.
67. Jeff Gannon, Talon News, White House press corps.
68. DUBYA continues to IGNORE the North Korean Nuclear Armaments
69. The Building of TORTURE compounds in Morocco with American TAX PAYER DOLLARS
70. Cheney "Cover-Up" of shooting his hunting buddy, and
ensuing Heart Attack due to "bird-shot" entering his heart.
71. Congressional INVASION in private medical family matters; Terry Schiavo.
72. NO ARMOR for the troops
73. Accounting of CASH sent to Iraq for "contractors"
75. The Bush Administration spent $1.4 billion in taxpayer dollars on 137 contracts with
advertising agencies over the past two-and-a-half years, according to a Government Accountability Office
76. CIA "director" Porter Goss warned in an agency-wide e-mail that any officer suspected of leaks could be subject to an
immediate lie detector test (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)"
77. Vice President Cheney disclosed that he has the "power" to declassify
sensitive government information, via "executive order of DUBYA" authority that
could set up a criminal defense for his former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.
78. Foreign companies, UAE, controlling AMERICAN PORTS! DUBYA "says" he will VETO
any legislation to preempt his insanity.
79. DUBYA "claims"he was unaware of the pending sale of shipping operations
at six major U.S. seaports to a state-owned business in the United Arab Emirates

Other than that what else has he done?

We could all make a list ten times as long. I have no doubt history will not be kind to Bush. Whatever happens in the Middle east, lying to the American people and blind ideology that hurts America is what he will be remembered for.

Reality can be a bitch, especially when it is fueled by the karma of 300,000 innocent dead.

One day last week, a wire photo found its way into this newsroom as I suspect it did in just about every newsroom in the country. I'm also quite sure it never made it into any newspaper.

The undatelined photo from wherever it was our nominal president happened to be that day, showed a woman holding up a sign bearing the following message: "Will Someone Please Give Bush a B--- J-- So We Can Impeach Him?"

The message was a subtle reminder that it was a sexual act that got Bush's predecessor impeached, and a not-so-subtle reminder that Bush's numerous and far more egregious impeachable acts that have cost America thousands of lost and ruined lives and billions in treasure have so far gone unpunished.

That's what a lockstep, one-party majority in both the Senate and House can do for you. The intensely moral Tom DeLay, and those two adulterous frauds, Henry Hyde and Dan Burton, who pushed the House to impeach Clinton have been silent as the Sphinx on Bush's abuse of his office and the Constitution.

In DeLay's case, it may be because God has yet to tell him if lying and spying rise to the level of oral sex. That and the fact that he is busy contemplating the possibility that the next time he and his buddy Jack Abramoff get together, it won't be at St. Andrews Royal and Ancient, but a prison exercise yard.

Meanwhile, the damning evidence continues to pile up, not just around the Liar in Chief but every member of this appallingly corrupt administration. They have long gone past being a national embarrassment to the point where they pose a threat to the rest of the world.

When you've got a vice president and a defense secretary who think they can bomb their way to a new world order channeling through a puppet who thinks Armageddon is just around the corner anyway, you've got trouble right here in River City and everywhere else.

Clearly, the issue has gone beyond the point where it can be resolved by a simple impeachment. Impeaching Bush would do nothing more than compel Cheney to come out of the shadows and do publicly what he's been doing for the last five years anyway -- running the country from behind the scenes. No, what is needed is a general housecleaning, from the top down.

t is not only how bad Bush has been, it is how bad the entire Republican Party has been, from the Senate right through the entire House. Absolutely disgusting bunch the whole lot of them. Turf them all out.


Gonzales was an attorney in private practice from 1982 until 1994 with the Houston law firm Vinson and Elkins, where he became a partner. In 1994, he was named general counsel to then-Texas Governor George W. Bush, rising to become Texas Secretary of State in 1997 and finally to be named to the Texas Supreme Court in 1999, both appointments made by Governor Bush.

Outside of his political and legal career, Gonzales was active in the community. He was a board director of the United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast from 1993 to 1994, and President of Leadership Houston during this same period. In 1994, Gonzales served as Chair of the Commission for District Decentralization of the Houston Independent School District, and as a member of the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions for Rice University. He was chosen as one of Five Outstanding Young Texans by the Texas Jaycees in 1994. He was a member of delegations sent by the American Council of Young Political Leaders to Mexico in 1996 and to the People's Republic of China in 1995. He received the Presidential Citation from the State Bar of Texas in 1997 for his dedication to addressing basic legal needs of the indigent. In 1999, he was named Latino Lawyer of the Year by the Hispanic National Bar Association.
As counsel to Governor Bush, Gonzales helped Bush be excused from jury duty when he was called in a 1996 Travis County drunk driving case. The case led to controversy during Bush's 2000 presidential campaign because Bush's answers to the potential juror questionnaire did not disclose Bush's own 1976 misdemeanor drunk driving conviction.[1] Gonzales' formal request for Bush to be excused from jury duty hinged upon the fact that, as Governor of Texas, he might be called upon to pardon the accused in the case. Upon learning of the 1976 conviction, the prosecutor in the 1996 case (a Democrat) felt he had been "directly deceived". The defense attorney in the case called Gonzales' arguments "laughable".
As Governor Bush's counsel in Texas, Gonzales also reviewed all clemency requests. A 2003 article in The Atlantic Monthly asserts that Gonzales gave insufficient counsel, failed to take into consideration a wide array of factors, and actively worked against clemency in a number of borderline cases. (The state of Texas executed more prisoners during Gonzales' term, and still has more prisoners on death row, than any other state.

Gonzales has been accused of having connections with the former energy company Enron, which collapsed amid financial scandals in 2002; the law firm Gonzales worked for in Texas, Vinson and Elkins, represented Enron, and the company gave Gonzales $6,500 in campaign contributions for his 2000 run for re-election to the Texas Supreme Court, in which he defeated Libertarian Lance Smith with 81% of the popular vote.

Those and other incidents have led many to questions Gonzales' integrity and his perception of justice. Many others, however, regard these accusations as politically motivated attacks.

When Bush was sworn in as President of the United States in 2001, he appointed Gonzales White House Counsel. In this position, Gonzales has been already party to controversial legal matters involving the Bush administration. As a result, he has become a lightning rod for criticism of the administration's actions in these affairs.

It has come forward that during his January 2005 Attorney General Senate confirmation hearings, Gonzales apparently lied to Congress. Senator Russ Feingold, in attempting to determine where Gonzales believed the president's authority ends, asked whether the president could act in contravention of existing criminal laws and spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant. Gonzales avoided answering the question by claiming that warrantless eavesdropping was a "hypothetical situation" and thus impossible to answer. He went on to add that it was "not the policy or the agenda of this president" to authorize actions that conflict with existing law. These statements were later proven false, when on February 6, 2006, he testified before Congress to his knowledge of the U.S. domestic spying program while he was White House Counsel.

Gonzales has avoided further investigation surrounding his testimony, partly because Republican Senator Arlen Specter refused to swear in Gonzales, but also because confirmation hearings testimony was ruled as off limits as a precondition to questioning Gonzales.
Albert Gonzales-Wikipedia

The problem is not the Republican party, the problem is the Republican constituency. The party does it because they know their sheep hold them to zero standards of decency, honesty, integrity.

The war on terror is very simple, have the Intelligence services destroy a couple of buildings and blame it on a group that they create and fund, then make this enemy impossible to find and destroy. After this is done, invade countries to get the cronies to make tons of money from war and make us the tax payer pay for it. It sounds like big money.

From now on, when a company want to demolish a building, I will tell them that it is cheaper to put a couple of fires and wait till it collapse in its own footprint. Why pay this demolition people sooo much friggin money, when little fires are cheaper? Look Building Seven collapse quite nice with little fires.


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I agree, the Bush Nazi regime makes me want to puke. Bush is evil.Even the late exorcist, Malachi Martin said Skull and Bones Bush was perfectly possessed! Most demons have a name like the fixer or spite etc. Bush apparntly has got THE DECIDER!

1:38 PM, November 30, 2007  

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