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911 The New America 2006


9/11 - 2006 : The ending times begin :



New Update: 911 Video - Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut

911 - The New AmeriKKKa

Serious - No Joke! You need to see this!
George Carlin - Who Really Controls America

Why would everybody be silent? PART ONE

Must see Part Two!
Be Silent PART TWO

U.S. Army General Says Flight 77 Did Not Hit Pentagon

NBC anchor: WTC collapse planned"

"Believe my LIES!" Bushit begs American people.
Outrageous conspiracy theories

WTC north tower collapse

Pentagon 9\11 911 wtc bush center german

What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't


Were we ever to stop being afraid of the government itself and to cast off the phoney fears it has fostered, the government would shrivel and die, and the host would disappear for the tens of millions of parasites in the United States—not to speak of the vast number of others in the rest of the world--who now feed directly and indirectly off the public's wealth and energies. On that glorious day, everyone who had been living at public expense would have to get an honest job, and the rest of us, recognizing government as the false god it has always been, could set about assuaging our remaining fears in more productive and morally defensible ways.

Buying the American Dream

The back drop now is that starting in Jan. 2007, we will enter a recession that will turn into a depression.

( dollar drops beginning december, Gold soars!)

The post WW2 prosperity, our parents knew is going to collapse on us all. We as a people and a country, owe just way too much debt. The housing bubble is starting to collapse.

The consumer is all spent out and with Winter coming, I expect any spare cash laying around will be spent on heating. Too many jobs are going to India and China and wages are not going up with the increases in food, gas, energy to heat your home, and a hundred other things that we must all pay for on a regular basis. Europe, is hopelessly socialistic, and their economy is stagnant at best.

With the US economy going into recession and then depression, China and Japan then India will all head into depression with the USA, because we will no longer be able to afford to buy these items. We once made all this stuff ourselves, buy transnational companies, don't want to pay US style wages, when they can pay dimes per hour wages and not dollars per hour, buy feel no compunction on then selling these cheap goods to us.

The good times are nearly over, and one should pay off as much debt as possible and get ready for the biggest down shift in the economy and life style we have seen since the great depression since the great depression.

There is only one way to not suffer this condition and it will be war in the ME. Interest rates will have to drop a-lot to keep the endless buying going, this will lead to more printing press money and an inflation, that the Fed will not be able to control with higher interest rates.


America will be in the wars to come, and after the mid-term elections in Nov. expect to see a country wide draft of our young people for these up coming wars. Sure no one wants to see a war, but our whole economy will depend on it as, static wages, a tapped out consumer, a housing crunch and a credit contraction will make it a reality that we will need a war just to survive economically.

With thousands of our young in the service, wages will go up sharply, as it did during Viet Nam as not enuf people left to man all the factories. We will need all the jobs to pay better as prices will be going up, and uncle Sam will need all the taxes we can get. I expect even retired baby boomers will need to have to come out of retirement, or not go into retirement, since many didn't save or invest much.

The worm is about to turn...will you be ready... either for very tough times or wars to keep workers working, and all hinged on the wars to come.

Given a choice between , depression or a continuation of work and prosperity...which way do you think American workers are going to choose???????

Chance Favors the Prepared Leaping realeyes Mind

The Political Economy of Fear - Bush Eye Chart
Lew Rockwell
Who is war good for?
Lies About Inflation
A Democratic Dictatorship

Pop Goes the Bubble!
The Great Housing Crash of '07

This month's figures prove that the so-called "housing bubble" is not only real, but that its cratering faster than anyone had realized. As the UK Guardian reported just yesterday, "the orderly housing slowdown predicted by the Federal Reserve will (soon) become a full-blown crash".

All the indicators are now pointing in the wrong direction. Consumer confidence is down, inventory is at a 10 year high, and the number of homes sold in July was 22% lower than last year. As Paul Ashworth, chief economist at Capital Economics said, "Things seem to be getting worse very quickly. Freefall is a strong word, but I think it's the right one to use here." (UK Guardian)

The housing bubble is a $10 trillion equity balloon that will explode sometime in 2007 when more than $1 trillion in no-interest, no down payment, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) reset; setting the stage for massive home devaluation, foreclosures and unemployment. ("By some estimates housing activity has accounted for 40% of all the jobs created since 2001". Times Online) July's plunging sales are just the first sign of a major slowdown. The worst is yet to come.

The blame for this rapidly-approaching meltdown lies entirely with the Federal Reserve, the privately-owned collection of 10 central banks who cooked up a way to shift wealth from one class to another through low interest rates.

Sound crazy?

Well, just as high interest rates cause the economy to slow down; low interest rates have the exact opposite effect by stimulating the economy through increased spending. It's all pretty clear-cut.

When the stock market nose-dived in 2000 the Fed lowered rates 17 times to an unbelievable 1% to keep the economy sputtering-along while the Bush administration dragged the country to war, gave away $450 billion a year in tax cuts, and awarded zillions in no bid contracts to their friends in big business. All tolled, the Bush-handouts amounted to roughly $3 trillion dollars, the largest heist in history, and it was carried out under the nose of the snoozing American public.

At the same time, America's debts and deficits have continued to mushroom behind the smokescreen of low interest rates.

Rather than face the recession which should have followed stock market crash, the Fed chose to increase the money supply (which doubled in the last 7 years) and lower the qualifications for getting mortgages. (I read recently that 90% of first time home buyers not only lie on their mortgage applications, but that 50% of them say that they earn TWICE as much as they really do. The applications are not cross-checked with IRS statements) Now, tens of thousands of Americans live in $400,000 and $500,000 homes without a penny of equity in them and with loans that are timed to increase dramatically in 2007. (Many of the monthly payments will double)

So, how can we blame the Fed for the reckless and irresponsible behavior of the average homeowner?

Well, because they knew the effects of their "cheap money" policy every step of the way.

First of all, the Fed knew exactly where the money was going. Greenspan endorsed the shabby new lending-regime which put hundreds of billions of dollars in the hands of people who never should have qualified for mortgages. They were set up to fail just like the victims in the stock market scam who kept dumping their life savings in the NASDAQ when PE's were shooting through the stratosphere.

Secondly, the Fed knew that wages had actually regressed (2.3%) since Bush took office, so they knew that the soaring value of real estate was entirely predicated on debt not real wealth. In other words, home values increased because of the availability of cheap money which inevitably creates a buying-frenzy. It had nothing to do with real demand or growth in wages.

And, thirdly, according to the Fed's own figures, "the total amount of residential housing wealth in the US just about doubled between 1999 and 2006"up from $10.4 trillion to $20.4 trillion". Times Online.

UP $10 TRILLION IN 7 YEARS! That is the very definition of a humongous, economy-killing equity monster. In other words, the Fed knew the ACTUAL SIZE OF THE BUBBLE and chose to steer it towards the nearest iceberg without warning the public.

This is what Greenspan called "a little froth".

There is no real growth in the American economy. Figure it out. Last year Americans saved less than 0% of their net earnings while they borrowed a whopping $600 billion from their home equity to piss-away on a consumer spending-spree. Once home prices begin to retreat, that $600 billion will evaporate, real GDP will shrivel, and the economy will begin flat-lining. (Consumer spending is 70% of GDP)

The Federal Reserve's plan is so simple; we shouldn't dignify it by calling it a conspiracy. It's merely a matter of hypnotizing the masses with low interest rates while trillions of dollars of real wealth is diverted to corporate big-wigs and American plutocrats.

It might not be rocket science, but it worked like a charm.

Now, the trap-door has been sprung; the country is dead-broke and all the levers are in place for a police state. As the housing-balloon slowly limps towards earth, the new Halliburton detention centers are up and running, the National Guard is in Rummy's control, the Feds are able to listen-in on every phone call we make.

The Noose is beginning to tighten.

New Orleans was just a dress rehearsal for the new world order; 300,000 million Americans reduced to grinding poverty while the economy explodes into sheets of flames.

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He can be reached at:



From Booklist:

"Breitweiser, whose husband perished in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, describes in searing, intimate detail the tragic events of that morning and the following days. As she suddenly morphed from wife into widow, her initial confusion was transformed into blind, futile rage. A few months later, she joined forces with several other 9/11 widows; fueled by anger and energized by a zealous sense of mission, these women were determined not only to survive but also to get to the bottom of what happened in order to "make sure someone is held responsible so that nobody else ever has to walk in our shoes." Breitweiser's odyssey from wife and mother to political activist and grassroots organizer makes for inspirational reading and doubles as a sharp rejoinder to Ann Coulter's callous comments about 9/11 widows in her recently published diatribe, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. This heartfelt memoir will resonate with most Americans regardless of their political affiliations and serve as a reminder to many that there is still work to be done and action to be taken."
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Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Warner Books (September 6, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0446579327
Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches
Order "Wake-Up Call: The Political Education of a 9/11 Widow (Hardcover) " today and Help Keep BuzzFlash Buzz'n.

George Carlin - Who Really Controls America

The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire

The Bush family's involvement in drug-running is an open secret, but Dick Cheney's direct link to a global drug pipeline through a US construction company is less well known

Workers throughout the world, and in every trade union, must stand together to OPPOSE THE AMERIKKKAN OIL for Blood IRAQ WAR.

Where As, working people in the U.S. will pay for the war on Iraq by cuts on health, education, workers safety and social services and,

Where As, the war in Iraq is being used to escalate attacks on the working class, workers democratic rights, and our civil liberties, through the use of the Homeland Security Act, Patriot Act, and Port Maritime Security Act. And,

Where As, workers throughout the world, and in every trade union, must stand together to oppose this war. And,

Where As, united labor action Internationally has the power to stop the war against Iraq. And,

Where As, the ILWU had opposed the Vietnam War, and the first U.S. invasion against Iraq in 1991

Therefore be it resolved that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local #8 opposes the war against Iraq and stands in defense of labor and peoples democratic rights throughout the world. And,

Be it finally Resolved, that this resolution, with a letter from the Local 8 President, be sent immediately to the ILWU international officers, and Coast Committee, respectfully insisting that they make an official statement of policy against the war in Iraq at the next International Executive board meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Bob Woodward has become the latest journalist to try to influence the upcoming mid-term congressional elections with a new book, State of Denial — a harsh critique of the President and senior members of his administration whom he contends are in such a state with respect to Iraq. Woodward alleges as evidence a refusal by Mr. Bush to: recognize the magnitude of the problem there; adjust course; level with the American people; or fire Donald Rumsfeld for his supposed singlehanded responsibility for most of the difficulties we now face.

A more careful and rigorous examination of who is in denial and about what would establish that there is actually a pandemic of the phenomenon psychologists call "cognitive dissonance," whereby people don't see what they don't want to see. In fact, there are at least four States of Denial afflicting the national security debate and decision-making process at the moment:

1) President Bush's critics are by-and-large in denial about the true nature of the war we are in. They hector him about Iraq, but fail to address what Mr. Bush has been saying for some time: We are in a global conflict with a totalitarian ideology bent on our destruction.

As the President has correctly noted, the adherents to this ideology — "Islamic fascists" — did not start attacking us when we liberated Iraq. While our efforts to help deliver a powerful Arab nation like Iraq from their grasp has reportedly become a "cause celebre" for the Islamofascists, they are not interested only in defeating us there. Such totalitarians are convinced, as their Iranian front-man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has put it, that "a world without America is not only desirable, it is achievable." Most of those who focus, as Woodward has done, on fault-finding about Iraq seem to deny that there are any connections between this War for the Free World's Iraqi front and the larger strategy of which our efforts to prevail there are a critical part.

2) The President's critics are usually stunningly silent on the implications of the "strategic redeployment" from Iraq that they recommend on varying timetables — apart, that is, from getting U.S. forces out of harm's way (at least for the moment). Indeed, they seem to be in a state of denial about the ineluctable reality that, as the recent National Intelligence Estimate they are so fond of selectively quoting observed: "Threats to the U.S. are intrinsically linked to U.S. success or failure in Iraq." In other words, those who advocate an admission of failure in Iraq may object to calling it "cutting and running," but they cannot escape the global consequences of doing just that.

3) Those who insisted that the George H.W. Bush administration cash-in the so-called "peace dividend," and then urged Bill Clinton to cut America's force structure and modernization programs even further, are in a particularly acute state of denial. They take no responsibility whatever for the contribution their past agitation has made to the U.S. military being sorely stretched by counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their short-term answer seems to be that, by getting U.S. forces out of the former, there will be more to deploy to the latter for the purpose of "finding Osama bin Laden." Such a solution fails, however, to appreciate that bin Laden's al Qaeda is just one manifestation of the Islamofascist movement that has been cultivated worldwide for decades by Saudi Arabia and, to a lesser extent, by Iran (see State of Denial #1 above.) It also ignores the predictable compounding of the danger posed by such totalitarians far-and-wide once we concede defeat in Iraq (see #2).

4) Most Democrats and Republicans appear to be cohabiting in another, particularly worrisome state of denial: the failure to recognize and respond appropriately to a danger not present in previous Wars for the Free World — namely, the substantial presence in America of a Fifth Column of Islamofascist organizations and cells, front groups and fellow travelers.

Apart from a hearing here or there (notably, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl's Terrorism Subcommittee has convened a few impressive ones) and the occasional comment from a legislator or two, neither party has been willing to date to come to grips with the strategic dangers of an enemy within.

As a result, American prisons, military units, college campuses and mosques continue to be used with impunity for Islamist recruitment and indoctrination. Organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations that are — at the very least — sympathetic to our Islamofascist foes are charged with providing "sensitivity training" to FBI agents on how to "reach out" to Muslims. Senior State Department personnel are among the GOP and Democratic officials who regularly meet with and rely upon representatives of organizations that should be under surveillance, rather than treated as legitimate interlocutors with "moderate" Muslims. Unsurprisingly, neither party is even proposing, let alone waging, a competent program of anti-Islamist ideological warfare.

It turns out that there are plenty of States of Denial to choose from. On balance, the President and his party are less guilty of ignoring inconvenient facts and doing a better job of pursuing sensible and appropriate policies to deal with them than are their critics, whose denials of reality are transparently irresponsible and prone to costly failure.

American voters will have to choose their poison. We better all hope they vote as if their lives depend on the outcome, because indeed they do.

8:21 PM, October 03, 2006  

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