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Spacetime & J Rods

"Henry could not stress too strongly how totally calamitous for us all the Roswell incident was. It was a major, major setback, right at the start of the future humans' project to help fix the problem."

Touched Living UFO David Adair interview

Alex Jones' latest film covers in detail the proven history of government sponsored terrorism, and focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11.


Google Video: Two hour Interview
Out from under Majestic: Dan Burisch uncensored

Secret Photos, EBENs & Area 51 Pt.1

Secret Photos, EBENs & Area 51 Pt.6
Secret Photos, EBENs & Area 51 Pt.7
Secret Photos, EBENs & Area 51 Pt.9

Linda Moulton Howe presented an interview with "Don," a man who phoned in during her January 20th, 2006 Coast appearance and said his uncle had shown him top secret files and photos taken in 1947 of crashed discs and small entities. According to Don, his uncle had B&W pictures of three UFO crash sites, including photos showing a craft embedded into a hillside and two living 'extraterrestrial biological entities' (EBENs) standing nearby. Don said the EBENs stood between 3-4 feet tall, had short legs, elongated arms with long, pointy fingers, and egg-shaped heads. Don's uncle claimed he could communicate telepathically with the EBENs, and said they had traveled to Earth from "outside our galaxy" to teach humanity about medicine and how to live in peace. Don said his uncle also witnessed an anti-gravity demonstration at Area 51, in which the EBENs used mind power to levitate metallic spheres. Later in the program, Linda spoke briefly with Dodie Crain, mother of famed Area 51 microbiologist Dan Burisch. Crain confirmed that Burisch had once worked at Area 51, having on occasion followed him to McCarran Airport, where a 'Janet' flight transported him to the secret Nevada base.
(the photos presented are NOT the photos that they are speaking about. photos presented here are for visual reference only)
February 10th, 2006

Project Camelot interviews Dan Burisch - Part 1
Project Camelot interviews Dan Burisch - Part 2
Project Camelot interviews Dan Burisch - Part 3

Dr. Dan Burisch, Area-51 Scientist talks about examining extraterrestrial tissue - The New DVD "Many Voices, One Spirit" is now available through

UPDATE: New Video - Bill Ryan. wmv


This site is intended to facilitate the gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78

Project Serpo

In December 2006, after Victor Martinez had received a number of photos which turned out to be fakes, I first drafted this update page you’re reading now. My intention was to hand this site over to another webmaster, and focus my attention full time (rather than just 95% of the time) on Project Camelot, which supports disclosure and which publishes interviews, free of charge, with insiders and other important witnesses to government secrecy.

I withheld posting it then because there was reason to hold the possibility that at least some of the insiders who were part of the backstage story might be present at the 2007 Laughlin UFO Congress. However, this has just concluded, and no-one was there – with one exception. This was an elderly man, with aquiline features and wearing a pilot's jacket... who, to my great interest, was clearly shocked to see me there again.

I'd met him at last year's Congress, and had been told then that he was Paul McGovern (a retired DIA official well-known in insider UFO circles), attending under a pseudonym. Last year this man had indeed shown an uncommon interest in me and, after the Congress was over, I'd been told he had passed on the message to me, via an intermediary, to ask whether or not I had “bought his story”.

This year, on seeing him again, I confronted him; but he earned his paycheck by denying complicity to the bitter end. Eventually I left him alone, seeing that no further progress would be gained. Having analyzed all the available photographs, I don’t believe he was Paul McGovern, but I do believe he's a DIA agent. That should be no surprise, as agents frequently patrol UFO conventions. But this, too, merely adds to the smoke and mirrors of the ongoing Serpo intrigue. As ever, nothing definitive transpired.

Meanwhile, and hinting strongly at a great deal more substance, I had told the story in our 17th February Coast to Coast AM radio interview of how Kerry Cassidy and I had made contact with an elderly man who we’d been told, off the record, was a reserve Serpo astronaut who had trained with the team who went on the mission. The full story follows here, and makes for fascinating reading. (Readers may be interested to know that the identity of the senior CIA agent was who contacted us in irritation, unnamed below, can be deduced from reading Dan Smith’s blog with some care and attention. The agent is identified there as "SI", an acronym for Salmo Irideus, or Troutfish.)

While intending no harm or discourtesy, and definitely with no intention to betray confidentiality, we had evidently trodden on the toes of both the DIA and CIA, as no-one had imagined that we would be actually take it upon ourselves to contact the person now known in Serpo lore as “the old man”. This is what had happened:


I was told the name of someone who was supposedly a reserve Serpo astronaut, as far back as February 2006. This occurred naturally in conversation with a member of the intelligence community. I was also told the general area where this person lived.

A couple of months later, on 21 April, Kerry Cassidy and I opted to take a little initiative of our own. We did a search on the internet and found his name, together with a street address and telephone number. So we decided to write to him.

The letter was sent by FedEx. It expressed support, promised that his ID and contact details would not be revealed to anyone, said that we’d be delighted to assist with the disclosure effort with a Project Camelot interview under any stipulated conditions of confidentiality, and sought to establish direct communication if at all possible.

The letter was delivered and signed for, but after that there was silence. He never responded. We came to suspect that we’d written to the wrong person, and it was all a mistake.

Then, out of the blue, on 8 September, I received an e-mail from ***** (not marked Private) saying:

Did you go to [*******] to see Mr. [*******] with your girlfriend and a camera?

Where did you get his name and address?

We thought: “Thank you, *****.” Beautiful confirmation. That was a slip on *****’s part.

The distortion in *****’s belief about what had happened (and the time delay – four and a half months) made us wonder if this had been reported up the line through the DIA, across to the CIA at a high level, and then down to *****, accumulating errors along the way. (We’ll leave others to determine the likelihood of ***** still being on the CIA payroll.)

I did not reply to *****’s question (hoping he would say more) - and he did.

On 6 October, in the context of an e-mail to me about other matters and cc’d to Victor Martinez, Robert Collins, Marilyn Ruben, Brendan Burton, and Larry Dicken, he wrote:

I accept your not answering me about your intrusion with camera and recording device to try and interview the old man, as a private matter.

Thanks, *****. So now we know he’s an old man. (We had, of course, never met him.)

In December, meeting with Victor for the first time in a while, Victor told us that he too had heard that we had greatly irritated the DIA with our little initiative – and (importantly) that this was the reason that I was suddenly cut out of the loop (soon after the delivery of the FedEx letter) regarding receiving any of the Serpo releases directly. (Students of the ongoing saga will recall that it was then that the releases reverted to Victor.)

Meanwhile, in November, Kerry and I decided to visit this man in person. We prepared a letter of the utmost courtesy, to be hand-delivered. We would then retire to a coffee shop for several hours, with our cellphone on the table. Then we would head back home again after a pre-allotted time.

Our letter read:

Dear Mr *******,

We were given your name by [****], and found your address in the [*******] phonebook. In May of this year we delivered a secure personal letter to you by FedEx.

We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you in person, under any conditions of confidentiality which you may stipulate. We’d like to discuss how we may be able to help your efforts to release the Serpo story. We’re aware that the ongoing release has met with numerous difficulties over the course of the last year.

We’d like to emphasize that we do not wish to do anything to breach any requested confidentiality. We’ve known your identity and contact details for many months yet have never revealed these to anyone else. We assure you that we can be trusted fully.

We’ll be in [*******] for the rest of the afternoon until 7.00 pm. Please call us at [(***) *** ****] (cell) if you or any other of your colleagues are interested in meeting with us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

With our best wishes,

Bill Ryan
Kerry Cassidy

We delivered the letter, and - most interestingly - the man’s wife was waiting for us at the gate as we arrived, despite our having informed no-one of our plan. We’d either been tracked, or our car is bugged; neither would be a surprise. The man himself, who was elderly but looked as he'd been strong and athletic in his youth, was at the door, watching, some 20 or 30 yards away. We were polite and deferential, handed her the letter, and immediately left.

We waited till 7pm, but the phone did not ring.

In mid-December, I then heard from ***** again, who said that he’d been told that we’d visited the man in person with camera and recording equipment in hand, asking for an interview. (I won’t copy the message, because it was marked Private.)

I sent ***** the text of the letter copied above, and explained that either the man himself was lying, or that he, *****, been deliberately misinformed by his source. (It wouldn’t be the first time that ***** has been fed malicious false information about me from persons unknown.)

None of this proves that the man was an astronaut, or that Serpo exists... but it does show, fairly conclusively, that we’d stepped heavily on someone’s toes by making contact with this man, and that the report had rippled out through the intel community to eventually reach *****.

So an "old man", sensitively connected to the story, definitely exists... and is being well protected.


In another synchronous event, Shawnna Connolly, having come to blows (in protest at their unethical activity) with Ryan Dube and Steve Broadbent, her former conspirators and debunkers at the Reality Uncovered forum, ‘outed’ Reality Uncovered’s ongoing smear campaign in massive and compelling detail on The only thing she omitted to mention in the listed catalog of dirty tricks was their having gained unauthorized access to my personal e-mail account (not just the serpo e-mails) last November and December, an action which I’ve obtained legal advice was criminal. Apart from this detail, the entire account of the smear campaign is well-told on, and needs no repetition on these pages.

All this, combined with Kerry Cassidy and myself celebrating the first anniversary of our initial meeting (when Kerry interviewed me – click here) with another interview, twelve months on to the day, made me realize that now was the optimum time to step down from being the webmaster of this site which has intrigued and involved so many for so long. As stated above, I'd been considering this since December 2006; the principal trigger for the final decision now was the Laughlin "anniversary" combined with the complete lack of further updates for six months.

So from here on out I'll look back on Serpo with a mixture of fondness and relief. And I’ll be focusing full-time on Project Camelot, a website of comprehensive video interviews with insiders and other important disclosure witnesses.

Here are my conclusions, such as it’s possible to reach any:

As I stated in my July 26 American Antigravity interview, I believe the Serpo story is a mixture of disinformation (i.e. truth mixed with added fictional elements) and naturally occurring compounded errors (such as uncorrected audiotape transcripts of the team commander's logs)... surrounding a core of extraordinary truth.

As stated above, an "old man", sensitively connected to the story, definitely exists... and is being well protected.

My instinct that this story had to be made available to the general public has turned out to be well justified.
There's been an extraordinary amount of dirty tricks and smears specifically intended to discredit the story, but emanating from a relatively small group of people.

The phrase “exchange program” has now been permanently introduced into the vocabulary of the UFO community... and an exchange program of some kind definitely occurred (see release 21).

The game may have changed now. Let’s forget the details of the story: how many went, what the dates were, even the alien culture. Only one question is really important. Was there an exchange program?

I suggest that the answer is that there was. The circumstantial evidence mounts. To resolve the apparent discrepancies in details, there may even have been two different exchange programs... or more. (Why not?) If the Serpo story is indeed disinformation (and remember: disinformation could be 80% false and 20% true – or 80% true and 20% false) surrounds and protects the details of an incredible true event.

And if it is disinformation, another important question is what other untold truth the disinformation may be designed to conceal.

Note: There is an internet forum dedicated to discussing the ongoing Serpo release. Please click here to visit.

"I printed all the information... and provided [the retired USAF Colonel] a copy... I watched his eyes and facial expressions. After he was finished, he stated, 'Oh my God, who on this Earth would release such classified material?' I then asked him if all this information was real. His simple answer was, 'Yes, all real'." Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, currently assigned to the Pentagon (name supplied)


"Mighty, sublime, wonderful, as have been the achievements of past science, as yet we are but on the verge of the continents of discovery. Where is the wizard who can tell what lies in the womb of time? Just as our conceptions of many things have been revolutionized in the past, those which we hold to-day of the cosmic processes may have to be remodeled in the future. The men of fifty years hence may laugh at the circumscribed knowledge of the present and shake their wise heads in contemplation of what they will term our crudities, and which we now call progress. Science is ever on the march and what is new to-day will be old to-morrow."

Free Energy RODS Video 1

Free Energy RODS Video 2



WARNING: Military Service Causes Death, Mutilation, Poverty, Homelessness, and Complicated Feelings of Having Been Suckered.


Tue Mar 13, 2007

Abandonment of Vets is a Military Tradition

NEW YORK--Americans were dismayed to learn that soldiers wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq--"fallen heroes," as network news calls them -- were being warehoused in Building 18, a rat- and roach-infested satellite of the Army's Walter Reed Medical Center.

Disbelief turned to disgust with the disclosure that injured veterans are going bankrupt and losing their homes because the Veterans Administration (V.A.) holds up their benefit checks for years on end. Surely the men and women who fight for our country deserve better. How could such a wholesale betrayal be tolerated by a nation where "support our troops" magnets account for 20 percent-plus of total auto body surface area?

The surprise is that anyone is surprised. Every generation of warriors has marched off to war based on the pledge that they would be taken care of no matter what. America has broken that promise every time.

Abandoning men who lose their limbs and sanity in battle is a tradition that goes back to America's first war.

More than 40 years passed before Revolutionary War vets got their pensions--by which time most had died. Of the few survivors, only those who could prove they were indigent actually collected.

At the end of the Civil War, Union Army soldiers received a $250 discharge bonus, a modest sum that didn't last long due during a postwar period of high unemployment. By 1868 New York Governor Reuben E. Fenton remarked that homeless veterans in New York State were "numbered by the thousands."

More than 300,000 soldiers were wounded in combat during World War I, but the Veterans Bureau, predecessor of the V.A., rejected all but 47,000 claims. "The Veterans Bureau," a columnist wrote in 1925, "has probably made wrecks of more men since the war than the war itself took in dead and maimed."

America's first major military defeat led to mistreatment of those who had served in the Korean War by those who said they hadn't fought hard enough. Among other indignities, P.O.W.'s were denied their back pay of $2.50 for each day of captivity.

Thousands of Vietnam vets were discarded like used tissues, reduced to homelessness and starvation after being denied adequate medical treatment and cash benefits. As recently as 2004, according to the Christian Science Monitor, "an estimated 500,000 veterans were homeless at some time during 2004 [but] the V.A. had the resources to tend to only 100,000 of them."

It took a decade after the fall of Hanoi before Vietnam vets began turning up on the streets, but troops who served in Afghanistan and Iraq have already become homeless. "This kind of inner city, urban guerrilla warfare that these veterans are facing probably accelerates mental-health problems," says Yogin Ricardo Singh, director of a veterans advocacy program in Brooklyn.

"You can have all of the yellow ribbons on cars that say 'Support Our Troops' that you want," adds Linda Boone of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. "But it's when they take off the uniform and transition back to civilian life that they need support the most." As usual, they're not getting it.

Two decades ago, as now, outrage generated by media reports forced Congressional blowhards and Army brass to promise to do better. But nothing changed. As it always does, the journalistic pack moved on to other stories. Politicians, slacking off as public pressure eased, went back to slashing the V.A. budget and brushing off veterans who complained of physical and mental disabilities brought on by their service. At this writing, the Bush Administration has asked Congress to slash veterans' benefits by a net seven percent.

A staggering 30 percent of the 700,000 soldiers who served the 1991 Gulf War have filed claims with the American Legion stating that they are afflicted by Gulf War Syndrome, an umbrella term covering an array of illnesses ranging from chronic fatigue and loss of muscle control to brain cancer and fibromyalgia. Congress paid benefits only to vets who'd become ill within two years of 1991--eliminating 95 percent of applicants from eligibility.

Researchers suggest a myriad of possible causes for GWS--exposure to Iraqi nerve gas and burning oil wells, infectious diseases spread by parasites, a mandatory anti-anthrax vaccine--but the smart money is on exposure to radiation released by the 286 tons of depleted uranium munitions fired by the United States in Kuwait and Iraq in 1991. Twice as dense as lead, 60 percent as radioactive as naturally occurring uranium and with a half-life of 4.5 billion years, DU is extremely toxic. Reduced to a fine airborne powder, it coated everything in the Gulf: tanks and other equipment, uniforms, lungs.

Sixteen years later, the government has yet to take its stricken Gulf War vets seriously. "I've been working on this since '93 and I've just given up hope," said Dan Fahey, a doctoral student at UC Berkeley and a Gulf War vet who has become a spokesman for the victims. "I've spoken to successive federal committees and elected officials...who then side with the Pentagon. Nothing changes."

Depleted Uranium

Now get ready for Iraq War Syndrome.

The 130 tons of DU dropped on Iraq in the Second Gulf War are destroying men like Herbert Reed, who ingested the substance in Samawah in July 2003. "Since he left a bombed-out train depot in Iraq," reported Wired last year, "his gums bleed. There is more blood in his urine, and still more in his stool. Bright light hurts his eyes. A tumor has been removed from his thyroid. Rashes erupt everywhere, itching so badly they seem to live inside his skin. Migraines cleave his skull. His joints ache, grating like door hinges in need of oil."

Yet the Pentagon still refuses to clean up its act. Veterans poisoned by DU haven't received a dime in compensation. DU bombs are still being dropped on Afghan villages.

"There is something massively wrong with Herbert Reed, though no one is sure what it is," continues the Wired story. "He believes he knows the cause, but he cannot convince anyone caring for him that the military's new favorite weapon has made him terrifyingly sick."

"The Department of Defense takes the position that you can eat [DU] for breakfast and it poses no threat at all," says Steve Robinson of the National Gulf War Resource Center.

Once again, politicians and their media mouthpieces will make big promises. But they'll break them. They always do.

Don't Americans who risk their lives to serve in the military deserve the same consideration as those who smoke cigarettes? Military propaganda--television commercials, posters, video games and recruitment offices, Fox News--ought to be plastered with a large, bold-faced notice:

Depleted Uranium
WARNING: Military Service Causes Death, Mutilation, Poverty, Homelessness, and Complicated Feelings of Having Been Suckered.

(Ted Rall is the author of "America Gone Wild," a collection of his Bush-era cartoons featuring a lengthy foreword about his most controversial work.)

By Spring 2004, an invasive mind control technology known as a "Frequency Fence" is slated for implementation onto global society.

This Frequency Fence is a bio-neurological, electromagnetic induced form of mind control which will block your higher sensory abilities. A literal "perceptual harness" or "mental prison" will be built around you without you even knowing it is happening, and the scariest part is, your five senses will not alert to you that anything is wrong.

All electrical power generating stations, and the appliances that draw power from them will be utilized as a carrier for this electromagnetic distortion. The human body has a natural immunity against such invasion, which the instigators of this technology will repress by introducing a certain organic, elemental compound into the world's water supply, and by transmitting specific wave spectrums of light directly into the human optical faculties. Technologies such as broadcast television, and the internet, will be utilized to transmit the specific wave spectrums of light.

Further invasive programming will be subliminally carried through all radio broadcasts, and through the cellular and digital telephone network of towers worldwide. This will serve to enhance this bio-neurological invasion even further. After 6 years, this Frequency Fence will cause a genetic mutation to manifest in the collective human gene pool which will be passed down through pro-creation, thereby permanently scarring humanity.

There is no known technological defense against this invasion and there will be no place to hide. This technology will block your higher sensory abilities which will serve to limit your human potential.

The blockage of human intuition or your "gut instinct" will be just one of many natural abilities which will be impeded. Another will be your ability to commune with your "Higher Self" or God, systematically cutting you off from your God Source.

This is a system that is so insidious that even the elite will be deceived even though some components of this global mind control system are being created by that very elite Another aspect of this bio-neurological invasion will be the creation and implementation of "Holographic Inserts" by 2006.

It involves a technology so advanced that three-dimensional reality can be artificially manufactured and inserted right over your present reality scene in a seamless fashion so you will be unable to determine where organic reality ends, and manipulated, artificial reality begins. This could be compared to the "holo-deck" on the popular television series, Star Trek - The Next Generation, only in this case it¹s not science fiction.

The plot thickens, in that the instigators of this coming bio-neurological manipulation are counting on you to not even believe in their existence. They are depending on you to have a kind of mentality which suggests that what you can not see or perceive with your five senses does not exist, and therefore cannot affect you. If you do not know an enemy exists, you will not take measures to protect yourself from it.

The reality of the situation is quite the opposite. These forces presently poised against you posses a level of technology which surpasses present earth science. Their bio-neurological invasion can definitely affect you and hinder your evolution as a species in more ways than you can presently comprehend, making them an absolute threat to your over all well being.

These covert sinister forces are "master geneticists" who are partially human, partially non-human, and extraterrestrial (ET). Some are genetic half breeds that appear fully human in appearance but in reality are human hybrids of ET origin. If your present belief system limits your ability to accept the possibility of beings from other worlds, simply replace ET with the term demon. Because in all right, what these beings intend to do is nothing less than demonic in the truest sense.

Through the "human elite" these ET Intruders dominate and control society through such organizations as the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations, to name just a few. These negative factions are largely responsible for the present manipulations humanity is living under.

This includes the present "police state" which has been accelerated to deal with the human resistance factor. It also includes most of the government and quasi-government agencies created in the 20th century.

If you ever wondered how our country, and ultimately our world society became the way it is, all you have to do is look to the ET Intruders who have been playing humanity against itself for countless generations. By keeping humanity divided, it has less time and inclination to notice who the real manipulators are.

As long as we are kept busy and economically enslaved, the majority of humanity will not take notice of what¹s really important.

What is really important now is understanding as much of the big picture that is possible. This way you can begin to protect yourself from the coming deceptions which are slated to begin in 2004. There is still time for you to intervene on your own behalf and literally make yourself immune to the coming Frequency Fence and Holographic Inserts.

There is no known external technological defense, but there is a way that you can accelerate a natural process within your present genetic code so when the bio-neurological manipulations begin, they will not affect you. We posses the most powerful protective "weapon" of all the human mind/body/spirit organism. We simply need to learn how to use it properly.

The human DNA has a 12 strand potential. Most humans only have strands 1, 2 and 3 fully activated, and strand 4 partially assembled but not yet activated. In order to make yourself "invisible" to the coming bio-neurological invasion, you must have a minimum of 4 strands fully activated, and strand 5 at least half assembled. This will require a certain level of interpersonal development and acceleration on your part.

There are steps you can take to accelerate the growth of your DNA strands. If you have not already done so, work towards strengthening your personal relationship with God, or your "Higher Power." Refuse to accept victim consciousness, or ideologies which promote a sense of personal dis-empowerment.

Work to develop your hidden potentials and higher abilities. Take time to examine your personal beliefs about reality. Realize that thoughts are things, literally. Negative thoughts help to generate negative realities. Rigid, dogmatic, fearful, closed-minded beliefs become literal electromagnetic blockages. Learn to think for yourself rather than give your power away to authority figures without question.

Strengthen your mind and exercise your mental muscles. Begin using "mind technologies" that work to enhance mental and emotional development. Some helpful techniques are meditation, and the use of affirmations, visualizations, self-hypnosis, bio-feedback, and dream reprogramming. All of these activities will help you to strengthen your mind and help you to call your higher potentials into use.

Strengthen your body with exercise and/or yoga.

A diet containing less chemical additives, red meats, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners will help immensely.

Also try to avoid irradiated and over processed foods. The body is also strengthened by conscious breathing and controlled breath exercises.

Learn to heal your past. Holding grudges and resentment against others will only serve to limit your higher development. Work to heal your emotions. Contemporary emotional clearing work can facilitate the releasing of blocked energy centers in the physical body which can serve to rapidly accelerate DNA strand development.

Seriously reevaluate your personal ideas about the issue of ET visitation and support those who are petitioning for the government to release data on UFO activity.

REAL EYES that much information regarding these subjects has been purposely withheld from the public for reasons of national security. This knowledge now freely circulates within unofficial networks. If you seek out this information you'll find an overwhelming body of knowledge which supports the premise of an active ET visitation scenario.

Seek to empower yourself through "leading edge" knowledge, for this will be your greatest asset in this coming confrontation. Use it wisely and share it with others so that a critical mass can be achieved before 2004.

If at least 8% of the global population is able to embody 4.5 strands or higher within their operational DNA code, the Frequency Fence and Holographic Insert Technology will be disabled globally, and the Intruder ET's bio-neurological manipulations will fail.

In order to achieve this 8% goal, everyone who has the calling must work rapidly to embody as many of the aforementioned techniques, or other personal practices which they feel can assist DNA strand development, into their daily practice.

The ET Intruders are convinced that collective humanity will not rise to this occasion and succeed in achieving this 8% critical mass by 2004.

Note: It's now 2007 - Has the AmeriKKKAN population become dumber?? Scary - Right?

The American Revolution was fought and won by a small minority of patriots who were willing to stand for what they believed in and through this conviction advanced technology on their side, but they are petrified of the awesome power of the human spirit.

This is the very reason why they wish to block our connection to The Divine Good That is in us all, because this is where we draw our greatest Inspiration and Creative Nurturing powers from.

Continue...... Real Eyes the Future...with wisdom

Pay close attention to these new boggle-the-mind events..

This is a direct play on our current "ON-Land" Vortex state of affairs that is now presenting Hir-self...We are now on the threshold of quantum-developing a new state of group psyche "Quantum report" Hir-Self-interpretating consciousness.

The basic Real Eyes Grokking Telescope Interpretation

1. There is a forward-looking structure in cosmos, and humanity in individually responsible if Hir-Self –Monad fails to live in accordance with this "trend."

2. The new Boggle-the-Mind energy systems (zero point field) in interaction with cosmic milieu is capable of selective interaction, exchange, cumulative adaptation, conservation, origination, and direction. This may be expressed in terms of thinking, mental influences, reflective thought, memory, imagination, and selectivity. Real Eyes thoughts may be conceived of as streams whose intensity, nature, Kieu (Cosmic-Quality), and duration can be controlled by the individual.

3. The Real Eyes system of developing the means of focusing attention on some aspect of cosmos by forming and holding a Quantity of Kieu-Cosmic-Mind substance until its meaning can be absorbed by the consciousness of the Egoic realms. This is the fundamental "intention" of my Grokking Telescope series of "On-land-training sessions"(OLTS) Much more on this latter, major events now in the expressive mode of developing. (197)

4. The goal of Real Eyes "Attention" is now going to be focused on the "something" that is "behind" Mind, that dictates the trends of Reason (TOR) These tors are aspects that teach us that LIFE is superior to Logic! (211) The Real Eyes system of Grokking is a Zen like attention that helps in assisting the Kieu of Hir-self in grasping Life while flowing, not after it has flown! GROK?


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