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“April Fool is gone and past, you’re the bigger fool at last”.
"Wake up America"

The term “energy” and its relationship to all facets of life and life force have become commonly discussed concepts. Energy is diverse and perpetual – it cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. It can only be manifested. In order for energy to manifest into form or become a useful system, it must be in motion. Franklin Sills, in his book, The Polarity Process, says that the word “energy” can refer to forces, such as electrical energy, x-rays, atomic energy or the sun's rays. He says that the word “energy” also can refer to the movements of subtle pulsations. Sills continues by stating that it is with these subtle pulses (vibrations) that many Eastern traditions base their health care and healing work.

It's All About Vibration

All energy follows the basic laws of movement. At its most elemental level, movement is nothing more than vibration, according to one of the oldest laws on record: the Law of Vibration. This old Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago by the masters of ancient Egypt.1 The law states that nothing rests; everything moves and everything vibrates. The Law of Vibration further states that the differences between various forms of matter, energy and even spirit, result largely in their varying rates of vibration. From the “All” (or “Source”) that is thought of as pure spirit, down to the most solid form of matter, all is in a state of vibration. 2 Scientist Albert Einstein said the same thing more than 10,000 years later, asserting that all energy reaches a vibratory rate faster than even the speed of light. Matter is energy and energy is matter.

One very interesting and profound attribute of vibration is that like vibrations will attract. According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Hidden Messages of Water, all things that exist vibrate. The resulting energy is either positive or negative, and it is easily transmitted to other things. Through various experiments and studies, Emoto shows that water can actually respond energetically to information. His research indicates that water attracts and absorbs various vibrations that are demonstrated as crystals when the water is frozen.3

Emoto explains how like vibrations attract, using the resonance of three tuning forks as an example. Forks 1 and 2 have a frequency of 440 Hz; Fork 3 has a frequency of 442 Hz. Forks 1 and 2 are designed to vibrate 440 times per second, while Fork 3 vibrates 442 times per second. If you hit Fork 1 with a rubber hammer, Fork 2 (having the same frequency) will immediately begin to vibrate and give off sound. However, Fork 3 will not. Only the two forks which vibrate at the same rate resonate with each other.

One could also conclude that humans can create different vibrations: mentally, physically and emotionally. Other things, events or people having similar vibratatory rates can then resonate with the energy sent out. This is the Law of Attraction in action. Stated simply, vibrations create our reality. This understanding helps explain why and how you attract into your life whatever vibration you are habitually sending out.

Whatever We Give Our Energy to Flourishes

Due to electro-magnetic force, vibrations move between two poles: a positive pole that sends out energy and a negative pole that attracts it. The Law of Attraction is really the Law of Polarity, which states that everything is dual, everything has opposite poles, and for movement to occur there must be a positive, neutral and negative pole. The Law of Attraction and Repulsion, or the Law of Projection and Reflection (Polarity), truly is how we manifest our life experiences through the movement of energy. According to the Law of Vibration we attract what we vibrate, and we vibrate what we intend and/or desire. So, it is wise to be careful what you think about or ask for because you will create the reality that brings it to you!

Application of the Law of Attraction

1. How you feel actually creates a vibration that emanates from you.
2. The Universe will correspond in like to the vibration created by these feelings.
3. Everyone is the creator of his/her own life.

The Secret, a new feature-length film from Prime Time Productions (available on DVD at quickly motivates us to understand the Law of Attraction by becoming aware of the following realities:

• You attract by what you think and feel.
• Words are important – they have energy; thus, you get what you ask for.
• Passion creates energy, and a lot of passion attracts even more energy.
• You personally draw everything to yourself.
• Affirmative thoughts attract 100 times more powerfully than do negative thoughts – choose your thoughts carefully.5

Reality consists of those things to which we have given our energy, i.e., what we consistently think about and what we truly feel in our body and emotions. This concept is not a new revelation. Throughout the millennia, scientists have known and proven this theory over and over again. As humans, we bring people, places and things into our field (a region of influence) with the power of our vibrations.

Modern science shows that all life forms are made up of molecules and atoms and that these molecules and atoms have their own communication system and their own unique set of frequencies. Lynn McTaggart, in her book, The Field, says that each molecule has its own frequency and receptors that tune into this frequency, much like a radio tunes into a particular station. This can occur, she says, even over vast distances, and the vibration of one body will be reinforced by the vibration of another body at or near its frequency.6 Research has shown time and time again that molecules and inter-molecular bonds emit specific frequencies that can be detected billions of light-years away by the most sensitive of modern telescopes.

You Attract What You Think – You Attract What You Feel

The Law of Attraction is always working. Your life as you experience it is a physical manifestation of all your thoughts. The more energy or focus you give to something, negative or positive, the more of that negative or positive thing will be attracted into your life. The moral of the story is simple: you manifest what you dwell on, anything you give energy to flourishes, and you can always change what you attract into your life because you create your own reality.

The Secret

The Law of Attraction has many specific steps that should be considered when deciding how to attract into your life what you really want – good health, prosperity and abundance are a few ideas.

A summary on how to do it:

• First and foremost, ask clearly for what you want. Be very clear – no “ifs,” “ands” or “buts!”
• Trust the process. Be still. Know it will happen.
• Feel deeply that you can receive what you need and want.
• Have an 'attitude of gratitude' and focus on what you already have that is positive.
• Focus on good health, abundance and prosperity.
• Remember: change is always there – how one reacts to change is how it is manifested.

Spend an evening with friends and family watching the The Secret. Join a discussion group to study these concepts. Understanding the Law of Attraction will open up a new consciousness for understanding that everything in your life is something that you have attracted, and everything coming into your life you will also attract. There are opportunities to attract abundance, prosperity and even world peace. It is but for the asking.

Law of Attraction: It's All About Vibration

Question: My question is can this "Ultimate Subject" this "Undeniable Presence" be directly known to the mind? Or more accurately can this Ultimate Subject ever be known to itself? It seems most teachers of non-duality claim to have a direct knowing and that upon this direct knowing there has been a change, an internal and external change in their lives. The change they claim to have happened upon this direct knowing is consciousness expanding to a unified awareness of Oneness, a personality that appears when needed and not present when not needed, an inner sense of peace, a "witnessing" awareness and an "undeniable Presence" which informs their daily lives.

If this Undeniable Presence can be known to itself what prevents most of us from knowing, from directly knowing, if it cannot be known then how is it possible for searching to ever end?

Answer: How could the seeking not end dear One? It had a beginning, and all that had a beginning will have an ending. This does not mean that it can only end trough actual knowing what this Ultimate Subject is. Perhaps it ends through being comfortable with not knowing.

Just like light cannot shine upon itself the 'Ultimate Subject' can never be an object of knowing to itself as it is itself the very knowing. It is like a knife unable to cut itself, or like a lens unable to focus on itself. When we attempt to focus a lens on itself, we may ask "What is it that prevents us from doing this?" and we have created a problem where there isn't one. As soon as 'the true nature' of the lens is taken into account, -or 'seen'- the attempt to focus it on itself will stop of its own accord.

The changes claimed by certain teachers are but linear translations of a non linear, non dual changeless presence. There will be many similarities in such claims, but also many differences. Best to not listen to any claims, but to have a direct look 'for your self.'

Presence cannot be attained as its very nature is 'already here-now-ness'. There may be the appearance of a person, there may be the appearance of the absence of a person, there may be the appearance of 'an inner sense of peace' or anything else. Those appearances may seem to differ, but as appearances they are equal; they come and they go without a leaving a trace on 'the Presence That Is.

When appearances are peaceful this may be easier to accept, but even when it comes to harsh appearances this Presence is like a mirror reflecting the braking of an other mirror without breaking itself. It IS forever Unbroken Peace and remains unaffected, even when apparent non peaceful events arise in it. In the same way IT remains as limitless impersonal freedom, even when the idea of a limited person appears in it.

We could talk of a 'change' or 'a shift' in perspective: In such a shift, it may be seen that there is always and already complete All-ness. This implies that apparently not seeing it -or seeking for it- is as much IT as the 'end of seeking.' This 'insight' makes such a shift a non-event as it cancels itself out in paradox. This is the famous 'Gateless Gate.' Once this 'gate' is passed it is seen that there never was a gate nor any one to go through it.

We could also compare 'the end of seeking' to seeing through a mirage or a magician's trick. Every thing changes, yet nothing changes. Once we know a mirage to be a mirage, we still see the appearance of water on the road. Once we see through the trick of the magician, we still see the lady being sawed in two on stage. Similarly once the ego, the questioning, the thought processes and all other manifestations in space and time are recognized as appearances in and of Consciousness only, they still may appear.

This 'Undeniable Presence' -this Beingness- isn't 'some-thing' which needs to be attained BY a separate 'you', but it IS here right now appearing AS you -and everything 'else.' In other words: IT expresses as everything including the idea of a you who would attain this. IT is the 'Certainty of Being' (I AM that I AM) present right now, even before it gets translated by the mind into the thought 'I AM.' You ARE, before the words 'I AM' appear. YOU ARE; whether or not the thought 'I AM' is present. IT is this very life, expressing as reading, breathing, feeling, thinking, sleeping, dreaming, waking, heartbeat, drifting clouds, far of galaxies, and so on.

There really is no separate character with a daily life who gets informed by this Undeniable Presence; there is only this Undeniable Presence /Life appearing as such an idea. This Presence -being ALL- appears as everything, like the single substance of gold appears as countless ornaments, like clay appears as an endless variety of forms. All there is, is this Single-Non-Dual-Presence, this Unknowable Knowing. And since IT is al there is, You can only be That.

Invisible terrorism : deadly pet food – killing thousands of pets – Media propaganda claims only a few pets effected – yet in reality many thousands have died!!!!!!!

Comments: “--- We have lost 4 pets during the last year due to what looked like poison – this I believe has been going on for quite some time – many years…”
Dictator mentality – greed rules, torturers, evil to the core, hides behind religious facades, Lies lies lies… soulless – evil reptialian entities in control --- No Doubt!

Emergency Pet Care Info

dogster food and nutrition forums:

Ongoing saga of Renal Failure from Recalled Food:

Latest News:: HUGE rendering plant

"Turns out that Garret Merrick (CEO of Merrick Pet
Care) owns a HUGE rendering plant
, which is located in
Hereford, TX.

I did a map search for more info. Turns out that that
the Hereford Rendering Plant is located at the SAME
LOCATION as Merrick Pet Care Plant!!! It's one and the

So..does Merrick use rendering by products in their
pet foods?

I don't know as Ruby never bothered to call me back.

What really bothers me is the fact that I feel like
Merrick as been very dishonest with me. I have asked
them point blank last Monday and Friday, is they used
rendered products. I asked them ...if they made any
other pet products.

I asked Ruby again today. As well if Garret Merrick
rendering plant was involved with Merrick and she
acted like she had never heard of Garret Merrick.

So.........what the heck is going on?

Link for Blue Sky Beef & More

Link for Merrick's Cowboy Cookout

Renderers in the United States pick up 100 million
pounds of waste material every day -- a witch's brew
of feet, heads, stomachs, intestines, hooves, spinal
cords, tails, grease, feathers and bones. Half of
every butchered cow and a third of every pig is not
consumed by humans. An estimated six million to seven
million dogs and cats are killed in animal shelters
each year, said Jeff Frace, a spokesman for the
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals in New York City.

For example, the city of Los Angeles sends 200 tons of
euthanized cats and dogs to West Coast Rendering, in
Los Angeles, every month, according to Chuck Ellis, a
spokesman for the city's Sanitation Department. Pet
food companies try not to buy meat and bone meal from
renderers who grind up cats and dogs, said Doug
Anderson, president of Darling International Inc., a
large rendering company in Dallas. "We do not accept
companion animals," he said. "But there are still a
number of small plants that will render anything."

At least 250 rendering plants operate in the United
States, said Bruce Blanton, executive director of the
130-member National Renderers Association in
Alexandria, Va. While there are still a few small
operations on the outskirts of some cities, he said,
modern rendering plants are large and centralized, and
the industry's revenues amount to $2.4 billion a year.

After trucks deliver the wastes to the plants, the
material is minced and fed into a vessel where it is
steam-cooked to 250 degrees or more, and then the stew
is cooked for 20 to 90 minutes, Blanton said. In the
resulting mash, heavier material drops to the bottom
and the lighter stuff floats to the top. Fat is
siphoned off the top, filtered and sent through
centrifuges to further refine it, Blanton said.
Chemical manufacturers turn much of it into fatty
acids for lubricants, lipstick, cement, polish, inks
and waxes.

Other fractions, including gelatinous
layers, tallow and grease, go into thousands of
products, including soaps, candles, pharmaceuticals,
homeopathic medicines and gummy candies.

The heavier protein material on the bottom goes
through a separate process, Blanton said. It is dried,
squeezed to remove more fat and dried again. The
resulting powder is the major ingredient in pet and
animal feed.

It is a cannibalistic practice that has proved highly profitable.

"... forwarded some info to Win's vet that appeared on WFTV in Florida about a local vet clinic that used Leucovorin, which was a drug used in the U.S. when aminopterin was used as a cancer drug, to counter-act the negative effects.

Leucovorin is an activated B-vitamin and is able to get past the toxin to help
the cells start functioning again. After two days of the treatment with the Leucovorin, the Florida dog's kidneys were back to normal function."
Veterinarian Uses Drug to Treat Dogs Sick From Tainted

Wikipedia - Aminopterin

In humans, leucovorin rescue at overdosages lower than
10 mg aminopterin in an average 70 kg adult should
comprise an initial leucovorin dose of at least 20 mg
(10.0 mg/m2), given intravenously (preferably), or
orally.[21] Subsequent doses of 20 mg (which may be
taken orally) should be given at 6 hour intervals
until hematological abnormalities are improved.

Massive aminopterin overdosage in humans (i.e. > 40 mg
AMT in an average 70 kg adult), should be approached
with an initial leucovorin dose of 100 mg (50 mg/m2),
given intravenously and continued at 6 hour intervals
until the hematological abnormalities are improved
(likely 8-12 courses or more).[20] Additionally, to
prevent reversible aminopterin-mediated nephrotoxicity
manifesting as increases in serum creatinine and which
further delays drug elimination, urinary
alkalinization with NaHCO3 and volume expansion should
be considered in cases of massive aminopterin
overdosage, particularly those involving greater than
100 mg AMT in an average 70 kg adult human.

Consistent with the known enterohepatic cycling of the
related antifolate methotrexate, oral activated
charcoal, and saline cathartic or sorbitol may promote
excretion if an overdose of aminopterin is suspected.
However, rescue with leucovorin should form the
backbone of treatment.

The vitamin folic acid is an oxidized precursor to
reduced folates that is upstream of the blockade at
dihydrofolate reductase, and compared to leucovrin is
recognized as a very weak antidote to the toxic
effects of antifolates that is inappropriate for use
in cases of acute intoxication. Minnich et al. dosed
mongrel dogs subcutaneously with aminopterin and folic
acid simultaneously to test whether folic acid can
rescue animals from the lethality and toxicity of
aminopterin [22] Dogs were given 0.020, 0.046, 0.044
escalated to 0.088, and 0.097 mg/kg aminopterin each
day for 7 to 12 days. Folic acid was given in a weight
ratio to aminopterin of 200:1 to 800:1. All animals
survived. In contrast, animals given aminopterin in an
amount of 0.041 mg/kg/day x 6 days without folic acid
died. Thus, when the ratio of folic acid to
aminopterin was 200:1 and greater, all of the subjects
survived on regimens that would have otherwise been
uniformly fatal to all subjects.

Similar effects have been noted in rodent species as
well, were the range for rescue by folic acid was
fairly narrow and highly dependent on the timing
(optimal of 1 hour prior to aminopterin) of
administration in relation to aminopterin.[23][24] The
temporal relationship between folic acid
administration and rescue has been interpreted as the
necessary period of time required for the vitamin to
be converted in vivo to reduced forms.

ACVIM recommendations

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
recommends veterinarians treat affected animals "with
fluids to promote hydration, and diuresis in order to
dissolve and flush out crystals from the tubules" and
also suggests "fluid therapy and alkalinizing agents
including sodium bicarbonate" with a "target urine pH
above 7" might be helpful in promoting solubility of
precipitated crystals within the renal tubules. The
recommendation also warns, "bone-marrow suppression is
a concern with any folic acid inhibiting agent and a
complete blood cell count should be monitored in these
patients as well as renal function." They encourage
veterinarians to rule out other illnesses before
attributing symptoms to food contamination and to use
their own clinical judgement for each individual case.

*Oral folic acid

The vitamin that is depleted by aminopterin is folic
acid, which is also called folate. Folic acid is a
water-soluble B vitamin that can be found in liver,
eggs, whole grains, lentils and beans, asparagus, and
dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Folate is
also available as a vitamin supplement. Dogs with
folic acid deficiency and anemia are prescribed 5 mg
of folic acid orally once a day. Cats with folic acid
deficiency and anemia are prescribed 2.5 mg of folic
acid orally once a day. A more precise oral dose is
100 mg/lb of body weight given daily. Thus, a dog that
weighs 10 lb would receive 1000 mg, which is 1 gram.
Oral forms of folic acid are generic drugs that don’t
require a prescription.

NOTE: We believe this Vet means micrograms and not milligrams???
We are doing follow up research and will update----

Rat Poison Found In Pet Food

Poisoned “meat and gravy” style pet foods
The moist “meat and gravy” style pet foods that is
causing illness and death in pets contains a rat
poison. The poison, aminopterin, is not legal as a rat
poison in the U.S., but it is used for rodent control
in China. Recently, flour from China was found
contaminated with aminopterin, and some speculate that
wheat gluten in the toxic pet food was made from
Chinese flour.

Aminopterin and Methotrexate
In the past, Aminopterin was used in the U.S. to treat
cancer, but it caused severe toxicity and was
discontinued. A similar drug, methotrexate, replaced
aminopterin as a cancer medication. Because
methotrexate and aminopterin are similar, data on
methotrexate tells us what toxic effects to expect
from aminopterin. Methotrexate causes vomiting,
diarrhea, kidney damage, balding (hair falls out and
doesn’t regrow) and bone marrow suppression.

Vomiting and diarrhea occur because cells lining the
intestine are damaged. Pets with intestinal damage
either need foods that are easily digested or IV

The kidneys are essential to life, but fortunately
pets can survive kidney damage if 1/3 of the kidney
cells are still functioning. When less than 1/3
functions, the pet dies. Kidneys stimulate the bone
marrow to make red blood cells and regulate potassium,
sodium, calcium, and other ions. These ions stimulate
the heart to contract with a normal rhythm, the
muscles to contract, and the nerves to send messages.
Kidneys also regulate the blood pressure and how much
fluid is in the body. If the kidney fails, pets have:
· A change in the amount of urine—making either much
more or much less than normal,
· Edema and swollen legs,
· A moist cough,
· A strong smell of urine on the skin,
· Itching skin,
· Vomiting and diarrhea,
· Seizures,
· Acute blindness, and
· A weak neck with drooping head (cats), and
· Drooling (cats).

Bone Marrow
Bone marrow is a source of red blood cells that carry
oxygen, platelets that help with clotting, and white
blood cells that fight infection. With marrow
suppression, pets will have:
· Anemia,
· Bleeding, and
· infection.

Diet recommendations
Given possible problems with intestines, kidneys, and
bone marrow, veterinarians recommend the following:
· Easily digestible foods, such as chicken broth and
mashed sweet potatoes until the vomiting and diarrhea
· A salt-restricted diet, which means no potato chips,
pretzels, smoked salty pet treats, or baked good.
Baked goods contain baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).
The sodium in baking soda is just as much a problem
for weak kidneys as the sodium in table salt (sodium
· A constant source of fresh, filtered water. The
family will measure how much the pet drinks and
urinates and report changes in the amounts to their

Medications and supplements
For medications and supplements, veterinarians
recommend the following:
· Herbs, such as rehmannia, and Omega 3 fatty acids,
such as Nordic Natural Omega 3 Pet, to strengthen the
weakened kidneys.
· A Chinese herbal remedy called Four Materials
Decoction (Si Wu Tang) to strengthen the bone marrow
and treat anemia. Four Materials Decoction is usually
served in chicken soup that contains chicken liver,
with the liver providing the iron needed to make red
blood cells.
· Herbal formulas with astragalus and mushrooms to
strengthen white blood cells.
· Garlic to protect intestinal crypt cells from
methotrexate-induced damage.

Oral folic acid
The vitamin that is depleted by aminopterin is folic
acid, which is also called folate. Folic acid is a
water-soluble B vitamin that can be found in liver,
eggs, whole grains, lentils and beans, asparagus, and
dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Folate is
also available as a vitamin supplement. Dogs with
folic acid deficiency and anemia are prescribed 5 mg
of folic acid orally once a day. Cats with folic acid
deficiency and anemia are prescribed 2.5 mg of folic
acid orally once a day. A more precise oral dose is
100 mg/lb of body weight given daily. Thus, a dog that
weighs 10 lb would receive 1000 mg, which is 1 gram.
Oral forms of folic acid are generic drugs that don’t
require a prescription.

Injectable folinic acid
For pets with severe toxicity, injectable folinic acid
is given directly into muscles or veins. The dose is
based on the body mass of the pet and is calculated to
provide 3 mg/cubic meter. Prescription folinic acid is
sold under the trade names Leucovorin and Wellcovorin.

Holistic veterinarians
Although pet families can use the above information
and medicate their pets, it is unwise to do this
without consulting a veterinarian. Veterinarian who
can recommend therapies that include nutrition, herbs,
vitamins, and supplements, are listed with the
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Must-read for pet owners: Exclusive, shocking
interview with Dr. Lisa Newman on the horrors of pet
food ingredients:

The Ideal Diet:

dogtor j on the food recall:

many links on food recall


In early March, Menu Foods recalled 60 million containers of its "cuts and gravy" style wet pet foods, sold under nearly 100 store labels and major brands across North America.

It did so after cats fell sick and died during routine company taste tests.

It is not clear how many pets may have been poisoned by the apparently contaminated food, although anecdotal reports suggest hundreds if not thousands have died. The U.S.
Food and Drug Administration has received more than 8,000 complaints while the company has fielded 300,000 calls from consumers. The company has only confirmed the deaths of 15 cats and one dog. There is no central database tracking pet deaths in the United States.

Numerous pet owners around the country have sued or are considering legal action against Menu Foods. Some are seeking class action status.

"I would love to find an attorney to take on this company," said Brenda Hitchcock of Tampa, Fla. Hitchcock said she racked up $4,000 in veterinarian bills trying to save her 5-year-old cat "S.S." to no avail. She said she still has two pouches of the recalled food to prove her case.

Arrogance, ignorance, incompetence and irresponsibility

Arrogance, ignorance, incompetence and irresponsibility
are just four of many words which could describe the White House misadministration of President Bush and his crew, who have so rapidly transformed the ship of state into a pirate ship. Now Bush's ship is riddled with cannon fire and deservedly sinking, and one conservative Republican already is hinting at the possibility of impeaching this president.

Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a Vietnam War veteran and a possible presidential contender in 2008, said in the April edition of Esquire magazine that Bush blithely considers himself unaccountable for his mistakes, mendacity and misadventures.

"You can impeach him, and before this is over, you might see calls for his impeachment," said the Republican stalwart.

Actually, calls for the impeachment of the Bush/Cheney regime have rung long and loud for years from the anti-war movement. As is so often the case, American dissidents are far ahead of political "leaders" of either of the two major corporate political parties in this country. Now, because of such Bush League scams and scandals as the Iraq war, shoddy conditions at Washington's Walter Reed Army Medical Center, FBI misuse of the Patriot Act, and the imbroglio over the firings of federal prosecutors, calls for impeachment are sure to grow louder even though moderate, milquetoast Democrats like Nancy Pelosi on Capitol Hill are saying the impeachment card is "off the table."

Day by day, the constitutional mandate of impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors" applies more and more to the Bush administration. Speaking to conservative commentator Tucker Carlson on MSNBC on March 26, John Bonifaz - author of "Warrior-King: The Case for Impeaching George Bush" - said Bush's trumped-up Iraq war and his administration's authorization of such Orwellian tactics as torture and spying on American citizens are grounds for impeachment.

Though Congress may not have the political courage to press for impeachment of Bush and his henchman Dick Cheney, Bonifaz said "grassroots citizens are leading the charge" for impeachment.

In Washington, the corridors of power already are echoing with the Nixonian phrase "executive privilege" - the excuse Richard Nixon and his criminal cabal used to conceal their culpability in the sordid Watergate caper. Now John Dean, once a Nixon loyalist, has penned a book about the vice and venality of the Bush administration called "Worse Than Watergate."

Like people leaving a sinking ship full of rats, even some Republicans are now distancing themselves from Bush and his piratical, plundering pals. Along with Hagel, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham have recently blasted the Bush team over the firings of federal prosecutors and have questioned the credibility of Bush's attorney general, Alberto Gonzales.

One of the most fiery roastings of Bush to come from any mainstream political figure of either party came from Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson when the Democrat spoke at an anti-war rally March 17 at the Pentagon. Bringing hot rhetoric to a cold but cheering crowd, Anderson said, "Our love for our nation and our regard for our Constitution brings us here today to call for the impeachment of a president who has done and continues to do such tremendous harm to our beloved country.

We have always been proud to distinguish ourselves from nations that kidnap, disappear and torture people. Now under the Bush administration, we are becoming like them.

We have always been proud to distinguish ourselves from nations with oppressive governments that listen in on their citizens' conversations and imprison people without charging them with any crime. Now under the Bush administration, we are becoming like them.


Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush

Despite the threats, Democratic lawmakers expect to open new fronts against the president when they return from their spring recess, including politically risky efforts to quickly close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; reinstate legal rights for terrorism suspects; and rein in what Democrats see as unwarranted encroachments on privacy and civil liberties allowed by the USA Patriot Act.


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