Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Random Numbers: September 11, 2001.

911 begins RNG wyrds????

Lets discuss a specific phenomenon that has been taking place beginning September 11, 2001, a date familiar to all.

Several Random number generators at Princeton University, have been generating anything but random numbers beginning on that date. Antidotal reports are that other Random Number Generators have been outputting phrases rather than random numbers also beginning on September 11, 2001.

Richard C. Hoagland, has in fact been following these reports with a keen eye. If fact this article is being written in a brief form in order to make a deadline on his behalf.

The reason I bring up Richard specifically is as area of research Championed by Richard and Michael Bara, the concept of hyperdimensional physics.

Without going into great detail (which I will do later) the idea of Quantum Communications and hyperdimensional physics are interdependent.

Quantum Communications relies on the theory that two sub atomic quanta (particles or photons) once entangled as a pair, and now separated by any distance, instantly know the state of the other. If two photons were once a pair and are now separated by 100 light years, at each and every instant they will mirror each other. If one changes its polarization, the other will instantly change to the same polarization, regardless of distance and time separation.

This means that if you change the state of this quanta, its twin changes, and thus a communications system can be built around a binary system of changing particles to represent a yes or no; a one or zero. You need a method of targeting the distant quanta so you know which to change and where the message is being sent. That’s why your civilization has to be more advanced than ours (although we are not far from it).

Los Alamos labs are already deeply involved in solving the problems of building Quantum Computers using this theory.

This of course begs the question, how can two particles separated by 100 light years instantly know what the other is doing. The answer is THEY MUST BE HYPERDIMENSIONALLY LINKED.

Current theories state that there may exist up to 11 dimensions in our universe, most so small (as compared to our time/space) they would all fit on the head of a pin (like so many angels). Thus is quanta are linked through all 11 dimensions then the distance their knowledge has to travel would be so small as to make the transfer instantaneous. Since every point in our dimension, touches every point in a dimension infinitely small, the travel is instantaneous.

So , now that you have that picture how does it relate to Random Number Generators (RNGs).

Please allow the following:

You are an advanced civilization and you want to communicate with a less advanced group that does not currently have Quantum Communications. You can change the states of sub atomic Quanta in their reality, but how do you effectively communicate.

In order to make it work, you have to change the state of a quanta that is not going to be changed again before it passes its message.

You also have to do it where it will get noticed.

An RNG is a perfect place to do this since you just have to flip and electron on the output of the processor in the RNG to change the output from Random to something sensible. And since its no longer random, it gets noticed. It fact a RNG is a perfect Quantum Communications Receiver.

Example, the Random output was in binary to be 100101. Flip one electron and get 101101. You have just sent a message. Do it some more and string together phrases.

One of the advantages is it would take a minimal amount of power and it changes quanta in a safe location (as opposed to inside a living system – more on that later).

So, the hypothesis is quanta are connected hyperdimensionally, and an advanced civilization, current or future, can send messages to us through changing the output of Random number generators.

The next great question – if quanta exist multi dimensionally, what else does?


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