Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bad Idea

Bad Idea

Britain, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden are going to sell bonds and use the money to pay for vaccinating children in what is called the developing world. The World Health Organization says that the immunizations will save the lives of millions of African kids.

Bad idea. President Bush has put the kibosh on it. America is not going to have anything to do with a morally objectionable program. This is the Terri Schiavo case writ large, an unnatural intervention in the will of the You Know Who.

If the You Know Who wants African children to live, the You Know Who will take care of it without the Europeans. Keeping those kids alive will lead to demands to spend more money which we do not have without taxing the rich and that ain’t gonna happen.

The children you save today will starve tomorrow, anyway.
There is a new wheat rust blight with the charming moniker of UG99 that is threatening to cut food production first in Africa and then everywhere, as it spreads, around the globe. UG99 is You Know Who’s way of saying stay out of it.
Don’t mess with providence, although you do have his permission to drop a copper or two in the kettle when the flies begin crawling on the babies’ faces again and the older kids are all bone and bloat.

The Africans can do what we did in Louisiana and Mississippi after Katrina. Send in cabinet secretaries.
Like kings of old who could cure scrofula simply by touching the afflicted, President Bush’s cabinet members can do the same.
That is why they visit the New Orleans’ site one after another.
Candy Rice is a sure fire cure for warts. A glance at a mental patient by Michael Chernoff cures delusions of grandeur.

They cannot cure everything.
President Bush is the panacea man.

Had he been in Florida and touched Terri she would have awoken from her coma and raised up from the bed.
He often comes to New Orleans to cure the sick. Those who say he’s doing it for the photo ops or strong leadership ops or the vision thing ops, they lie.

They lie like rugs, they are dissing our President and the You Know Who is going to turn them into African children.


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