Thursday, September 08, 2005

Massive Solar storms hit earth: HARPP RULES!

We now are looking down the barrel of 3 solar flares that emerged from the sun in the past 24 hours ... all will pump up the local solar capacitor in our vicinity of the solar system within the next 2 days
Additionally the solar magnetic fluctuations in the vicinity of earth
have been wild and erratic and the kP index of solar magnetic
disturbances has been off scale/our plasma geomagnetic field has been
off scale in both the positive and minus directions and is oscillating
wildly as I write this update we have long scale electrical alignments
with both planets neptune and now uranus ...

this creates a volatile situation for earth weather as super thunderstorm cells roll off the west coast of africa and are entering the south atlantic ocean and are
heading west towards the caribbean ...

with these solar conditions there is a severe possibility that a follow on storm could occur...
this past week while everyone was concentrating on the aftermath of
hurricane katrina, mainland china dealt with back to back typhoons ...
also a group of himmicanes continues to move across canada as they have
for the past month ...

HARPP! is someone playing with these storms also?

Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the first time in history, that are spinning the wrong way?

Did you know that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200 degrees?

Did you know that during a seven day period in early June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the California-Nevada border near Mammoth Lake? (Gordon Michele Scallion and others are predicting a volcanic eruption there this summer.)

Did you know that on May 31st, the jet stream (an extremely fast wind current that flows through the upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in recorded history?

Did you know that all over North America, migratory birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds?

And that salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children?

finally the public is waking up to who FEMA and their straw boss Home Land Security really are ...

their role was not to save New Orleans or the gulf coast residents ... their task was to depopulate the area along with ethnic cleansing ... the same issue that occurred in florida last year ... and i think this was just the first of numerous upcoming attacks on US cities ... orchestrated and carried out by the IMF CIA crew (these are your real terrorists)

... there is no doubt in my mind that the New Orleans levees were blasted out when it was clear that New Orleans had survived Katrina which was a completely manipulated storm ... i reported this as soon as the news came out that the levees went on tuesday morning

... there are now reports of people witnessing the levees explosions ...

FEMA and their thugs had all monday night to prepare and plan the flooding from all sides ...

FEMA certainly was not there to help the people ... as i said before ... there was no way all these levees blew out all at the same time completely inundating the city from all sides

... reminiscent of the demolition of the twin towers at 911

... the bushes, the clintons, the IMF and the world's big shots along with their merry band of mafia scum all have to go NOW !!! get a clue america ... its time to take your country back while there is still something left

... with the pattern that has emerged it would appear that chicago might be their next target with possibly a bio chem "terror" attack ...

with the maximum stress placed on the midwest and maximum ethnic cleansing

how can you help get this message out ?? tell the people in the news media to read this page and get their heads out of the sand ... they have failed the american public by catering to these corrupt politicians and their cronies ... they print what they are told to print ... in a free society the press has to be the front line and they have failed the public as much as any government agency ... how many of them even know that a hurricane can be manipulated ... something people who follow my work have known about for at least 10 years ...

how many of them have a clue who is really pulling the strings in this country ??? how many of them will stand up to their bosses under threat of being fired to tell the truth in the press and see that the top people in this country are removed from power ??? NOW !!!

... with the multi billion dollar news media in "the land of the free and the home of the brave" ...

why are tens of thousands of people coming to my little home page to try to get some semblance of the truth ???

what is wrong with this picture ??? !!!

even if the news media started getting a clue ... i am sure they would find a way to "blend" it and spin it so you would never recognize it by the time they got done with it ...


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