Sunday, September 25, 2005

Political Courage

Political Courage: When was your last sighting?

The comments following my earlier blog have focused more on George W’s inability to receive bad news than on the larger, more pressing issue of identifying people for key government positions who have the political courage to be messengers. So, I’m throwing this question out there: What is your most memorable sighting of political courage? Let’s start rewarding those people who’ve faced potential rejection, ridicule and career damage by standing up to senior people whose ideas were unethical or untenable.

Who has done this without a strong personal or political agenda of their own? When did you last see this kind of anomaly? Who are the admirable people out there? What are their stories? Let’s give our leaders a long overdue lesson in courage and the Democrats searching for presidential candidates a few much-needed examples of what we really admire.


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