Saturday, October 15, 2005


Nostradamus forecasts 2007:
Kurdistan will try to become independant,then it will be invaded by the Turks.
Baghdad will become an Iranian vassel city state.
Shites will be eating each other.
Sunnis will still have control of the NoMans land, aided by Syria.
Bush will say mission accomplished again.
Israel will bombard nuclear sites in Iran.
Osama will die laughing.
Oil will be at $10,000 an ounce.
Europe will be even more pissed off with the US.
Bolton will have a spike up is ass, and found dead in a far off alley.
Rice will be president.
New Orleans will be based in Kansas
New England will be annexed by Canada.
West Coast will have declared Independance.
The red states will be a Theocratic wilderness.
China will declare what is left of the US as a new manufacturing base.
Rednecks become extinct as a species.
Polar Icecaps have melted, Russia found to be a part of Canada.
Chavez president of S.America and Cuba.
The Bush clan now says they are Peruvian born and bred, run for S.American congress.
Rove dictator of Australia for life.
Cheney resurrected by Dobson.
90% of worlds population dies of apathy. Rest killed by bird flu.
Have a nice day: rendered obsolete.

ROVE=MEDIA=The sins of Judy Miller=
outright fabrication and the kind of sins
Judith Miller the con artist is guilty of is amazing. She did not just make up
facts but seems to have lied consistently. Remember the aluminium tube story, for example?
Any reasonable person (and I have talked and spoken
about this a lot and heard the same view as I am
giving) would think that the kind of "outright
fabrications" Blair--remember the Black kid at the times-- was guilty of are of little
relevance when compared with the WMD debacle
perpetrated on the public by NYT of which Judith
Miller was the high priestess. Now while Blair's
trangressions are the textbook examples of sins to be
avoided that you might have learnt in a journalism
school, the kind of sins that Judith Miller is guilty
of are precisely those abhorred by a large majority of
world population, whose sole qualification might be
common human decency.

It is one thing to do a detailed investigation of a
black kid writing some trivial lies and it is quite
another not to investigate the shenanigans of a
"journalist" who, be general consensus, made up
stories about WMD.

The idiot editor Bill Keller seems well doped regarding Miller issue.

An illegal war, for which NYT and Miller
served as a propaganda organ with blatantly false
stories about the non-existent WMD is a shameful episode in the history of journalism. The hacks like Kellr, Miller and the like should be immediately fired, if NYT has some chance of redeeming itself.
Until then: SHAME ON YOU NYT

First of all, are we to believe this bitch doesn't remember where she heard the names "Valerie Flame" or "Victoria Wilson," since she wrote both down in her interview books? Did the TIMES editors buy that crap? Maybe Keller did, but I doubt anyone else did, yet the paper is NOT skeptical enough about this.

Second, why doesn't the bitch tell the truth about "forgetting" that other notebook? What made her remember it? A noose dangled by Fitzgerald? And why doesn't the TIMES article explore the bizarre scenario of this woman, knowing that she's got to turn over all the relevant information, "forgetting" this notebook?

Third, what about the link to David Kelly, who committed suicide after he was outed as the person who'd revealed to the BBC that Britain had "sexed up" its "white paper" dossier on Iraq? What did Judy know about that?

Fourth, we learn that JOhn Bolton visited her in jail. What was Bolton's role in sourcing Plame/Flame's name? Since he'd already previously convinced this dizzy bat that Cuba was linked to Iran (which he's again fulminating against, big surprise) in WMDs and the bitch printed it as if it were the gospel, what else did he tell her regarding Wilson and Plame/Flame, and why does the NY TIMES just gloss right over his possible role?

Fifth, her BS about the waiver just doesn't make sense. The bitch thought she could not say anythig and hide under the cloak of confidentiality, but Hogan and Fitzgerald stripped that away pretty quickly. They realized this wasn't about journalism, but about someone engaged in a conspiracy. Her drama about hearing Libby's voice is just totally over the top. Bitch, he wrote you a detailed letter, so stop it! Testify. I also love the fact that her lawyers were trying to imply that he was trying to influence her, which may be illegal. So the bitch was seeking ways to make herself a victim. Poor ass!

All in all, I have totally lost respect for this paper. That it did not come out more strongly against this Bush-administration shill is just digusting, and the rearguard crapola it's got on its site hardly scratches the surface of what the public needs to know about Miller's role in pimping the Iraq War and outing a covert CIA agent. I hope Fitzgerald charges her with lying or something--please send her arrogant, lying, bony ass back to jail, for a LONG TIME

I tell you what. If there is a "real" journalist out there I have a scoop for you. Remember Tom Ridge saying on USA Today that Bush made him raise the terror alerts, when he did not want to, or think there was a significant reasons.

Now there is a story. I am sure a whole lot of cities that paid their policemen, and firefighters overtime to be on high alert would want some of their money back from the Bushies. Bush raised the alerts to scare people away from the bad news of the day over, and over.

I personally would like a rebate on my property taxes, paid for by the Bush04 campaign funds. Bush used the terror alert system for his campaign, and even a dead, blind, moron could see it, even if Tom Ridge (who I now respect) did not come clean.

Now Run The Story.... Redeem Yourselves (those who call yourselves journalists!)

Rove goes free
Miller free
all go free

Then....2007 the flames

The ashes remain



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