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Russian space craft missing....

Russian space craft missing.... Learn of the people in the shadows...

We as spiritual beings or souls come to earth in order to experience the human condition. This includes the good and the bad scenarios of this world. Our world is a duality planet and no amount of love or grace will eliminate evil or nastiness. We will return again and again until we have pierced the illusions of this density. The purpose of human life is to awaken to universal truth. This also means that we must awaken to the lies and deceit mankind is subjected to. To pierce the third density illusion is a must in order to remove ourselves from the wheel of human existences.

Love is important but REALEYES knowledge is the key!

Earth human's who choose to ignore the ET history of their own DNA are stupid Ostriches with their head buried in sand, soon to die.

The microwave making and shooting of RITA
: followup to -WHY the Storm Centers Are Implosive PENTUP (previous Implosion Group newsletter -
Actual Sattelite MICROWAVE data: (full resolution University source -

After months of William Alek bragging he was the hero to bring free lunch to everyone (the same way as did Adam Trombley, Neuman, Pod Mod, Dennis Lee, David Hudson, and a thousand bright but ultimately stupid inventors before him) -- -

Dan Winter sent a short note to William Alek's group], Sept 26,,
To: William Alek, Re: Gravitational voltage - is free???? think again.- (letter) May I gently urge you to reconsider the immaturity of calling the voltage recursion extracts from the 'vacuum' as 'free'. It encourages long term environmental irresponsibility and it is actually disempowering (does not allow understanding how biology must fabricate the fractal coherence to stabilize gravity)- as described at -, and also - , signed, dan winter"

to which our self styled energy hero Bill replied cavalierly: From:, Sept 26- Whether its called excess energy, excess FREE ENERGY, or FREE ENERGY - one is describing the "same" thing. The solar cell, the wind turbine and the water wheel are also FREE ENERGY devices. Extracting energy from the aethe is just another one of these FREE ENERGY devices. Bill

Then other more sane minds in the group interceded: From: Arinaya, September 30, - "You have not addressed DW's concerns, which seem valid. Just brushing it off like that doesn't do anyone any good. Are you refuting his gravitational theory and his claim that devices such as yours used on a wide scale could destabilize the Earth's energy grid? I think he's just saying, we don't want another Atlantis; let's be conscious about how we promote these devices, and especially the long-term reprecussions of the language we choose to use. If you think these kinds of devices are new, think again, and if you think that they are free of potentially large-scale devastating effects, definitely think again. Or look back into the collective memory of the race.
- I hear DW saying that we should acknowledge that we're plugging into the Earth's energy grid and bleeding energy off her, just like a mosquito does when it lands on your arm and gets a "free" lunch by extracting some of your "excess" vitality. If enough mosquitos take a free lunch, you get sick. Is that "free energy"? No, it is not. Sure, the energy extracted from space/time is potentially limitless. But until we collectively learn the art of conscious relationship and identity (embedding) with the Source, resulting in effectively limitless energy, immortality etc., there are practical limitations to the amount of energy available in the system, and the above considerations are valid, in my opinion. The Earth is a living biological conscious system with finite energy flows/fields, not a mathematical formula or a mechanism that can be analysed with the intalekt. Her etheric dimensions are also not mathemetical entities but living fields populated with living conscious beings. I assure you they do not see these devices as "free energy devices" any more than we see mosquitoes as "free energy devices". - Anyway, once we realize and substantiate our immortality through conscious identity with the "zero point energy" aka Time, these devices will become totally pointless. They are a transitional technology and should be dealt with as such, with full consciousness of the strain they place on the living Earth,---especially if we contemplate any kind of widespread usage of them. Thanks & Love, Arinaya _____

Next our energy hero Bill - nursing a potentially wounded ego - deciding for us - the ET parasites are the REAL problem - blurting out: "Its time we emerge from this primitive neo-stone age Type 0 civilization and face the REAL issue. The REAL issue is the "alien presence" that threatens our existence. THEY do what they WILL. We MUST face this foe face-to-face with technology on their terms, and drive them off the Earth. So, purge your mind of this New Age nonsense and smell the coffee, so to speak. Dan Winter clearly doesn't have his head screwed on right, and needs to have his priorities "adjusted". Bill.."

--to which Dan W. suggested: "The ET's (mostly alpha draconis- triangular craft-source of Isreal's flag-) - who became the non-imploding DNA parasites- we call Nephilim (no soul - hint Yalweh / Enlil) - thought it was 'free energy' too. They built MACHINES to couple the gravity vacuum (cohere the field). They did not realize that nature designed biology to make that implosive connection, and draining the plenum drains biology. As a result of their addiction to machine hosted metabolism - (Harkonen, Dick Cheney ) - they lost the skill to implode ignite their own biology - no source of their own life force (no bliss). Forced into the parasitism of all those who do not see the source of fire INSIDE biology - Now THEY think WE - are 'free energy'. ... bad attitude Bill. - Speak to some who have felt that nausea around Newman's device or Pod Mod, or Trombley / Tewari... & think again.

I certainly would NOT say - that we cannot couple the gravity plenum for charge, by using recursion. It is rather like the responsible ET's who observe speed limits with their capacitive gravity thrusters - when near Earth tectonics. Much in the same way motor boats in a narrow canal with parked houseboats on the side - observe a low speed limit. Making waves affects everyone. The people who enforce those speed limits - know that the gravity plenum energy source for their thrust is NOT free!!--Dan Winter (more on the ET context below here)

-- there were other comments from the group:" Hello Everybody; My name is Dennis C. Lee. ( ) I'm not the Dennis Lee of Better World Technologies. I met Bill Alek at Inventor's Weekend. Bill was nice enough to put me on this list. I am a co-creator of 'Concentric Tori'(tm). This is a sculpture of the paired electron. It has working features like a new mechanical principal (to us) which centers a small toroid in a large toroid (I won't tell You what it is because it would spoil the puzzle - besides I had to model it in 3D solids and do a VR flyby to figure it out ~ 1 year); as well as a 4th dimensional rotation feature when one toroid is placed and rolled on a 'flux' line. I can send You one, hand made and signed by the artist, for $25.00 plus shipping and handling. You might check with Bill Alek if it's as I say and if it's worth it. - - -

Anyways, I am concerned with Dan Winter's observation that gravity is diverted into electricity (Unified Field Theory?) in the Bearden MEG. Do all Free Energy devices work this way? The Searl Effect Generator surface temperature can drop to 2-4 degrees K; although one does need to bolt it to the ground and they're doggone difficult and expensive to build ( The Don Smith devices ( separate, then allow to recombine, paired electrons, with opposing magnetic fields. Professor Searl does say that it's better to 'stroke' and not to 'hammer' paired electrons apart however. Searl's magnetic bubbles appear to be different than a magnetic pole. Do (Cooper?) Paired Electrons have something to do with gravity or time? In view of CO2 Global Warming, maybe a device which converts thermal energy into electricity would be better? Let's see, we'd need time, gravity, and temperature sensors taped to the device, then we'd compare which one moved the most???... Dennis - end

Dan comments: "The so-called 'PAIRED electron' is only another facade for the essential implosion symmetry that allows the pair to fuse- study the phase path (grail) that allows for example - 2 lasers to annihilate each other in phase conjugate optics. Implosion rules. - - -Studying non-linear energy technology for almost 3 decades now - I am absolutely convinced that every one of these numerous "scalar", "torsional", "tachyon", "non-linear", "Hendershot", "Zero-Point" - etc. etc. - gizmos - is a confused attempt to harvest the charge that is delighted to ride out from this mortal trap below the speed of light - everytime we arrange charge symmetry to be more fractal than the Earth underneath us. Self similarity causes gravity because that is the only symmetry which allows compression (using Golden Ratio perfected heterodyning of phase velocities) to turn in to acceleration ( gravity). Whether we take the power spectra of Hendershots ark and find Golden Ratio, or look at the symmetry of Pod Mod and any of numerous others - the answer is always the same. Self -similar idealized infinite compression - like in a pine cone or your Heart's wiring making the voltage we call LIFE from gravity - is the ONLY way to cohere the vacuum. Connecting with that cascade mechanically instead of allowing living biology it's province, is not inherently evil, but it is risky.

If you borrow some blood from a body (Gaia)- she wants to know a baby is being fed. Sinking Atlantis is only the tip of the iceberg of the lesson's history offers us on this - if we get our noses un-stuck from the shallow - post Annunaki history we currently hide our ostrich heads in. Why do you think even the friendly ET's buzz bomb with UFO''s every country like Iran and India the minute they threaten to mess with nuclear.

Nuclear energy - fission or artificial fusion - bleeds the fabric of THEIR plenum and genes. THEY know there is no free lunch! Rattle the vacuum - you pay the piper."

Another comment - "If harnessing this force of nature is going to doom our species, then we're headed for this gloom anyway, since the amount of temporal energy which is being condensed to manipulate even one hurricane is greater than that which our civilisation might channel in the next decade or so.

One thing IS certain - continuing to burn oil WILL doom the planet.

Gravitons are photon based and have nothing to do with electron pairs. Cutting a graviton will release one photon and ground the other through a resonator, with this resonator producing the electrical potential. On the other hand, if Bill's energy source is ZPE, this energy comes from the entire universe, not just this local solar system. -JV"

From Dan: "Woe, woe- Yet another pale excuse to pretend the gravity plenum is somehow separate from the charge magnetic one. - saying "Gravitons are photon based and have nothing to do with electron pairs." is about as sadly schizo as you can get.

Using this strange sadly anti-unified field logic to prove your so-called Zero Point energy sucks only on the universe blood and not the solar system is obviously illogical - surely you jest".


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