Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Quantum UFO World Trade Center - REAL?

During the attack on the World Trade Center, various photographs were posted that appear to show a series of disc-shaped objects near the buildings that were destroyed.

Were these objects real and if so, what was their purpose?

There is always so much more that goes on than what meets the mortal eye. Some time ago, we spoke to you concerning catastrophic events in which pockets of souls would be leaving the Earth plane. At the time, we told you that humanity is under a new dispensation. In the past, catastrophic events would be imprinted into the very cellular structures of your constitutional makeup. And subsequently in future life fears from the past would manifest in the current life.

The new dispensation that is being applied now is that the souls are being notified in advance of events and therefore an extraction process is begun ahead of the catastrophic event. So that at the time of the actual death to the physicality, all of the other bodies have in essence already died or been extracted. We have spoken before that the phrase, “until death do us part” means more than mere physical death.

It also means mental and emotional, and also the etheric webbing can be so torn as to give little protection to the physicality. We have also said that there would be spacecraft that would remove those who depart and take them to a place outside the realms of the astral planes of Earth. This place is less congested than the astral planes of Earth.

During WWII, so many souls departed that we on this side found it difficult to heal the incoming departed souls because of so much congestion. The photographs were shown of spacecraft to let you know that there is always help, even during catastrophic events. We remind you again to remember that every person upon the planet at this time is exactly where their souls ordained them to be. Many will be leaving the Earth plane and going to other planes. It does not mean that they will not come back to the planet Earth in future times; they are only being taken to a place where they can be given compassionate care.

Why wouldn’t the controllers of the spacecraft have prevented the catastrophe?

This event could not be prevented, even though we had awareness. These beings, before they ever incarnated, took upon themselves this event collectively. This is a perfect example of what we call a composite soul energy. The souls of the departed ones moved into this situation as one with one agenda. That agenda is to try to find a way to pull humanity together, to call forth and summon forth the very soul of humanity. 200 years ago such a cry went out and it was answered with the appearance of the physicality that you knew as Mr. Lincoln. He was not a singularity of soul, but he was the composite energy of the very soul of all of humanity. And now, once again, a great cry goes forth from the hearts and the souls of humanity to summon forth a singularity of energy to move us forward in oneness once again.

Returning to a previous discussion regarding the recent crop formations at Chilbolton, England, there was a recent theory that the formation that appeared over a year ago, and which was included in miniature in the most recent “transmission” was a message about “quantum teleportation”



In looking at the crop formation in this light, it seems to me to be a very plausible explanation. Can you tell us if this particular crop formation is a clue to the ability to teleport and if those that are responsible for the formation have this ability?

Absolutely. You note how we allow you to think and set forth thoughts and ideas, and then you put it to us and we ratify. No longer are you in a timeframe in which the answers are to be supplied by someone other than yourself. We ratify; that is our function. Your training at this time, each of you, is to learn how to ask good questions; the kind of questions that will bring forth to you the information that you really want to know.

Within this particular crop formation there are keys to mental telepathy. It is a combination of RNA/DNA encodements, which, simply put, means the giving forth and the receiving of pertinent information. You send forth an energy beam through the process of mental telepathy, utilizing visualization and, through this process, you anchor the energies of all of your non-physical bodies. And then, like the little “slinky,” you draw to the anchored six bodies the remaining seventh body, which is the physical body.

The constitution of man is comprised of seven bodies reflected in the seven rays of energy. And so in the study of this particular crop formation, you can see the configuration of parallel worlds: the world of Avalon, if you would, being reunited with the world of Camelot, or the unseen worlds with the material seen world.

And this is the meaning of the expression of “uniting the kingdoms.” It is a return of spiritual magic or spiritual alchemy to the physical world of humanity.

And at this point, we would tell you this: there is even much more to this crop formation. The third component for you to study, and we will graciously give you a clue here, is the holographic universe.

And another clue we would give you concern’s Kay’s home on Alpha Centauri and the entertainment room with the staging area into which can be projected any one of the constitutional bodies, and they can then interact with the lights, the sounds contained within the hologram on the stage. And another clue for you: we told you that each body, such as the mental body, for instance, has all of the component parts that make up your physical body.

You can hear with the mind; you can see with the mind, and you can feel with the mind. And the mind can travel as if it had legs and it can touch as if it had arms and fingers.
And this same law can be applied equally to the world of the heart and to the emotions, and also to the etheric realms.

All of the bodies of human have all of the component parts of a physical body. Think hard on this and you will begin to understand the workings of the hologram and the playing upon that hologram of light and sound and vibrational energy. And so this crop formation is a special gift to those who have a heart with ears and mind with eyes and an etheric body with arms, hands, fingers and legs. And in this you can and you will “surf the suvuya” as spoken of and taught by Zecharria Sitchen.

I have noticed a series of small to medium-sized earthquakes in the Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Pakistan areas since just after the announcement of “retaliation” for the World Trade Center attacks. Can you tell us what the relationships between these quakes and the emotions that are prevalent in that region?

Have you ever heard the expression, “I quake with fear?” And great anger and hatreds set off volcanoes. Fear sets off earthquakes and raging anger that goes out of control to the point of madness sets off volcanoes. There are definite and absolute connections within the energy grid systems of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth herself is very much like an abused woman who is trying to decide; does she want to leave home?

Mother Earth very much hears the cries of her children who are saying, “there must be no more wars.”

And she also hears the concerns of those, who in their hearts, feel that this is a just war. But she also sees and is aware of the vast arena of political camouflage and subterfuge. And when these questions are answered I will speak on behalf of my group.

I am a bit confused, as to the pole shift dates, which are expected. In one of the discussions, it was given to occur between 2010-2013. Then does the pre-shift refer to 2003?

First, please understand the HIR-Pole-Shift is an ongoing process in which the planet is slowing down and will eventually come to a standstill and then begin to rotate in the opposite direction.

This could happen in your lifetime.

As the human constitutional makeup has several bodies complete within themselves as having all of the component parts that you generally consider to be part of the human form, so does mother Earth.

HIR-EARTH is a fully sentient being.

She (HIR-Earth) has chosen to change directions. It could be as gentle as the rocking of a cradle. This is exactly what happened in the time of Joshua when the sun stood still so that he could finish the battle at Jericho. He just knew that it was coming and used it to his advantage. But there was not a great cataclysmic event at that time.

What we want to say about pole shift to you in particular is that the pole shifts are on many levels. The 2003 shift will be a major pole (polarity) shift in human consciousness: a huge shift in right brain - left brain polarity. Rigidity will break down because of this shifting.

Look for these expressions in people: old people afraid of dying because of their rigid Christian beliefs will shift to the right brain, which is the side used by the intuitives and visionaries. They will see mama on the other side, or angels, and lose their fear.

There will be massive evacuations of the old folks’ homes.

The HU-man xenophobic-schizophrenics are not mentally ill.

They are very young and inexperienced multi-dimensional beings (as far as experience in age of soul goes) and who have not learned how to tell the difference between dimensions, and are very afraid. The monsters they see are often the ET types: they can be the reptilians or little green people, and so they look like monsters to these humans. They may see militant beings in the astral worlds and think that they are being attacked. In their fears they transpose these activities to the 3D world of experiences.

So these HU-mans will shift to the left side and get anchored and freed and there will be mass evacuations from the mental wards. These evacuations can be either to our side of life or into mainstream humanity on your side.

HU-mYn Shamyn

Parents of the visionary HU-mYn children, and Hu-mYn adults, will shift to the right brain and be able to see what their children see.

The shift will affect those of diehard religious persuasion and they will see their God-heaven in a different way. These people are left brained and will shift to a more right brained persuasion. This shift will be to a more balanced way of perceptions. They will understand the archaeological finds to be ancient—more than the Creation Story of 6000-8000 years of time.

They will know that they have been duped.
They will become starved for the truth and will not rest until they find it.

Many new technologies are already in place on the earth but not allowed to express. As the shift of 2003 occurs, the people will rise up and begin to chant and cry for the truth.

The 2003 shift will occur in the wake of the firestorms of war. This war does not have to be a long one. But it appears that it will last for a little while and great will be the devastation. Too many in the USA are supporting their false leaders. The Bushmen are not the real leaders, but the people allowed it to happen and they must face up to their actions.

As for technologies, the Rife and Tesla information is secured on the planet and in safekeeping.

The cures for cancer are in place right now. Also Arthritis and Lupus; inflammations of all joints; all blood disorders such as diabetes, anemia, and leucopoenia; infertility; chemotherapy and radiation are on the way out. HIV/AIDS is on the way out. The major plagues will be those of consciousness, fears, hate, greed, selfishness and the great need to hit and hit back again. These create the outer expressions of the Bubonic types of dis-ease.

But the inner dis-ease is the creator of the outer manifestations.

The 2012 event is of a different shift.

These events are not to be viewed at catastrophic.

There will be some catastrophe, but not global.

It does not have to affect you.

This will be the shift to a MHZ of 13.8 over the entire planet and not in just certain places.

This means that you can ascend-BE into HIR-LIGHT in the place where you are.

No longer will the church have her grip; no longer will a person need to go to the sarcophagus to be initiated. All over the planet will be the initiations. With any initiation you either do it or die.

This is the meaning of “do or die.”

Mass evacuation, if there is one, will not be from our cataclysms, but rather from a consciousness that will not shift. But as we said before, humanity is now in an accelerated time frame of pockets of souls leaving the planet, not just because of physical earth plane events like tornados, earthquakes and fires and floods.

Most will be a direct result of man’s own creations from hir-humyn KIEU-consciousness.

Definition for a word PLAGUE.

The word is “plague.”
This word is a noun, which means that it is either a person, a place, or a thing.
It comes from the Latin, “plaga” which means “a blow.”
In vernacular Latin it means “misfortune.”
In the Greek language, it is spelled “plege” and also means “a blow.”
It also means “to strike.”

The first definition: “anything that afflicts, anything that troubles; a calamity; a scourge.”
The second definition: “any contagious epidemic disease that is deadly, such as the bubonic plague.”
The third definition: “a nuisance or annoyance.”
The fourth definition: “various calamities sent down as divine punishment.” Additional definitions are, “to vex, harass, trouble, torment, or annoy.”

Now, in this definition, you can see that diseases are a lesser definition.

Now, we will speak on what we mean by plagues from our point of view. A plague is anything whatsoever that can disturb any one of the seven bodies of the human.

The most devastating plagues of all are those that affect consciousness. Some time ago, we spoke of the coming plagues that would begin in the East and spread to the West. And we told you at that time if those of the West will say within their hearts, “Those who live to the East are my brothers and I will love them and I will help them,” then the plagues will be stopped in their tracks. Fear is a plague; it is plaguing many parts of the Earth at this time.

One of the definitions of plague is “to torment” and many people have the plague of torment afflicted upon them at this time.

To harass is also a definition of plague, and there are many of the Muslim nation of people who have been born in the United States and who have been loyal to the United States and who are under harassment.
A plague can also be scriptural interpretation that calamities are sent as divine punishment. Many a war—in fact most—have roots in someone’s scriptural belief system.

But I tell you without a doubt that the first definition, “a blow; anything that afflicts or troubles” is rampant upon the Earth at this time. Opposing sides have come to blows.

For those of you who believe in reincarnation, the ancient biblical enemies are all in their places and they are at it once again.

In another place in our talks with you, we have spoken often of timeframes when there were the physical plagues of disease on the Earth. We spoke of how certain souls would care for their fallen family and friends, and often even strangers.

And they would fill within themselves, through their love, an immunity to these diseases. And now, in this timeframe they have returned as a collective soul that is immune to the plagues of physical disease.

The more difficult plagues are those plagues of hatred and greed and the belief system that teaches that one system is more correct than another system, or one religion is better than another religion.

In this we would also add that many religions that have noble origins are sometimes controlled by those of a darker energy.

The Catholic Church has produced souls such as St. Francis and St. Theresa and so many others.

But she also, in a time of lesser light, gave credence and support to the Conquistadors, a group of beings absolutely convinced that what they were doing was correct and pleasing to God. And those who comprise the Mideast factions have the same belief that they are right and their neighbors are wrong.

And there are certain dark energies in the region that keep the emotions of all of the peoples of the region fired to a boiling point. But I would tell you this, and this is the truth, that wherever you find beings of great darkness, you will also find beings of great light. And so it is that in the Mideast there are beings of great light that have taken upon themselves physicality in an effort to bring stability to the region.

Always keep in mind that for most humans, if you hit them, they will hit back. It is our hope that there is within the United States, and also in other parts of the world, a silent majority who are saying within themselves, “Let there be peace; there must be no more wars.

This must not be a war of long duration.” If it is a war of long duration, those of you who are left will be wondering, “Are there enough of us left to rebuild and start over?” And again we tell you, you may “slug it out,” but only to a point. However, certain energies must be played out.

And one of them is you the individual: where do you stand?

And for those of you who are finding it difficult to know the answer, it is not a headwork answer that is required; it is the heart’s answer—the heart that can see mothers and wives in Afghanistan who are grieving for their children who will die in this war; who can feel for the soldiers of every country who will die and whose families will grieve.

If you in the United States have a heart that is vengeful, wherein you feel that all of the Taliban should be wiped out and every one who wears a turban should be eliminated, then a plague will indeed fall upon you in some form.

Those of you who have hearts that can see beyond your own borders and feel with compassion towards your brothers and sisters in the East shall reap rewards of justice.

If enough of you throughout the world engage in exercises of feeling compassion towards the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters of the peoples of the Mideast; if within your own heart you can feel mercy; if with the eyes of your mind you can see their destitution and are willing to find resolutions based in honor and integrity, then the plague of the East will cease very quickly.

But it will take an overwhelming majority to reverse the tides of the minority who are screaming for revenge and retaliation.

Many of you at this time are wondering about your effectiveness.

Many of you have given forth of yourselves, you talents and your skills, and you wonder whether or not anyone sees your efforts or hears the cry of your hearts or has awareness of your deeds.

Such an individual is a man who, for more than 10 years or so, has been drawing computer graphics, which are based upon dreams and conversations with light-beings during the night hours. To many people, he says, the words and graphics are meaningless and nonsensical and are due to an overworked imagination. In this, I would say to the readers that those of you interested in astronomy, the central Sun, the comings and goings of some of the Masters, to take a look at these drawings.

We would also tell you here that there are telepathic links between this pioneering soul and many of the crop formations and also telepathic links to many light-beings located upon many planes of existence. This friend of ours who has created these graphics has done so at great personal cost. It is now time for him to receive the recognition that he so justly deserves. We would suggest that those of you who have a website and are able to recognize the value of this soul’s efforts to create a link between your website and his. For those of you who visualize and meditate we recommend that some of these graphics be used in your screensaver programs, for many of them are passports into your nadial connection gridwork of your higher light body.

Others of these graphics are for the specific purpose of assisting you in remaining grounded while going through the processes of catastrophic events that you may very well find yourselves plagued by. Others of these graphics are for the purpose of communicating with Lady Gaia HIR-Self—hir realms, the plants, the animals and all of the elements such as the winds and the clouds and the rains. Others of these graphics are to assist you in remembering your stage prompter, remembering your cue cards.

create an auric eggshell, but instead of putting it on only around your body, place one around your homes.

Use the violet flame color of transmutation.

This violet flame—see it raining down from the top of the domed egg into the ground and into you homes and into all of your furnishings and gardens, and being absorbed. And then, see a great purple globe at the very highest point of this egg around your home and see it as a sun that draws back to itself the rains and in this rain is any negative energy including any concern for chemical warfare of instances of hatred or fears, or anything else that you don’t want to be in your environment.

See Purple Sunsets

HIR REAL EYES is reabsorbed into this violet, fiery sun. And when you sense a point of “mission accomplished,” see the apex point of your egg opening like the dome of an observatory that folds back and your violet sun with all of the contaminants returns to source. Do this exercise often as a way of protecting yourselves and your homes and your families.

Within yourself, say “no” to a long-term war.

It does not have to be.

Send compassion and love to every conflict point that you see.

Send love to the political leaders, for those who are not of love cannot tolerate the light of love and they will flounder.

And those who are of the essences of love and right action will be guided in the way to go.

But we caution you here: do not make a judgment call yourself as to who is right and who is wrong.


Because there is much that goes on behind the scenes that you are not aware of.

Until such time as there is full disclosure, send only love—the essences and the ingredients of love everywhere, and let us use the energy according to HIR Will to good.


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