Saturday, September 03, 2005

DEMAND accountability

Hail to our Fuehrer - George Bush!!
BUSHIT in the making.

Now Bush Supporter Diehards once again jump right in to blame the Governors, local officials and the victims for Bush administration failures. What is the Department of Homeland Security? Will someone please tell me where all the money appropriated to that department has gone? This disaster has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no such thing as "Homeland Security". Lies and cover-up won't get Bush off the "hot-seat" this time! If Congress does not ACT on this immediately and DEMAND accountability, this country is doomed! Multiple needless deaths, patients in hospitals dying, people going without food and water for days, bodies lying in the streets for days, people wallowing in their feces and urine -- this is unconscionable! Which ones of our elected representatives will take back this country for the people of this country? Calling All Congressmen: are you going to speak up about these atrocities? Like the widows of 9/11 have asked, what is being done right now to assure that this will not happen again? President Bush needs to learn a lesson from President Reagan. Wasn't it President Reagan that said, "the buck stops here"?

RNC is the KKK of the 21 century.

RNC is for

from the

Fact 1:
Bush administration has diverted 40% of Louisiana National Guard to Iraq.

Fact 2:
Bush administration cut about 5/6 of the funding for New Orleans flood control and levee strengthening projects.

Fact 3:
Bush appointed 2 political cronies with zero disaster relief experience as FEMA directors, and then decapitated and defunded the agency and folded it into homeland security.

searching for the FACTS............


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