Saturday, October 08, 2005

Electromagnetic bombs

In the blink of an eye, electromagnetic bombs could throw civilization back 200 years. And terrorists can build them for $400.

I haven't seen anyone broach the subject of Scalar Weapons involvement in the WTC Collapse. It would make sense that such involvement was possible except that it would also mean the involvement of entities who have this technology. This would lead to suspicion of World Powers beyond the likes of Lee Harvey Bin Laden or John Wilkes Hussein. According to the preeminent expert on such matters, and you know who I mean, the Yakuza and the Aum have, at some point, rented the Russian Woodpecker for $900 million in gold bullion.

Did the collapse of the South tower cause a mushroom-shaped plume to appear remotely near building 6 or 7, or did a detonation at 6-7 [possibly a pulsed blast at a precise harmonic frequency] do a death-knell to the weakened towers? In recap to the diverse comments below the questions here remain:

Debate boils down to which came first the chicken or the egg?



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