Saturday, October 15, 2005

Leaping over the Crow’s Nest

..... Excerpt from last tipi time with leaping group...

.666 reptoid mapping the Kieu-Inn is a Real Eyes Hir-Ramic NONLOCAL multi-pronged network of Star Gate wormhole tunnels held open by negative pressure positive zero point dark energy density distributions are released into and effecting the affects of quad mind retrieval reality mind loops.....Finding and Leaping beyond pre existing non-bounding closed loops
is the shamynic journey to induce entry into zight of HIR-Ramic tree of life functions.

Con-sidus this. Normal Humyn flux quanta produces thoughts and feeling and therefore decisions to “ACT” i.e., “decide W-hat to do in the moment” through the closed loop in the "normal core" in a stationary state of Kieu Mind. U C, There is a quality involved in this, a quality of consciousness, therefore it translates into mind action mapping of familiar or should I say mapping the familiar to over ride the xenophobic wall of fear love boundaries, and there are many many walls of this stuff!!! ..grokk?


there is some kind of region in the manifold where the mixed partials of the Kieu mind phase of the local shamymic macro-quantum coherent vacuum order parameter field of influences in our primary application to everyday reality physics causes this formalism not to commute. This is a topological defect in the vacuum manifold of our present humyn consciousness (dan winter coherence) archeology. I.e. our past time field structures...We love traesom......

LOVING Traesom,

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