Sunday, October 16, 2005

We must NEVER EVER forget

We must NEVER EVER forget

There have been so many outings of the nefarious intentions of Bush and his cabal that it is mind boggling'

I did not watch and will not watch any of this criminal administration spin away with fancy wording, apparently the only thing they learned as they earned their PhD. It really speaks well of those with such impressive academic achievements eh?

We must NEVER EVER forget the lives that have been snuffed out due to people like Conolezza Rice and George Bush. EAch life is precious. There were tens of thousands that were actually murdered by the policies of Condoleeza, the great PhD expert in Russian affairs.

Tens of thousands of children, old women and men, pregnant women and all of them--they died because of Condoleeza and George Bush, the insane man, addicted to money and to power.

Never ever forget those human beings, who did not choose where they were born, who did nothing to the United States--a human life snuffed out over and over because of the greed, the ambition, the religion of a madman.

Never ever forget the results of his madness--the loss of human life by the tens of thousands.



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