Monday, October 17, 2005


A Crash-Scene Investigation at the Crossroads of Old Media and New

Mainstream media are in profound turmoil
-- what many are calling a "post-journalism" period, where their reporting has become more about opinion, "infotainment" and packaging than information-sharing.

Big Media's failure to serve as the fourth estate has sparked a public backlash; more and more Americans are calling out for a media system of their own, one that responds to their diverse needs, challenges the powerful and engages them as participants in our democracy.

MediaCitizen is an investigation of this new media frontier, a place where people can take control of, and not be passive consumers of, the media.


It's nice to see people waking up to the fact that the mainstream media is nothing but staged, managed propaganda - not just for Bush and his cronies but for corporate America and our government as a whole. People need to realize that media, especially television, is used to manipulate the perception of the masses and, in so doing, to manipulate reality. We have been lulled into confusing perception with reality to our detriment and to the benefit of those who would abuse us. We need to become more astute at recognizing the techniques employed by the Fourth Estate and to always question what we are told.


jessica.. we all feel sorry for the troops. You're misinterpreting anti-war and anti-political-lie sentiments as anti-troop sentiments.

we're against the war, we're against the lies. and if the iraqi army is getting better... why did it go from 3 fully functional units down to one recently?

the facts and figures are showing the opposite of what you are posting here.

You may have seen some tame areas of Iraq... but that doesn't mean MK77's weren't used in falluja, it doesn't disprove the images that do slip through the media (the majority of which is a right-wing filter) and it doesn't counter 20,000+ civilian deaths nor justify the 2,000 US troops who've died.

As a reporter in the army, surely you know the real number is much higher than 2,000 when you count those who've died of their injuries off the ground. (~5,000 now)

If you should feel disappointed at anyone... it's not the left-wing, the centrists or the American people, all of whom are angry at this administrations lies.

You should be disappointed, even angry.. at the government that is lying about the numbers of deaths, lying about the reasons to go to war and failing to provide troops the protection and welfare they deserve for risking their lives.

You're moaning at us like we're unpatriotic when this administration has lied to you, stabbed you in the back and uses you in bad faith at every given opportunity.

Jessica... get it into your head... we LOVE our troops... that's why we want them (many of them just kids really) to come home from where they've been wrongfully sent thanks to this administrations bullshit lies and political corruption.

The worst thing is... the denials and lies are still there and many of our troops are being forced to stay in the way of danger because this administration refuses to admit it was wrong or even to change it's plans.

It's stubborness to deny it's lies or even flaws and refusal to even admit the truth (that it's not worth staying), is killing more US troops by the day.

Sure, stand up for the troops, but don't bother trying to stick up for the Bush administration. And don't suck up the bushit... the only division between the US troops and the US civilians is the propaganda driven one the Bush administration are trying to play on.



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